The book Revelation declares that our industrial age has started by the openning the Heavenly Book:

"Then I heard every created beings in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, singing:"

(Revelation 5:13)


This site does not follow the conspiracy teaching created by the Jesuit school in order to repulse the teaching of Protestant Reformation. Jesuit Rivera (1591) invented a "futurist view", which states that the Heavenly Scrolls will be applicable to last seven years prior to the Second Coming. I found over 600 evidences to repulse seven years for the God the Father's project that ends with the Second Coming of His Son - 600 Times, No 7 Years.

When Christ Jesus was esteemed to rule events prior to the Second Coming, it also means that His Church should work intensively to be ready to meet Him, and thus the most successful age of Christianity has started since the opening the first Scroll. The Lord sends Her letters (seven letters) to be prepared for approaching Wedding of the Lamb. This is described in the book "Church, Bride and Wife".

The Son of God is also the Creator of the world and therefore the creation has started to bless created human beings more rapidly since He took the Heavenly Book in its hands. The book "THE CHRONOLOGY OF REVELATION", updated in the presentation Chronology of Revelation describes in detail the consequences of the Opening onto the created world. Human beings have started to explore the created air (airplanes, communications . . .), exploring minerals resources by entering under sea and under ground, high technologies in production of industrial and agricultural products, and so on (Revelation 5:13). The responsible for defending God's value, so freedom, and thus democracy is the dominant army that rules the world by airplanes, as the apostle John saw their image in a hand of the rider on the white horse.