600 Times, No 7 Years


"Jesus said to the crowd: 'When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, "It's going to rain," and it does. And when the south wind blows, you say, "It's going to be hot," and it is. Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don't know how to interpret this present time?'" (Luke 12:54-56)
False teachers have existed since the First Coming of the Messiah. They will also be at the Second Coming. The Bible calls these false ones hypocrites because they think logically only for earthly occurrences. They cannot see God's work in the world and interpret it correctly. As stated, the false ones exist because they have false, hypocritical thinking. Where this twisted logic exists in today's theories about the last days, I will mark as log#.
"Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7)
The Bible describes God's deeds that were first foretold. This is the identity of the Bible, and no one could change its character.
The history of God's people is based on God's inspiration. God first spoke it, and then it happened. We assume that foretold-and-then-fulfilled events are firm in our understanding of history and cannot be substituted by others. It was so at the First Coming of the Messiah and cannot be otherwise at His Second Coming. I will mark inspiration/revelation at theories about the book of Revelation as: ins#.
"You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you." (John 15:3)
Christian denominations consider teaching in conspiracy to the Lord's teaching as unclean. Life comes into the church only if it is based on the Gospel. We preach the Gospel in our world that peoples may have life. For that reason, only the theories about the last days could survive where differences to the Gospel's theology do not exist. Christians used to call thoughts, deeds, and works that conspire to the Gospel as unbiblical. Therefore, I will look at theories of Christian teachers in reference to the end times and where contradictories to the Bible exist. These will be marked as bib#.

1. Jeremiah and Daniel's Message

2. Anderson's Fiction for Seventy

3. Seventy

4. Heavenly Book

5. Camping before the Crusade

6. Crusade Doctrine

7. White Horse

8. Commands for the Army

9. Shedule for Breaking Sealls

10. Crusade for Israel

11. Great Tribulation

12. Two Books for the End Times

1. Jeremiah and Daniel's Message

Men build theories of the end times upon the unfinished Jeremiah "seventy". They have put the main part of Revelation on this unfinished time and say the events in Revelation will last seven years, since the authors of the Counter-Reformation introduced this conspirative theorie against the Reformation.
Certainly we may consider historical events as the base of today's events. That is why we need to set our events correctly on the historical years of the "seventy" from Jeremiah and Daniel. I do not see their foundation firm enough to endure my objections.
Let us look at their theories to see if they will fall under my logical or biblical view.

God  Created
Some people put their ideas on paper before they construct a project. They call it a blueprint or plan.

  1. Did God make blueprints before any realization of His ideas? If God created us, He had some purpose and so He had some plan.
    If we have been created in His image (1:27), and we make blueprints, then His plan for the Millennium and the Messiah's Coming have existed, at least from the fall of the mankind.bib1
  2. If setting our world had God's timing - days of Creation, then God's timing for its conclusion is more necessary because more complicated situations and multiple choices are at the end. As we are not sure how long lasted God's day in the Creation, so we cannot set time or times for God's project at the end. log1
    As God created man in His own image so the conclusion of Creation must run according His own project (his image). It must be His Book having His writing and not leave the God's Throne. Hence we call It the Heavenly Book.


  3. Jeremiah spoke about the time of mankind's punishment and the absence of God's glory among them. "This whole country will become a desolate wasteland, and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years." (Jeremiah 25:11 NIV)
    Should the Heavenly Book's timing depend on a group's evil deeds for which God issued the seventy-year verdict? Should the Heavenly Book's time period depend on few individuals? If kingdoms of God's people fell because of a few kings' unfaithfulness, then the time for vengeance is here because of them. Should the Heavenly Book's timing in Revelation hang on because of a few people? log2
  4. The Heavenly Book cannot influence a small part of the human population, as was the case for Judah's Kingdom. It is for the entire world, including all Christians because the Christ will rule the Earth. bib2
  5. God commanded His people to honor Him. Punishment for rejecting God could be applied to only a few generations. God says: "I will send punishment on the children for the wrongdoing of their fathers, to the third and fourth generation of my haters." (Exodus 20:5)
    It is preached in 99.9% of the churches that the Heavenly Book from Revelation means a tribulation on the earth. Teachers and others frighten us by the Heavenly Book (the Apocalypse). In this sense, books and films brainwash us. If they believe that the Heavenly Book is a continuation of "Seventy", then they declare a continuation of God's punishment started by Jeremiah. Can God punish sons for their ancient fathers' sins till the conclusion of the Heavenly Book?
    This does not conform to God's covenant--the first commandment--with the people. bib3 Certainly, the verse could be spoken only to Israeli descendants. Are the Christian descendants of Israel? If God would punish a sister or brother because they are descendants, still this could not apply to everyone, not to those who are from other nations.
    Therefore, no one can equal the Heavenly Book to written words about punishment in the Old Testament.


  6. God sent His archangel Gabriel to Daniel to give His account of the Jeremiah "seventy". "He instructed me and said to me, 'Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding.'" (Daniel 9:22) Gabriel's main purpose of his visit was to give understanding of words God had already proclaimed. Therefore, we do not deal with the new "Seventy" but with the existed "Seventy". bib4
  7. "As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed. Therefore, consider the message and understand the vision: "Seventy 'sevens' are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy." (Daniel 9:23-24)
    Gabriel's main explanation was that the "Seventy" should be understood as seventy times seven.
    Once is seventy, and then seventy times seven. A carnal mind could understand they are two different terms, as teachers of the end times publish it. However, the Bible tells us Daniel thought about Jeremiah's "seventy", (Daniel 9:2) and Gabriel appeared because of Jeremiah's "seventy".
    Therefore biblically, when "seventy sevens" began, there were "Seventy". Or Daniel's "seventy" started at Jeremiah's "seventy". To use other data for counting these "seventies" becomes unbiblical. bib5
    As changing a dollar bill in coins still keeps the value of a dollar, so bringing understanding of one God's statement never destroy it.

    The Heavenly Book

  8. Today's explanations of the Heavenly Book from Revelation 5 have taken 1/70 from that scripture and ordered the Heavenly Book according to it. Because the apostle John saw the Heavenly Book on God's Throne, then, they put an earthly thing into the Heaven on the God's Throne. Could the Heavenly Throne hold earthly numbers? Will the Heavenly Scripture still be sacred--the Holiest of Holies? Whether did not Nadab and Abihu die because used unauthorized fire in the Sanctuary? (Leviticus 10:1-2)
    The biblical understanding is that no human could see God the Father and live. (Exodus 33:20). If we cannot put our eyes on God then neither our thoughts have a place on God's Throne. Yet the other writers are so arrogant that they smuggle human numbers in the hand of God the Father, sitting on the Heavenly Throne. bib6
  9. We know that timing earthly and heavenly exist. "Kairos" in the Gospels means for instance: the time of Christ's Coming. Jerusalem did not acknowledge kairos, that the Messiah had come (Luke 19:44), and therefore Jerusalem fell. The Lord Jesus said that people understood times of seasons and climax but did not understand the kairos of the Christ's Coming. (Luke 12:55 and Matthew 16:3) John the Baptist said the kairos had come and the Kingdom of God was near.
    In these words, there was a Heavenly meaning of the word "time" that was hidden from people.
    I conclude that units of time for the Christ's coming are Heavenly units and they are different from Earth units. bib7
  10. Words about happenings on earth are written in another book called the Book of Truth. (Daniel 10:21) I conclude if the Book of Truth exists for the earth, and there is earthly timing, then Heavenly times must exist for the Heavenly Book.bib8
  11. Many teachers say the Heavenly Book is still not opened. That means, according to Revelation 5, the Heavenly Book is not in Christ's hands. Then determining the time period for the Heavenly Book before Christ Jesus received it is admitting that the Heavenly Book went first into human hands. And so they interfere also with God the Father and His Throne in Heaven. bib9
  12. Christians are members of his body (Ephesians 5:30) and therefore no one from Christians may explain the Heavenly Book until is not in Christ's hands. Then, who speaks the Heavenly Book is not yet in Christ's hand and at the same time explains the Heavenly Book is as a foolish part of body would say, "I do not belong to body". [Jesuit Francisco Rivera fabricated seven years for the Heavenly Book before the Creator (God the Son) has started to bless creation, thus before Christ Jesus has taken the Heavenly Book in His hands.] (1. Corinthians 12:15) bib10 So, they do not have any right to speak about the duration of the Heavenly Book.
  13. God's word delivered to Jeremiah may be God the Son's. The Earth was created by God the Son, through Him and for Him. (Colossians 1:16) It means that earthly rules and laws also came through God the Son (1 Corinthians 10:4). If God had written and given them to Moses, then their author could be God the Son. God delivered Israelites from Egypt and was their king (the Christ); they sinned against Him, and He punished them. Their sentence is written in the Book called the Old Testament.
    However, the author of the Heavenly Book must be God the Father because this Book is found in His hand. (Revelation 5:1) He is on the Throne, never left the Throne. Therefore, this book must bring something that was prepared before creating the world. Anyway, this architectural plan for creation must not leave the Heavenly Throne. Different authors, different locations, mean different books. log3
    As birds can never fly among stars (birds belong to the earth and stars to the sky) so "Seventy" can never be put in Heaven to rest on the God's Throne, on the Heavenly Book.


  14. If the Old Testament message about "Seventy" was also sealed, then God's punishment, described by Jeremiah, would not come. Therefore, the "Seventy" were not sealed and so the Sealed Scrolls on the Heavenly Throne could not be from the "Seventy" mentioned by Jeremiah and Daniel. log4
    Teachers of the end times appointed 1/70 for the Heavenly Book that is sealed. Then 69/70 logically should not be different.
  15. Suppose we find a page from a book with seventy pages. From its appearance and context, we may know where it belongs. For instance, if a page contains phone numbers and addresses, we know immediately it belongs to a telephone book. Then if someone declares that the Book having seven seals found in Revelation is 1/70 from the Daniel "seventy", then also rest of them (69/70) should have seals. According to the mathematical logic, they should have 483 seals and together 490 seals. log5
  16. Writers who describe more events need more paper. Certainly they need more time. So, if many papers are presented, we await many events described. Clearly, we need more time to read them. Therefore, if events from the Heavenly Book are written on more papers, i. e. the Seven Scrolls, we should consider the Heavenly Book runs longer than a part of Daniel's message about Israel. Putting only 1/70 from Daniel's foretelling over the Heavenly is astonishing. log6
  17. If an action is described by a few words and another with many words, we consider the main one is the article with more words. If we compare two actions with different running times, usually the longer is the chief one. Then whichever one takes 69/70 should be considered higher. This means that teachers of the end times put Daniel's message higher than God the Father's message, than Seven Sealed Scrolls. log7
  18. If they say the Heavenly Book should last one from "Seventy", it looks as though they call the Heavenly Book a small book in Daniel. Everything is illogical.
    Someone may think that "Seventy" should be sealed because Satan could come to God at that time (Job 1:6). The Heavenly Book should not be sealed because Satan has not come to the Heavenly Throne since the ascension of Jesus Christ. log8
  19. If the Bible says the Heavenly Book is sealed and does not speak about sealing the "Seventy", it means the Bible distinguishes them. bib11
  20. God showed Daniel in detail future nations and kingdoms. Because God showed him the truth about these 69/70, He had to continue to the end, to the seventieth part of "Seventy". I believe that He did so. Daniel saw it but did not write down because was commanded "But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end." (Daniel 12:4) From it, also a small scroll from Seventy left. When will this run?
    God with Daniel suddenly jumped into the end times. They even over jumped the resurrection (verse 2) And so the conclusion of the "Seventy" will come after the Resurrection and the Rapture, so after people from every nation, tribe, and language will appear at the Heavenly Throne. Many believers from Daniel's people, Israelites will stand there if their names are found written in the Book of Life.
    Daniel wanted to know when words which he sealed will be unsealed, when exactly the last scroll from "Seventy" will start. He did not get the answer because it is in the words which are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. (Daniel 12:9) If words are closed up then they are written on paper which is closed in a book or in a scroll. Certainly, these words are God's ones and God sealed them. Therefore that seal is God's Seal and could not be of any man neither Daniel's one.
    The conclusion is, Daniel could not seal the Heavenly Book because his seal is not God's Seal; therefore, another book, another scroll or scrolls exist beside "Seventy" - besides the Daniel's and will run in the end times. bib12
    No one from humans can break any God's Seal or fabricate any God's Seal (Genesis 1:24 and Revelation 5:3).

    Two books

  21. According to Daniel 12, the New Testament should mention the small book for Israel at the end of the Church. This small book or scroll should appear at the great tribulation when the Heavenly Book is at its conclusion.
    The Heavenly Book will not be at its last seventieth, but this small book--the scroll--will be at the last seventieth of the Jeremiah-and-Daniel "seventy". The apostle John saw another kind of a scroll when the last Seal was broken (Revelation 10:1-2).
    Comparing Revelation 10 and Daniel 10, I find the below the same:
    · Mighty angels have the same appearance.
    · Both speak loudly, the voice like the roar of a lion or a multitude.
    · Both are at a river.
    The apostle John saw "a mighty angel come down from Heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire. He had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the Earth. And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roars: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices. When the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not. And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the Earth lifted up his hand to Heaven, And swore by him that lives for ever and ever, who created Heaven, and the things that therein are, and the Earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer." (Revelation 10: 1-6)
    This scroll comes in the second woe when also the sixth trumpet speaks about killing a third of mankind (Revelation 9:12-21). The angel, standing upon the sea and the land, spoke. The sea could refer to humans in spirit form, because many already died in the great tribulation. If angel stands upon the sea then angels are busy to separate souls (Matthew 13:30). If he is also standing upon the land then angels are busy also because those living in flesh. They still have to inflict human population by the last woe.
    The angel said, "There should be time no longer," which could be understood to mean, "a time for a small scroll will start to run now, will not delay anymore." bib13
  22. So Daniel, here is answered your question.
    Neither in Daniel's times angels knew what everything should past till the last part of "Seventy" would start. Namely Daniel saw one standing on his side of the great river and another on the opposite bank. "One of them said to the man clothed in lines, who was above the waters of the river, 'How long will it be before these astonished things are fulfilled?'" (Daniel 12:5-7) And so, here (Revelation 10:6) is the answer for that angel also.
    Daniel received God's message through the archangel Gabriel c. 500 years before Christ Jesus. Gabriel could not look inside the Heavenly Book at that time because it was sealed. It would not be opened until Jesus Christ's Coming on the Heavenly Throne and taking the Book from God the Father.
    So, Gabriel's message could not be from the Heavenly Book. Therefore, his message said nothing about the duration of the Heavenly Book. bib14
  23. The apostle John received God's message from the Lord Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:18) after his ascension to God the Father. The Lord Jesus Christ triumphed and got a right to look inside the Heavenly Book (Revelation 5:4-5)
    Then Christians are God's spiritual nation in accordance with Jesus Christ's spirituality. As a man, Christ Jesus was alive in God even his flesh died because God is His father's, and not Adam's, descendant. So transferring (Adam's) souls in (Christ's) spirits marks Christians.
    Israel is God's fleshly nation because their father Jacob fought with the Lord in the flesh. The Lord touched his flesh, but not his spiritual substance (soul unchanged). It looked like Jacob fought with God the Son, being in the image of a mighty angel. God blessed him with the mark on his flesh. (Genesis 32:23-31)
    The Bible compares human souls to waters (Isaiah 17:12-13, Revelation 17:15) and Christians' spirits to a crystal sea (Revelation 4:6), clear (without dirtiness) and transparent water. The first are "fluid" on the Earth, and the second are "fluid" in Heaven. It is like water in different liquid forms (the liquid on the earth and the liquid in the air).bib15
  24. We have different crafts (ships) for water and air (airplanes); therefore, a different craft for souls and spirits.
    From it, the Jeremiah-and-Daniel "seventy" is a craft for the souls of Israel. Namely, this "Seventy" has come because of their souls' trespasses and not for any Christians' spiritual trespasses.
    We should understand that as a water craft could not sail in our heaven (the air), so no one could apply the Daniel's "seventy" to Christians. Whoever applies that makes a perpetual spiritual mobile, which is not realistic. log9
  25. Two main sections make the Bible. The Old Testament is the first, and the New Testament the second. The Old Testament content introduces those who lived for God in accordance with their soul. The New Testament content introduces those who live for God with their spirits, also called a newborn spirit. (I wrote  more in the Biblical Way.)
    Those, who did not accept Christ Jesus, but believed in God, were carried to Him by the Old Testament. Therefore, the Old Testament items are their carrier to God. They are the Temple or Tabernacle and the Ark of Covenant (Revelation 11: 19) Jeremiah and Daniel's forecasted years are in direction to the Temple and the Presence of God in it - the Ark of Covenant.
    Those who accepted the Jesus Christ are carried to God via the New Testament. Holy Spirit leads them. For that reason, the apostle John's foretold times in the New Testament are for Christians.
    The conclusion is, as the Bible is divided into two sections, so two books or scrolls should exist for foretold future events. log10

    God's Calling

  26. Christians respect God's calling for mankind; therefore, teachers of the end times must, also.
    For instance, God called Isaiah to prophesy about God's judgment of the Israelites' wickedness and their hope for the Christ and God's kingdom. Many Christians like Isaiah and consider him their Old Testament prophet. Already Isaiah's calling was more to be a prophet to Christianity. His calling was like that of a Christian's: his sin was covered and his mouth sacred. (Isaiah 6:7)
    Other callings were for Amos, Hosea, Obadiah, Jonah, Haggai, Malachi and so on.
    The Lord Jesus Christ called apostles for different roles. We know about Peter's and Paul's calling. The apostle Paul also said that "there are different kinds of working." (I Corinthians 12:5 and Romans 12:4-8)
    Jesus said that John could stay until His Second Coming. (John 21:22) It was understood that John's calling was an end-times messenger for the Church and the Christian world. He speaks about events that touch Christianity (what he saw and heard to seven churches) before Christ's Second Coming. So, if the Lord foretold that the apostle John would speak about the end times, it should be so. No one foretold that Daniel or Jeremiah should be the prophet for the end times.ins1
  27. God called Jeremiah to be "a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5) He said, "I appointed you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant."(Jeremiah 1:10) Clearly, the Lord did not call him to prophesy about the end times, but about future years in the world. He said that God will punish people of the Kingdom of Judah because their deeds--their sins--were done in the specific time. Many of them are listed specially in books. (II Chronicles 11-36, 1 Kings 14 -2, Kings 24, Jeremiah) For example, one was Ahaz's sacrifices to other gods and taking the furnishings from the Temple. (II Chronicles 28) He had to name them in order to convict them. The Heavenly Book has no concrete evidence (who, when, and how) and cannot be compared to Jeremiah's message. bib16
  28. Jeremiah sentenced Judah to go in the captivity by those "seventy" years. If we point this for the Heavenly Book described in the New Testament, it looks as Jeremiah also sentenced Christians even before Christianity were born. Did Christians go in Babylon? This is illogical and unbiblical. bib17
  29. Jeremiah's life was neither pictorial to the Christians' lives. He lived on the territory of the Davidic kingdom (where descendants of David still ruled), but was beaten and jailed because he spoke God's word. Christians will not be beaten and jailed when they are on their king's territory.
    Jeremiah lived in Jerusalem where the God's temple was. He was beaten by the high priest. It is unreal that Christians would be beaten from their High Priest, Jesus Christ, because of God's word. So Jeremiah's life does not testify about his appointment to speak for Christians. The book Jeremiah is historical; its prophesies happened. It is not an apocalyptical book.
    God speaks that Daniel was called to speak for the captured Israelites and what they would meet in world movements. (Daniel 10:14)
    God often showed future events on the lives of prophets, such as Hosea. Daniel started as a captured man, yet later became a highly honored man in those kingdoms. His lords accepted and honored him later. We see that his messages were for those who were in power, not Jewish governments. The history testifies that many Jews rose to high governmental positions in the world.
    This was different from the apostles' and Christians' lives in the Early Church. Thanks to God's workings (newborn people and baptized by the Holy Spirit), these lost freedom by the world's governments, and societies hated them. They were free spiritually at home in the Heaven. Often fleshly bound testified, they were not at home in this world. So Daniel's life does not testify he should spoke to Christians and their world. ins2
  30. The book Daniel is comparative to world kingdoms next after explanation of "Seventy" (the chapter 11). Then there is a big jump, a long black hole, and back to light. It is spoken about the final victory over Satan, the last war, and resurrection. (12: 1-3)
    Most people put the world's history of Christianity in this black hole in Daniel. Daniel's silence about those years means not his calling to speak about them. Daniel's black hole in historical years testifies biblically that he did not prophesy about the history of Christianity. bib18 Daniel's words covering the "Seventy" were to be a bridge over years not covered in the Bible. "Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come." (Daniel 10:14) This confirms that the Bible had been closing history of God's nation, according to flesh. Because the Messiah had to come, God needed to keep their history continuing.
    However, to write about kings who put yokes on God's nation was not the Biblical goal. So, God found an acceptable way for the Bible's spirit, and this was foretelling the future. This way was the start of the new history of Israel.
    Mattathias' sons tried to start the new history of Jacob's sons. Because this was only his effort, not a calling, that history of Israel is presented in apocryphal books.
  31. The true Israelite history could begin with the coming the Messiah into the Temple. It is strange to call Daniel a prophet for Christianity because we have the detailed future years for Israel. But Daniel's prophesy does not mention Christ's life or Christianity, and therefore, it could not be a main prophecy for Christians. bib19
    Are teachers of the end times trustworthy if their explanation of our Revelation is based on the prophet who did not mention the Early Church, the Dark Ages, the last Church, and our revolutionary world?
    Since God called people for different reasons, we must apply that also to Daniel and Jeremiah.

    2. Anderson's Fiction for "Seventy"

    Teachers of end-time theories say they will comprehend the Heavenly Book words in the period of seven years. They extend a "seventieth" of Daniel messages. "Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven 'sevens,' and sixty-two 'sevens.' It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. After the sixty-two 'sevens,' the Anointed One will be cut off . . ." (Daniel 9:25-26)
  32. Who wants to consume a "seventieth" from Daniel for the Heavenly Book, he needs to force it in himself. Such a long description of a world in peace, wars, and catastrophes lasted never a short time as seven years. The Second World War lasted almost seven years, and what about the time needed for its preparation? Then a few years was needed to recover. The same is with famine or catastrophes. The conclusion is that teachers of the end times force us to accept something which is unreal in our nature and societies. log11 Hence something is wrong with their interpretation of "seventy".

    The Beginning of "Seventy"

  33. "Seventy" is the period between the old one and the new one. The old fell and God foretold the period of "Seventy" until the new one starts to work. Daniel shows that the Jeremiah "seventy" must abide strictly to the Temple ("to anoint the most holy") and therefore the start of "Seventy" is there where the old Temple fell. bib20
  34. A break determines some time for discontinuing. A period is set in factories, schools etc. when their activities stop for an appointed time. When that time passed (break ended) their activities continue. Since "Seventy" are appointed to the point when God will enter the Temple in Jerusalem and the King in Israel will start to rule again, then they must start logically by destroying the Temple and the kingdom. Only this is possible in human logic, other theories are out of the ordinary thinking. log12
  35. The Bible says Daniel reconsidered the Jeremiah "seventy" "in the first year of Darius, the son of Ahasuerus (Xerxes)." (Daniel 9:1) Darius I ruled from 521 to 486 B.C. when Israelites built the Temple (Ezra 6). Therefore, Gabriel's words are after the decree for the return in Jerusalem. This decree has come on light in the first year of Cyrus's rule, when Cyrus had taken over Babylon in the year 538 B.C.. Hence, the bridging period for the Temple already ran at Gabriel visit.
    The Temple's destruction came in 586 B.C., a year after fall of Jerusalem. Jerusalem had the Temple again after seventy years. (516-515 B.C.)
    This Temple did not become the dwelling place of God because God did not enter it as He did the Tabernacle (Exodus 40:34) or Solomon's Temple (1Kings 8:10). The old state of the Temple still was not renewed although Israelites renewed the building and offering after seventy years. And therefore, Jeremiah seventy are not finished yet. And more, neither in our days the Messiah as the king of the world can be found in the Temple. Therefore, the end of "Seventy" is in future.
    The Bible says Daniel was concluding that the "Seventy" would be fulfilled (Daniel 9:2). But as I mentioned above this was unreal. God did not want him to come to such a conclusion and sent Gabriel to edit his thoughts. Gabriel did not come to disprove the start of the Jeremiah "seventy," but to give them higher meaning.
    Can someone beat Daniel in his wisdom? And therefore, when Daniel considered the "Seventy" as running from the fall of Jerusalem and the Temple, you should not think otherwise?
    Zechariah had the vision of horses and heard a debate between the Lord and an angel during the finishing of the Temple. An angel said, "Lord Almighty, how long will you withhold mercy from Jerusalem and from the towns of Judah, which you have been angry with these seventy years?" (Zechariah 1:12)
    If angels count years from the fall of Jerusalem and the Temple, men and so authors of the end times theories should, also. bib21
    Frontiers of "Seventy" are Temples. The old sacrifices and the old Temple had fallen and the period of "Seventy" started. This period will end when the new services in the new Temple start to run according to Ezekiel 40-48. According to the Bible no one shall move an ancient boundary stones. (Hosea 5:10) Then neither nowadays teachers should set new limits in order that their teaching may fit accurately in them.

    Anderson's Artaxerxes

  36. Daniel spoke that sixty-nine years' weeks, which are (69 x 7years =) 483 years, should be to the time "the anointed one will be cut off and will have nothing." (Daniel 9:26)
    Sir Anderson proclaimed the theory of continued years. If one boundary is the crucifixion then his theory set the other limit. Thus, he introduced not counting from the fall of Jerusalem and the Temple. He looked a new limit in historical events that occurred 483 years before the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. History of Christianity starts when Jesus Christ died, although there was not the exact time. Scholars dispute about years 26-33 A.D. and therefore some variation existed for Anderson also in this limit.
    Variations for the start were in the captivity history:
    608 B.C. - Several princes of Judah, among them Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedneggo, were taken into Babylonia.
    597 B.C. - Conquered Jerusalem and captives taken.
    586 B.C. - Destroyed Jerusalem and captives taken.
    585 B.C. - pulled down the Temple.
    538 B.C. - Cyrus's decree for the return to Jerusalem to build the city and the Temple. Zerubbabel led them.
    515 B.C. - Temple rebuilt.
    521 B.C. - Darius's decree confirms Cyrus's decree.
    458 B.C. - King Artaxerxes sent a Temple offering and the priest Ezra led Temple services.
    444 B.C. - King Artaxerxes made Nehemiah the ruler of Jerusalem. The king allowed them to repair the Jerusalem wall.
    Sir Robert Anderson chose not the year 586 B.C. (the fall of the Kingdom, Jerusalem, and the Temple) neither any year from years 597 B.C. - 585 B.C., because he could not apply 483 years to it. Sir Robert Anderson said the time should be counted from the year 445 B.C. until the year 32 AD. He refers to King Artaxerxes.
    The main Biblical criterion is no one may change each first foretold and then historically happened event. Adding or taking from it is impossible. Who does so is an unbiblical man. Anyone who reads the Bible cannot believe him.
    If God speaks to Daniel about "the issuing of the decree" by someone (9:25), then He also had to foretell an author such a decree. If He did, then theories about someone else have no right to be in Christian theologies.
    Theological schools had to verify Anderson's thoughts first and then to accept. Christians know that God called Isaiah to prophesy Israel's restoration, kingdom, and the Coming of the Messiah. Let's first look there. "Who says of Cyrus, 'He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please;' he will say of Jerusalem, 'Let it be rebuilt,' and of the temple, 'Let its foundations be laid.'" (Isaiah 44:28-45:4)
    "This is what the LORD says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut: I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, God of Israel, who summons you by name. For the sake of Jacob my servant, of Israel my chosen, I summon you by name and bestow on you a title of honor, though you do not acknowledge me."
    Isaiah foretold Cyrus to be the "he" in two chapters. ins3
  37. If, in spite of that, Cyrus did not acknowledge God, was not a Jew, and still God called him by his name and bestowed an honorable title on him, then it is the strong Biblical aspect. If God foretold that some man would arise, He usually did not reveal his name. Why did He do so if Cyrus was not from the people of God? log13 Perhaps He foresaw that many men would consider another name.
  38. God spoke about Cyrus as about the Christ. (The name Cyrus may have meant simply "son" in a local dialect.) The meaning of Isaiah's words is that the Christ will accomplish what Cyrus started. The conclusion is that period of "Seventy" ending by Christ Jesus ministry started by coming Cyrus on the throne in the land where Israelites were at that time (Babylon). Then, if Robert Anderson wanted to start from the Christ (The Crucifixion), then he had to consider Cyrus as the man issuing these events, so issuing the decree. bib22
  39. Isaiah and Jeremiah prophecy were already fulfilled. "Now in the first year of Cyrus, king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying, This is which Cyrus king of Persia says: 'The LORD, God of Heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the Earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. Anyone of his people among you--may his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem in Judah and build the temple of the LORD, God of Israel, God who is in Jerusalem.'" (Ezra 1:1-3)
    When God foretold some event and the Bible showed its happening then it is so a firm point of the history and the Bible that no one can move. If someone still tried to move then he is a sorcerer or she is a witch.
    Can someone move it what the Bible confirms in Ezra 4:3, 5:13, 6:3 and II Chronicles 36:23 also. Five times mentioned Cyrus to be issuing decree for the new era in the history of Israel is so firm biblical truth that must stay till the end of our world. bib23
  40. No one has firmly based Artaxerxes's writing on God. Therefore, inspiration to put Artaxerxes to be a foundation for accomplishing "Seventy" is not from God.
    Nehemiah had prayed (chapter 1), and God heard him. Any fulfilled prayer does not mean the God's Word foretold by God's prophets runs. bib24
  41. The Artaxerxes dealing is: "The king asked me, 'Why does your face look so sad when you are not ill? This can be nothing but sadness of heart.' I was very much afraid, but I said to the king, 'May the king live forever! Why should my face not look sad when the city where my fathers are buried lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire?' The king said to me, 'What is it you want?' Then I prayed to God of Heaven, and I answered the king, 'If it pleases the king and if your servant has found favor in his sight, let him send me to the city in Judah where my fathers are buried so that I can rebuild it.' Then the king, with the queen sitting beside him, asked me, 'How long will your journey take, and when will you get back?' It pleased the king to send me; so I set a time. I also said to him, 'If it pleases the king, may I have letters to the governors of Trans-Euphrates, so that they will provide me safe-conduct until I arrive in Judah?'" (Nehemiah 2:2-7)
    It was Nehemiah's will; "It pleased the king". The king granted Nehemiah's request, allowing Nehemiah's will to be realized. So, it was not the king's will. The queen was there and could have influenced the king to satisfy Nehemiah.
    If God put a person to work, then the person does it full-time. We cannot say this about Nehemiah. His main job was to serve to the king. Artaxerxes appointed him for another job and set a time. Because that job was Nehemiah's will, someone may think he got a vacation in order to realize what he wanted. log14
  42. According to Gabriel, it has to be the public declaration. King Cyrus declared his word in public, but Artaxerxes's words to Nehemiah are the personal decree for his new office. bib25
  43. Artaxerxes granted Nehemiah the decree for the office the mayor of Jerusalem. The majoring of Nehemiah went into the history of Jerusalem as the period of rebuilding city walls. But, were walls of Jerusalem the bearer of Israeli identity? No. For instance, when God punished the Kingdom of Judah, He allowed the breaking of the walls of Jerusalem (II Kings 14:13), but not the Temple. If breaking the city walls was used to harm that unfaithful generation, the city walls were not considered to endure to the last generations. bib26
  44. If city walls had to endure to last generations, they made their city a locked city. Other cities built new walls often to be more significant than those with ancient walls. Therefore, city walls did not necessary serve to keep city power position for the next generations. And therefore neither Nehemiah's wall should serve to keep the power of Jerusalem for next generations. log15
  45. The Daniel "seventy" should end by the establishment of the Messiah as the High Priest and the King of people of God. This will be in Jerusalem. God foretold that time, "Jerusalem will be a city without walls." (Zechariah 2:4) Everyone could understand that no one needs Jerusalem's walls to accomplish the Jeremiah and Daniel "seventy." bib27
  46. Let's look at a house-raising. In its construction, builders use only the materials the house needs. If the house does not need any bronze, they do not use it in the construction. And what about the foundation's material? Could they include a material the house should not have? If they do, will its construction be stable? If it is not in the house's materials, perhaps they made a mistake and mislaid it. If it would have evaporated, dissolved, or decayed, and a hole appears. Can the house not fall because of this hole?
    Then such a destiny may await every theory based on unneeded terms. It should also be true with every theory of the end times that started by walls of Jerusalem.
    City walls did not contain only Jews, but others nations. The walls of Jerusalem are not unique compared to the Temple; therefore, words about the walls of Jerusalem are not unique for the nation chosen By God. log16
  47. Today enemies do not care about the city walls.
    As the needed condition for the establishment of the Millennium, Christians also consider the Temple in Jerusalem, not its walls. log17
    Only authors of end-time theories go by the city walls' theory. Using the beginning of the Daniel "seventy" for works done with the walls of Jerusalem is insensible. Therefore, serious ones about God's business cannot follow Anderson's thoughts.

    New Biblical Term

  48. Anderson's tip for Artaxerxes still did not fit him well. Therefore, he used the strange statement in the theology, and, in our society, he changed a year. He wrote: "Daniel and Revelation indicate definitely that the prophetic year is one of 360 days." (Notice, The Coming Prince by sir Robert Anderson, page 6). So the new biblical term "the prophetic year" was born.Certainly neither God nor someone else said that the years when prophets prophesied have to be recounted to 360 days. Is it possible to add any term in the Bible? bib28
  49. The communication needs the same understanding of spoken terms on both sides of used communicate channel. To change the meaning of transmit terms is illegal. The same must be applied in any communication between God and His people. The meaning of the term must be the one for the Lord and His people. If the Lord used prophets to be the communication channel then God's prophet could not change any term, could not give it some new meaning. Therefore, a prophetic year could not exist in communication between the Lord and His people. log18
  50. Christians who believe in the "prophetic year" of 360 days should rewrite all the years in the Bible. As Anderson made 483 years from 476 historical and Biblical years (445 B.C. - 32 AD), so writers should also make the same with other historical years. Their believing in a prophetic year mean, historical years in the Bible are not right anymore, the existing Bible lies readers of the Bible. log19
  51. Moses' Law does not say anything about this. We consider him a prophet. Should we reconstruct a jubilee year or other years of the Moses Law because Anderson did? To speak about "prophetic years" brings chaos into the understanding of the Bible and we know who intend to do so (Satan). log20
  52. Anderson has brought doubt (about the years in which the Biblical events happened). If we start to doubt about these Biblical words, doubts about other Biblical truths are on the way and we are there where Eve was (Genesis 3:1). After the doubt about God's Word did the sin come, and humans were expelled from the Eden. The Bible calls such a job to be a serpent's job (2. Corinthians 11:3), that expelled us from "the Eden". Here can lay a key why Revelation is not the domain book for our times. They expel the book which Christ Jesus holds during his sitting on the Throne by saying, the events written there are for left behind, for those who will not be raptured. log21
  53. Under the term "year," the Bible considers the seasons (Leviticus 26:16). bib29
  54. Scholars do the same because it is the period of revolution of the Earth about the sun; so a year depends only upon seasons that meet our Earth on the solar orbit. As far as we are from the sun, we have winters or summers, or between them, springs and autumns. This is clear to a student. Therefore, if the Earth turned 483 times around the sun, or the Earth completed 483 trips around the sun, this is expressed simply by 483 years.
    If a teacher taught the Earth turns around the sun 483 times and it is 476 years, would any school accept him? Nevertheless, the teachers of the end times, who say 476 years are 483 years, are accepted and honored in many churches. log22
  55. God created a man and put him among His other creations. We could derive from that process that a man can only study the creation and not change it. Yet, he does not have any power to change the solar orbit. If someone can change the created universe, he is called a god and not a man. bib30 If Anderson did, we do not have to title him "sir" but "god."
  56. The Earth revolves on its axis. We call one turn a day. This is different from the definition of a year. So a year does not depend on a day, and a day does not depend on a year. log23
  57. People have chosen to divide a day into hours. A day has twenty-four hours. If a day has twenty-four hours, then a year has 8,766 hours (365.25 x24). The Bible speaks about days that had more than twenty-four hours (Joshua 10:12-14, II Kings 20:11). So, more hours did not change the number of days in those years. If a change of hours did not change the biblical numbers (of Earth's turns on its axis) of days, this should also be true for a year--that a change of the number of days can change the number of years (numbers of Earth's turns around the sun). bib31
  58. Perhaps we could think that a creation day lasted longer than twelve or twenty-four hours, at least till the fourth day of creation. God created so much on the third day that, according to laws of physics, it would be impossible in twenty-four hours. For the instance, drying land and planting and growing trees. Those creations in that time period could be accepted easier if we considered a day longer than ours. It would mean that the Earth revolved slower on its axis than today. Then the Earth could have changed its movement on its axis because it met the moon on the fourth day of creation. (The moon and the sun had been created.) So, a time period does not define biblically numbers of day or years.
    Today Venus completes one trip around the sun in 224.7 Earth-days, but Venus was found to rotate once on its axis every 243 days, which means Venus's year is shorter than its day.
    The moon revolves around Earth, and therefore, we have months. Calendars could be based on months, but they were corrected to the sun. Our calendar is the Gregorian respecting exact numbers of days (365.2425) log24
  59. God put the Earth under a human being, and yet a human cannot change the Earth's days. Although theoretically, it is possible by firing a great object from the Earth's surface into the universe.
    Historically, a man already changed Earth's movement on its axis by God's help. God's servant, Joshua, said the sun should stay, and Isaiah prayed the Earth would move backward. (Joshua 10:12-14, II Kings 20:11) Still when we speak about a day, we refer to the revolving of the Earth on its axis, not in the solar orbit.
    Then theoretically we may accept any dispute about a "prophetic day", but never about the "prophetic year." log25
  60. Anderson used Revelation for establishing the "prophetic year". If it would be so, a year will have 360 days, still this is for future times. However, 69/70 are already the history. Never future can change history. log26

    Anderson's Evidences for "Prophetic Year"

  61. Anderson used Revelation to proof the existence of a "prophetic year". He and his students prove the existence of the "prophetic year" by chapter 12 of Revelation. Revelation 12:6 spoke of the first dwelling of the "woman" outside our world, in the desert for a period of 1,260 days. Then again in the verse 14, she flies somewhere for a time, times and half a time. Anderson considered "a time, times and half a time" to be 3.5 years. And then he had 1260 days for 3,5 years what is equal 360 days per a year. This is the definition, the law of his "prophetic year". Revelation 12 speaks about the climax for the Church from Christ Jesus ministry. To know more you need to read my book "The Chronology of Revelation"
    No one can say that verses 6 and 14 speak the same because the character 12 is dynamic; The chapter 12 is the timeline for the newborns for the Heaven symbolized by a woman in labour. Events run in time as:
    the "woman" was pregnant,
    then a red dragon waited for her to give birth,
    then the child was born, the Christ,
    then the Christ was taken to Heaven,
    then the dragon persecuted the "woman in labour," and she fled into the desert,
    then the archangel Michael called to Heaven and,
    there was a war in Heaven to clean Heaven from Satan's followers,
    then the angels, on the side of Satan, were expelled from Heaven and,
    the saved ones (children of the "woman") got a place in Heaven, known as Heavenly dwellings,
    and therefore then the expelled angels were angry and persecuted the "woman in labour,"
    then the "woman" flew into the wilderness for her protection and protection of nati et nascituri
    she lived and so gave births and serpent tried to attack her there,
    but the Earth helped her, the dragon could not get her, her generation
    and therefore he turned from her to those being in favor to her and stayed, did not fly away.
    To say two events from different position of the time line above are the same is nonsense. Moreover, they used this nonsense to prove the existence of the "prophetic year". log27
  62. The dragon persecuted the "woman" the first time. It was the same devil who persecuted Jesus from the birth. He was not expelled from Heaven then. He used Roman emperors as his tools.
    The second time it was a dragon expelled from Heaven who was also called a devil or Satan or serpent. The word serpent means one who tempts. (See Eve in the Eden.) Under the word Satan or devil, he lies. So his tools could have been those looking like his own brothers but who were seduced by the Evil One, and therefore, forced lies.
    So, if the Bible describes the first and the second persecutor differently then they are not one and the same persecution. bib32
  63. "woman" fled (run away) to her first dwelling place outside of that ancient society. Secondly, she flied away. There are two kinds of moving and not the one. bib33
  64. First time she went into the desert to a place prepared for her by God. She was there under the care of God. Secondly, she stay on the earth because now the earth helped her and so she could continue to work but somewhere where the dragon did not have any power. They are two different activities and so, they are two dwelling places after depurtures. bib34
  65. If the Bible describes the airplane (the two wings of a great eagle) given to "woman" for the second departure, it means, a long time (centuries) passed between her first and second departure. bib35
  66. After the first departure, the dragon went in the war in heaven but secondly, the dragon went to make war against the rest of her offspring. They are different, not the same wars.  bib36
  67. Anderson's conclusion that Revelation 12 proofs the existence of the "prophetic year" in Daniel "seventy" is wrong because the dragon made war against those who hold the testimony of Jesus. Daniel, neither his people held the testimony of Jesus because they were not Christians, not the newborn.bib37
  68. To pass literature, every pupil must see that they are two different departures. log28 Only teachers of the end times say it is one and the same case and therefore, 1,260 days = a time, times, and half a time = 3.5 years.
  69. We need to understand that a time is God's time, not humans' time. It is not our year, it could only be a year. A time (kairos) is the Lord's time for the end times. As the Lord's time existed first, the Early Church could continue, so should the Lord's time exist for the end times that the Church of the "later rain" could continue in the victorious crusade.
    This word "time"--kairos--is used in the Gospel as the meaning of God's time. (Luke 12:56, 19:44, Matthew 16:3, John 7:6) So the Bible does not prove "time" means a year with the number of days. bib38
  70. The period commonly translated into English as "a time, times, and half a time" is used also in Daniel 7:27 and 12:7). All three phrases (Daniel 7:27; 12:7 and Revelation 12:14) issue God's dealing. It is Anderson fiction that they are appointed for the last seventieth week of "Seventy", when the evil will set abomination on a wing of the Temple (Daniel 9:27).
    God's dealing at the end times is not just the Second Coming to start God's kingdom on the earth. God should act at the end times according to the written Words in the Heavenly Book, shouldn't He? If He should, He needs times for it according to Ephesians 1:10 "to be put into effect when times will have reached their fulfillment - to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ." bib39
  71. How is it possible not to have any schedule for the Heavenly Book? Whether are not receipts for instance in cooking scheduled? There is set a time for fermenting, baking and so on. Then, it is logical that each writing (scroll) has own timely period. log29
  72. There are periods for each part of the book sealed by a seal. Every seal is God's Seal. Then, the writing under the First Seal is initiating one and belonging just to God. Therefore, the First Scroll (the writing under the First Seal) has God's time. Then, it must be the full time, not divided "kairos"
    A "hemi-time" is not half of a year. It can only be a half of a year. (Today we use "semi" instead "hemi.") It is divide God's time because God's doing in our world is interfered by the evil. It is average time for next six parts of the Heavenly Book. As after the Lord Jesus Christ's time (kairos) came the Early Church's times--due to different ruling emperors (different conditions and times)--so exist for the last Church because of their enemies' reactions. These times depend on the world responses, and therefore, should be "semi-times".
    A plural word of "time" means more times than one. As they can be two, so they can be seven also. Although teachers of the end times use two years, the other teachers in our world do not confirm times = two years.
    Plural of times must exist because the Heavenly Book has plurals periods. They are seven because are seven writings, scrolls. Each writing is sealed - so seven seals.
    So, seven periods make times for the Heavenly Book. (see more later)
    Concluding is that a period phrased like "a time, times, and half a time" is input period of the Heavenly Book, "a time, times, and half a time" precedes the period for the Heavenly Book on the timeline for the end times. log30
  73. Anderson also declares that the event in Revelation (11:3) runs in the same time as is in Revelation 12:6; 12:14.
    Revelation 11:3 speaks: "I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth." This prophesying during the period of "woman"'s departure exclude them from belonging among those who are behind the symbol "woman". Namely, "woman" fled because did not have any protective power for 1260 days. But these two witnesses are protected for 1260 days. "If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die. These men have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want." (Verses 5-6) bib40
  74. Anderson's arrogance continues and puts occupation of the holy land for 42 months (Revelation 11:2) in "woman"'s departure.
    Chapter 11 is also dynamic chapter. The Old Testament's events enter the world events of Christianity in this chapter. Therefore, they are different from those in the chapter 12. They measure the Temple, which could be the one built for the Messiah. Because the outer court is not measured and the Temple is given to the Gentiles, it could means the new Temple will stand beside of the existing mosque. Then Gentiles will trample on the holy city for 42 months (verse 2). bib41
  75. It's unclear whether 42 months for Gentiles and 1260 days of two witnesses start on the same day. We naturally consider events run in sequence, i. e. one follows another.
    But the end of prophesying does not corresponds with the end of this occupation because occupants will overpower two witnesses on 1260-th day. "Now when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will attack them, and overpower and kill them. Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified." (verse 7-8) So the biblical proof of 42 months = 1260 days does not exist neither among 42 months and 1260 days in Revelation 11.bib42
  76. Chapter 11 runs during the second woe of the Seventh Scroll in the future. Our Earth would have moved to disorder before the Seventh Scroll is opened because of the big catastrophe described in the Sixth Scroll.
    Before the Seventh Seal is opened, the Earth should not move for some time because it is written that angels were "standing on four corners of the Earth holding back the four winds of the Earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree." (7:1) If angels stand on Earth's corners, this would involve the Earth's movement in the universe. Wind is air in motion, relative to the rotating surface of the Earth. So if Earth has no wind, then there is no movement. When moving for the Seventh Scroll, it is possible the Earth slowed, and a year might have fewer days less. We can apply this to future days, but not to past days, so to the sixty-nine year weeks.
    Anderson wrote: Now this seventieth week is admittedly a period of seven years, and half of this period is three times described as "a time, times, and half a time," or "the dividing of a time;" (Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 12:14) twice as forty-two months; (Revelation 11:2; 13:5) and twice as 1, 260 days. (Revelation 11:3; 12:6)" (page 67 from the book The Coming Prince). Let me go lastly to Revelation 13:5. The proof of the existence of the "prophetic year" puts the equal mark between the dragon in Revelation 12 and the beast in the chapter 13. This is biblical nonsense. Revelation 12:6 speaks about a dragon before he's expelled from the Heaven. He acted at Christ's birth. Chapter 13 tells about a man who will act before the Lord Jesus Christ's return, before the Second Coming as the King. bib43
  77. Revelation 12:3 speaks of a dragon with seven crowns, and Revelation 13:1 writes about a beast having ten crowns. bib44
  78. The Bible describes evil power in Revelation 12 as a dragon. A dragon used a few persons. The first one was Herod, who wanted to kill baby Jesus, then Nero, then others. But Revelation 13 speaks about a human person, a beast in the end times. log31
  79. The chapter 13 still speaks about another person being a beast. It is not told the second beast's length of power. If both cannot come to power on the same date, then the time for the first beast must not be the same for another person in chapter 13 or many persons in chapter 12. log32
  80. Now the evil man, the beast, will have power to harm and conquer saints. Escaping him will be impossible because a whole world will be under his power (verse 7). Chapter 12 speaks of flying by airplane in free country where evil does not rule. bib45
  81. Anderson derives the "prophetic year" also from history before Daniel. He used words about the flood. (Genesis 7, 8) The flood started "in the six hundredth year of Noah's life, on the seventeenth day of the second month."(Genesis 7:11) "The water receded steadily from the Earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat." (Genesis 8:3-4)
    Here is not any year, and any calendar (the lunar or the solar). 150 days are just five months what means that a month had 30 days.
    We do not know (I think) Earth revolving on its axis for that time. That day could have been longer or shorter. Our days could have been fixed after the flood when the Earth was divided (I Chronicles 1:19).
    However, the flood was before prophets have risen or Daniel's "seventy" started. log33
    Anyway, here is proof that what the Bible speaks is truth. Who reads the Bible should understand historical years as they are written and do not need any key called now the "prophetic year"

    3. "Seventy"

    God has given the written Law through Moses. All creation on Earth should respect it. The Lord Jesus Christ did not reject this Law. He said he did not come "to abolish the Law or the Prophets . . . but to fulfill them." (Matthew 5:17) Therefore, any theory must not be against the Law. Ech theory in the theology should be built by the Law. Although "Seventy" has come by Prophets they should not interfere with the Law because Jesus said he did not come to abolish the Law or Prophets.
    Usually Prophets come to help us with the God's Law, thus to explain the Law for actual situation. Now, "Seventy" has come by the Prophet (Jeremiah). Daniel tried to understand them but could not since did not use any Law of God's numbers. Then, someone from God's side had to help him. That is why God sent the archangel Gabriel to explain them.
    Yet, "Seventy" are almost history. Let History shows them also.

    "Seventy" by the Law, Jubilee

  82. The Law states how long God's property can be in another's hands. "Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each one of you is to return to his family property and each to his own clan." (Leviticus 25:10)
    Another man could cultivate the fields he did not inherit for a maximum of forty-nine years. Such was a rule for the territory of Canaan, where Israel owned the land.The Israelites lost their land because God sentenced them. If God has given us His Law, He would have done the same first. And therefore, if God had punished them by taking them from the land of Canaan, He had them return to their territory after forty-nine years. log34
  83. There is no scriptural record of the actual observance of this festival, and therefore, it is possible God gave the Law for the returning of property because of this exile.
    The fulfillment of this law for a land does not exist in today's theories about the "Seventy," and therefore, they are not based on the God's Law. bib46
  84. Jeremiah said that Judah will serve the kings of Babylon for seventy years (25:11). This disagrees historically because the public declaration of freedom was in the year (587 - 49 =) 538 B.C., so in accordance with the Law. Land property reverted to its original owner, and all slaves were set free, and all debts remitted. bib47
    Cyrus proclaimed them to free to return to his family property and each to his own clan. It depended upon their decision where they would live. Returned captives built or repaired their houses, and worked on their fields.
    And so the history first confirmed the Law which could not be changed until the created world existed. (Matthew 5:18)
  85. In literal view, the Law is put higher than the prophetic words. This teaches us first to consider the Law in explanation prophecies. This is the right way. Since Gabriel came to explain the "Seventy", Daniel was not on the right way.
    Some spiritual influence to go by the right way could be traced in Daniel's prayer. Daniel prayed when he compared the Law with the deeds of their forefathers. He was touching the Law in his thoughts at least seven times. Maybe Daniel started to be confused because of a disagreement between the Law and Jeremiah's words. Anyway, Gabriel stepped on the field called "Seventy" where the Law and historical events had already operated. Cyrus like God's plowman plow away a part of "Seventy" by his edict. log35
  86. Moses describes the Jubilee as something great on the Earth. The trumpet sounded everywhere on the Day of Atonement in the fiftieth year. (Leviticus 25:9) We understand they could acknowledge the Jubilee only if they acknowledged

    the Day of Atonement.
    All Israelites had to come to the Temple for celebrating the Day of Atonement. It means they could not be in captivity, or jail or come with the burdens of trespasses and debts.
    Gabriel followed this rule for the first part of "Seventy" only used other words "to finish transgression and put an end to sin,". bib48


  87. This Jubilee was not fully according to rules although trumpets sounded liberty throughout the land, the Cyrus's edict was proclaimed.
    But they could not go to the Temple to be cleaned by a priest. "For on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you, to cleanse you, that ye may be clean from all your sins before the LORD." (Leviticus 16:30). Jerusalem was far from them and there the Temple did not existed. Perhaps a reason why Jeremiah prophesied not about forty-nine but about seventy years can lay here. This could be a case because the Law does not determine a timely period for the Temple to be in other hands. log36
  88. If still freedom and the return property after forty-nine years could not be celebrated complexly then it is a lower feast. The lowest feast is a "small jubilee", biblically called Sabbath. "You shall number seven Sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and there shall be unto thee the days of seven Sabbaths of years, even forty and nine years." (Leviticus 25:8) bib49
  89. The reality was that just slaves (exiled ones) got freedom. "If you get a Hebrew servant for money, he is to be your servant for six years, and in the seventh year you are to let him go free without payment." (Exodus 21:2). And their debts were canceled (Deuteronomy 15:1).
    Not all Israelites returned into Canaan in the year 538 B.C. and that is why their return could be interpreted as just the slavery for a few persons. Then our forty-nine for the whole nation goes to seven for a few slaves.
    Hence the conclusions are:
    1. If the situation did not allow to meet all criteria for the Jubilee in the year 538 B.C., then another "Great Jubilee" should come later.
    2. If seven "small jubilees" should have made the Jubilee, then a "small jubilee" is 1/7 of the Jubilee and we need to use the coefficient seven to meet reality.
    3. In the year 538 B.C., only seven years passed from the "Great Jubilee". log37

    My conclusion agrees with Gabriel's one. He told Daniel to recount by the coefficient seven (Daniel 9:24). Similarities to divide by seven can be found more.
    Already the creation came into existence in seven days. So seven divided the (Great) Creation, and we have seven partly creations, seven daily creations. Or seven days of creating makes the (Great) Creation.
    The Law speaks about a Sabbath of the land. (Leviticus 25: 1-7) They put seed into their land for six years, but the seventh year was a year of rest, i. e. a Sabbath to the Lord.
    If we go in Moses' picturing of God's covenant with His people, there is the menorah having seven lamps.
    The big festivals (Unleavened Bread, Feast of Tabernacles, the dedication of the Temple, etc.) lasted seven days. Seven days of eating unleavened bread at the appointed time made the feast of unleavened bread. (Leviticus 23:6) Seven days living in booths at the appointed time made the feast of the tabernacles. (Leviticus 23:42)
  90. Since Gabriel's words about multiplying by seven are in the Creation, the Law, the Temple the feasts then they are biblical. bib50


  91. The trumpets (Cyrus's edict) had to solve also the problem of the Temple. They did because Cyrus ordered to build the Temple (Ezra1:2-4). The rebuilding of the Temple started by the restoration of whatever was replaceable.
    The fall of the Temple is in the contest of the replacing people, kings, gold, silver, precious stones, and any other valuable object from Jerusalem to Babylon. Beside these goods, Israelites owned real state and the Temple. They could not take the real state into the exile. The land was left to others, and buildings razed. Without all these above the Temple could not exist. God left the Temple. (Ezekiel 11) Then the Babylonians took whatever articles from the Temple and pulled it down. If Jerusalem's fall started by Babylonia's pilfering of Jerusalem, then its rebuilding should start at the return to Jerusalem.
    Cyrus ordered the return and no one else. He also "brought out the articles belonging to the temple of the Lord, which Nebuchadnezzar had carried away from Jerusalem . . ." (Ezra 1:7). bib51 People returned to Jerusalem and were busy building their own homes and harvesting their field (Haggai 1:4-5). The Temple was finally finished in the year 516-515 B.C..
    Logically, if people are finally at the Temple, then their cleaning ought to have gone on the Day of Atonement. Here the dilemma arouses. If God's sentence for Israel was their exile then the Cyrus edict finished their trespasses. They paid for them and so records about them are annihilated, do not stay against them anymore. However, Israelites' sins used to be taken away by a priest at the Temple. First time it is possible right now because the Temple exists.
  92. Cyrus finished their transgression in 538 B.C. but that situation did not allow to end sins till 516 B.C.. And so their "to finish transgression and put an end to sin" is postponed for twenty-one years. Here is the number (21) which should be added when earth conditions interfere (the Temple does not exist in their homeland). log38


  93. God sent prophets when things on the earth did not run according the Law. Now the earth thing, building of the Temple, prolonged the cleaning people. God foresaw it and therefore prophets introduced "Seventy". God sent Jeremiah to foretell that Law about the Jubilee must be prolonged to seventy years. Two male goats were presented at the Temple to clean people on the Day of Atonement. (Leviticus 16) Here is something strange, when one is not participating in the Temple.
    The temple goat was killed and his blood brought behind the curtain so in the Most Holy Place. A priest sprinkled its blood on the Atonement Cover of the Ark.
    The Temple rebuilt by Zerubbabel in the year 516 or 515 B.C. did not have the Ark of Covenant and therefore they should not have killed this goat. That is why another ritual by other goat existed.
    A priest placed both his hands upon the head of the goat and confessed over it the wickedness and rebellion of the people. He placed them so on the goat. They sent this goat into exile on the desert.
    I see here the finished transgression of Israelites by being in the exile (Babylon). log39
  94. As I said above, it is still a "small jubilee" for which the Law appoints Seven. Then the "Great Jubilee" should come after seven times a small jubilee and therefore after seventy times seven = 490 years. log40
    This agrees with Gabriel. He spoke that they are not seventy but seventy times seven.

    High Priest

  95. Then they did not have a high priest appointed by God. A high priest shall make an atonement for people that they may be clean from all their sins before the LORD. A high priest in the Old Testament is the picture of the true High Priest--the Lord Jesus Christ.
    A high priest, with the goat's blood, entered the Most Holy Place where the Lord was present; Thus, a source of the atonement for people exists. A high priest took it, showed it to the Lord and then brought the atonement for people standing outside the Temple.
    However, the Messiah ought to be also that goat. He ought to have entered Heaven, came to God's Throne before God the Father with own blood and returned in order to bring the "Great Atonement"
    From it, the third period must be on the line of the "Seventy" related to the goat - a time period starting by finding the goat and ending by introducing its blood to the Heavenly Throne.
    But Messiah's "Great Trip" and introduced His Blood to God the Father needs more time than Aaron's one. It is the heavenly trip and so the heavenly number is needed.
    The number seven is heavenly number. Thus, the number seven times seven runs when the Temple for Messiah is ready for Him to enter it and ends by bringinging everlasting atonement for human souls; the Messiah's blood is in the Heaven. Thus, when God accepted human beings to be the heavenly beings in spirit. log41
  96. Then there exists the last period when a high priest leaves the Most Holy Place in the Sanctuary, leaves his "linen garments" in the Sanctuary and wears his priestly robe (Leviticus 16:23). Then he brings the atonement for people in flesh standing outside the Sanctuary. Hence, the fourth period exists to bring the atonement also for people being in flesh. This should be one period so the last seven years. log42
    Then sixty-two is the period due to earthly activities as are building and reconstruction of the Temple till the "Atonement blood" comes to exist, till God accepted the Blood of the Lamb. Thus from the Cyrus's edict to Jesus Christ died and entered the Heaven with His own blood.
    Numbers for Atonements

    Gabriel spoke that the period of seven times seven and sixty-two times seven will pass till the Anointed One will be cut off.

    "Seventy" by Gabriel

  97. The archangel addressed these "Seventy" for: It is clear that Daniel's people is Israel. Therefore, the "Seventy" were for Israel. They are not for the Heavenly Book, where, for the instance, in the Fourth Seal, death and Hades had power over a fourth of the Earth. bib52
  98. Daniel's holy city is Jerusalem. He always prayed as he stood in the direction to Jerusalem. If the "seventy" from Daniel are not for Babylon, so they are not for other capital cities in America (some consider America to be Babylon) nor in Europe, nor in Asia. They are not for any capital places in the Christian world, or simply in the world beside Jerusalem. bib53

    Gabriel spoke that the "Seventy" has three periods:

    1. seven times seven
    2. sixty-two times seven
    3. one times seven
    Gabriel divided the contest of these "Seventy" ons:
    1. to finish transgression and put an end to sin,
    2. to atone for wickedness and to bring eternal righteousness,
    3. to seal the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place. (Daniel 9:24)
  99. The above seventy weeks, or four hundred and ninety years, are divided into three distinct periods, to each of which particular events are assigned. log43
  100. I understand that seven times seven had passed and then the transgression of Daniel's people (Israel), mostly in Daniel's holy town of Jerusalem, was finished. If any transgression ends, the penalty imposed for a transgression was paid.
    In some societies it is common that if a person is free, it has to be declared publicly and written in documents. In other words, a declaration about freedom and possibility for return to Jerusalem had to exist somewhere in the "Seventy". log44
    I understand the archangel Gabriel said that slavery was not for seventy years, but for forty-nine years.
    Afterwards, sixty-two sevens ought to be until the atonement was be done and eternal righteousness appeared.
    Since Israel and Jerusalem are on the scene of the "Seventy," atoning wickedness can be understood as atonement done by a high priest for a next year. However, according to Gabriel's words, it is forever.
  101. Atonement was done when a high priest left the Holy of Holies, went out from the Lord. We know the Lord Jesus Christ had done that once and forever because he had died in Jerusalem to atone for the people. He showed himself as coming out from God's territory as the new man, as the resurrected man. Now He is the truly High Priest for everyone seeing Him coming from God after the Crucifixion. This makes Christ Jesus the High Priest for Christians.
    This atonement for Israel is not in effect because they do not believe in his resurrection. They did not see the resurrected Jesus for them. (Acts 13:31) They did not see him coming from "the Holy of Holies" for them, and therefore, God had to stop everything for them. Sixty-two sevens and the stop.
    Nevertheless, for Christians deriving their identity from "Seventy", the message of "Seventy" ends here.
    The Lord Jesus Christ as the High Priest has brought eternal righteousness into existence for saintly since all sins are atoned. They are righteous because may live already in the eternal spirit. "The eternal righteous appeared." bib54
  102. Believers in Christ Jesus got the atonement for wickedness and has become the eternal righteousness at God. It was the beginning of Christianity. From it, every Christian must put "to atone for wickedness and to bring eternal righteousness" in the end of sixty-nine. Hence, teachers, who teach seventy times sevens are till "to atone for wickedness and to bring eternal righteousness" will be done, should not consider themselves Christians. Only Jews say so. bib55
  103. Since a high priest atoned people then their activities were covered by it during next year.
    Since Christ Jesus has atoned Christians forever then Christians' activities are under this covering. Then reading the New Testament and the book Revelation from it should be under this Atonement. Hence, any apostle John's writing could not go under the last seven years from the "Seventy".
    The point "the Anointed One will be cut off" is the border for Christians how far they can go on the timeline of "Seventy". It is the end of 69/70. It proofs that Gabriel's message must run in (three) intervals. Time parts of "Seventy" are:
  104. God adds the last period for Israelites not believing in the return of the High Priest (the resurrection of Christ Jesus). A interval for the "Trip" to God was very short. Followers of Christ Jesus could see him returning from God after few days (three days). This "Trip" could be still shorter, count just in hours or minutes, if was done in the interval between appearing to Mary Magdalene (John 20:17) and to two disciples on the road to Emaus (Luke 24:13-24). Why not to think that this interval was the same as a high priest needed for his trip into the Most Holy Place (Levitus 16:17). bib57
    The additional period for Israel should be in effect when they will first pay for their sin against the Messiah, and the Temple and Jerusalem will be prepared again for the Messiah. (Verse 26)
    The last period (the additional seven) will end by finishing everything the prophets foretold. The Holy of Holies will be anointed because the Lord Jesus Christ returning from Heaven will enter it. Still, first, the Lord Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to Israelites. It is this "Great Day of Atonement" and the "Great Jubilee" for the Earth and people living on the earth.
    It must be so, because the historical the Day of Atonement celebrated before "Seventy" was just a picture of this Great Atonement done by Offering and Christ Jesus's Trip to Heaven.
  105. Gabriel's explanation of "Seventy" is in four verses. It means each verse brings insight for complete understanding "Seventy". Then everyone picking up just a verse or a sentence brings confusion. The conclusion is that only such a theory can be considered right which brings meaning of each verse. log45
  106. My understanding is:
    the first verse (24) unfolds the "Seventy" in three parts for seventy times seven.
    The second verse (25) actualizes the position of Daniel on the timeline of "Seventy" that. Daniel might know where he, his people and his city are just in "Seventy".
    The third verse (26) reveals events which will follow the Crucifixion.
    The fourth verse (27) describes the last period lasting seven years. log46
    Teachers of the end times understand differently. They see just two periods. The one till the Crucifixion and the last seven years to Millennium. They come to such a conclusion by putting the priority on the verse 25. Taking this verse out of the context bring a new meaning of "Seventy".
    To be firm in our understanding depends where we put priority. The archangel's words have priority in verse 24. There are set outlines. The next verses (including 25) are its unveiling. What is unveiled and where does it start?
    Anyway, the last verse undoes it.
    Readers of the Bible learn that an anti-Christ will be in the last seven years (verse 27). "He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.' In the middle of the 'seven' he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him."
    Before those seven, events will occur, but Gabriel did not count them among the "Seventy" (verse 26): "After the sixty-two 'sevens,' the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed."
    This break must be lasting many years, because wars will continue.
    "A Messiah cut off" should be after sixty-two sevens in times of the Temple. "After the sixty-two weeks, one on whom the holy oil has been put will be cut off." (Daniel 9:26)
    If Gabriel revealed events in the last seven, he had to reveal what will be during these sixty-two. He spoke of them in verse 25. "(Jerusalem) will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble."
    First, a spiritual person would notice that he did not mention the work on the Temple. Yet, this must be in the "Seventy" because Gabriel speaks about main events connected to the Temple (atonement and anointing the Holy of Holies).
  107. Then the Israelites would build the Temple only after their sin was covered (verse 24). According to the Law, a sin could end or to be covered only if they paid a penalty. This means after the end of suffering because of sins. bib58
  108. If the description does not contain words about the building of the Temple, then the Temple is already finished, and therefore they should build just the city. log47
    In the verse 25, I see Gabriel describes the second period, but not from its beginning. Gabriel with Daniel are in this period.
  109. Everyone may see that the archangel describes events during the last seven and partly during the sixty-two sevens, but not events in the first seven-times-seven. Hence, if you go from the beginning or the end, you should understand that the "Seventy" are running. The first seven-time-seven are already in history. log48
  110. I assume Gabriel's message contains:
    Seventy is seventy times seven.
    This time is divided in three periods: Described periods are:
    the third one.
    partly the second, not from the beginning because the building of the Temple is not mentioned.
    Teachers say the "Seventy" should start afterward Gabriel's visit. They take out of context, what I have not mentioned yet. "From the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince [shall be] seven weeks, and sixty-two 'sevens.'" (Daniel 9:25)
    If we understand the meaning of these words by putting the word "will" or "shall be" as writers assign, we come into these problems:
    When were the transgressions and sins of Daniel's people and Daniel's city finished?
    Yet these "Seventy" had appointed the time for them to be annulled. Do they have an answer for it? bib59
  111. If they do not have an answer for this basic question of the "Seventy," then they should not build new theories and a new decree beyond Cyrus's one.
    If their new king did this, how long did the Israelites suffer for their sins to be covered? log49
  112. Did Gabriel twist his message that God appointed a time to cover transgressions and sins of Israel (verse 24)? Did not Gabriel divide "Seventy" in intervals? Why did he do this?
    When does seven times seven end and when does sixty-two start? Gabriel distinguishes these numbers, and we must, also. bib60
  113. Explain when once is seven and sixty-two and second is only sixty-two! If we choose one, then we strike out the other. This is impossible with the Bible. Scholars should explain and not delete from the Bible. log50
  114. In literal understanding, teachers present two times for the word to build Jerusalem. One is seven 'sevens' and sixty-two 'sevens' and the second (after) sixty-two 'sevens'. If they still want to be literal, then two theories should exist to be correct. log51
    The Bible registers misunderstandings because of humans' imperfections. Then another correction or vision had to come. See, for instance, the being with four faces in Ezekiel. One face is identified as that of a bull. (Ezekiel 1:10) This was not exact, although a bull was used for an offering when people had done heavenly or angelic jobs. A bull stood (offered) for a high priest in the Most Holy Place. Thus, another vision came to correct this to a cherub. (Ezekiel 10:14)
    Maybe verse 25 had to confuse those who speak from themselves (Daniel 12:4) that we may recognize them easily. The Lord said, "Every plant which my Father in Heaven has not put in the Earth, will be taken up by the roots." (Matthew 15:13) What is not in accordance with God, the Law, and history should be taken out from Christianity by the roots set in schools.
    The Church does not need any literal teacher because we have computers, and they can make better conclusions about a chosen text. We need spiritual teachers.
    Those who build their theories on the "Seventy" after Gabriel's visit, use today's translations.
    Still in my view, there should be mistranslations because of prepositions and tenses. Simply, a problem is in its grammar. (English has simple grammar and so very poor for exact expression.)
    Because not every language uses declension of words and substitute it by prepositions, word-order change, etc., translators may not catch the right meaning of an original text. Often it depends on translators' understanding of a text, how he interprets and writes the text. The grammar in Daniel may not always be correct.
    Then the book of Daniel was written in Aramaic and Hebrew. What if it was translated from Aramaic into Hebrew formerly, and there were inaccuracies? For the instance, Cyrus was also called Darius, and Xerxes was called once a father of Darius, although he was his son.
    I guess the original meaning of verse 25 is: "As is going forth the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince, it are going seven 'sevens' and sixty-two 'sevens.'"
    The Geneva Bible translates:
    "Know therefore and understand, [that] from  the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince [shall be] seven  weeks, and  threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times."
    Or Young's Literal Translation:
    "And thou dost know, and dost consider wisely, from the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem till Messiah the Leader is seven weeks, and sixty and two weeks: the broad place hath been built again, and the rampart, even in the distress of the times."
    My logic and records close to origin speak, the words "will be" or "shall be" are added to the original text. Therefore, every theory built on them is added and should be cleansed from Christians' schools.
  115. Verse 26 spoke about cutting off a Messiah after sixty-two.
    The Law does not assign the number sixty-two or sixty-nine. So, let us look at its record.
    The word sixty and the word two make the word sixty-two. The Bible uses these two words everywhere the number sixty-two appears. Sixty-two is always only sixty-two. It is the final word for numbering.
    The words sixty and the word nine make the word sixty-nine. It is in the Bible. Look at Genesis 5:27.
    Speaking the words sixty and two and seven make the word sixty-nine for the number sixty-nine is strange for the Bible. bib61
  116. Could grammar teachers divide the word sixty-nine on the word sixty and two and seven? log52
  117. I challenge everyone, who believes in the start from the city, with a question. If 483 years (sixty-nine) would be from the fall of Jerusalem to the atonement by the Christ, would you look for another source? I am sure you would not. log53
    If teachers would accept the possibility to break off for sixty-two, Christian theology about the end times would not work by forcing humans' minds into strange understandings. Christianity would not be lost in understanding of own history.
    I believe, I repeat, teachers should understand that the conversation of Daniel and Gabriel went in running sixty-two.

    "Seventy" by History

  118. I think that better understanding of the "Seventy" could be reached by illustration of a house.
    Israel had their "house." They sinned, and consequently enemies destroyed the "house." A period to rebuild a "house" came in effect. This period may consist:
    This first period of the parable above started by the fall of Judah kingdom, Jerusalem and the Temple somewhere around the year 587 B.C.. Taken people and articles of palaces and the Temple from Jerusalem to Babylon match this first period. Finished is, when Cyrus edicted the return and to build the Temple in 538 B.C. (There is one year move in relation to the Temple, the Temple pulled down a year after the fall of Jerusalem, 587 B.C., and started to be built a year after Cyrus's edict, 537 B.C. - Ezra 3:8).
    The Temple was finished after twenty-one years in the year 516 B.C. - Ezra 6:15. Still, this Temple did not have the Ark with its Covering and neither a high priest anointed by the Lord. Therefore, it could not meet the origin.
    Ezra tried to renew Temple services and to bring people to be saintly in hope God will come to dwell in the Temple. The holiness of the building ended definitely in the year 167 B.C. Antiouchus IV polluted the Temple. Yet, the building in the direction of "Seventy" still runs.
    After three years the Maccabacans cleaned the Temple.
    They were close to have a king so a kingdom. They became rulers of the land. They were close to have a high priest and a king in the year 153 B.C. The Maccabacans took also office a high priest. Although they were governors of the land were high priests. This is unacceptable, according to the Law, because only the Christ could be the ruler of the land, the King, and, the High Priest. The Maccabacans took the office from a Messiah, and God ceased to be with them. Therefore, I consider the time of the "Seventy" stopped in the year 153 B.C..log54

    Split of Sixty-two

  119. No one considers the split of the period which should bring God's additional blessing for creation. For instance, Isaiah prophesied about God's additional blessing often. Thus, God should be active in the sixty-two.
    Whether did not any prophets prophesy about the split of God's blessing?
    For instance a farmer working in field awaits God's blessing. His work could be in vain if God does not bless it. God's blessing means to bring rain in needed time and a good crop yield. Prophets should use this example to speak about our job where God is active.
    However, it does not always rain. Parts of the Earth know seasons of rain. So, farmers used to speak about spring and autumn or the early and late rains.
    Let us look at the prophets. "Be glad, O people of Zion, rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains as before." (Joel 2:23)
    So, God's blessing should split into two time periods (early and late) according to prophets. bib62
  120. History confirms splitting of God's blessing in the age of Christianity. We know God took the active role in the beginning of Christianity in the Early Church and in today's churches. Many people consider our times as the late rains for the Church. log55
    The conclusion is, if the theories of the end times want to be based on the prophets and the historical illustration they must have the sixty-two split.
    The question arouses, how long was this break, so when the time for "Seventy" started to continue again, and what is the purpose of that period.
    Readers of the Bible know that sixty-two had to end in the crucifixion of Jesus or His ascension into the Heaven.
    If the Lord Jesus Christ had to enter the Most Holy Place of the Temple, according to Gabriel "to anoint the Most Holy Place," then the Temple played a big role of the preparation for Christ's ministry. They call this Temple Herod's temple because he had done construction on it. He started to reconstruct the Temple by the year 20-19 B.C. When it was said, "It has taken forty-six years to build this temple"(John 2:20), it means those words were spoken in the year 27 AD. This could be in the beginning of Jesus' ministry.
    If Christ Jesus had to enter the Temple, he had to show this in the beginning. He also showed it at the end of his ministry when he again cleaned the Temple (Mark 11:15-18). If we add three years of Christ's ministry, they are forty-nine years, so seven times seven. Then sixty-two should be 55+7. And fifty-five ran from 538 B.C. until 153 B.C.
    As sixty-nine had first seven to issue the decree, the sixty-two had also the last seven to prepare the Temple.
    But not just the Temple. Jews should have had a king. They were close because Herod was a king. He although a nominal Jew but culturally a Greek and politically a Roman tried to please to all his subjects and therefore rebuilt and enlarged the Temple. The Messiah should rule to whole world and therefore world influence is seen in this period.
    Even kings, Romans, priests and peoples are signed under the murdering Christ Jesus.
    Then sixty-nine looks: Because they sinned against the Messiah, the "Seventy" for Israel and Jerusalem were not finished. Time stopped. The new break came. Because this new era is marked by Christians, the end of Christianity can bring "Seventy" to run again.
    This period is market by punishment all who were signed under the murdering. The Temple again was pul down. Rulers, priest and people killed if did not run away from Jerusalem. Jews were been persecuted in many countries where they fled.
    Finally God started to bring them back in order Jerusalem would be ready.
    To reiterate, to have the "house," they should have first come to the point where they already were. They needed to inhabit the Promised Land to build the Temple. The Messiah would not be born to them as a child but would come as the man. He was resurrected, was in Heaven and will appear to them as the heavenly man.
    As it's impossible to compare the previous fall with the second, we could not compare previous rebuilding with rebuilding in the end times. They will build the new Temple according to Ezekiel's projects.
    They should to build the house during the second woe for the world in the last Scroll (Revelation 11). So after the end of Christianity.
    Finally the last seven starts. It will start with bringing peace and security for Jerusalem. This peace will last 3.5 years because the Temple services will stop. Afterward whole world starts to march to destroy the Temple and Jerusalem but God will not allow it. He, Christ Jesus as God will descend and destroy all enemies of the Temple and of Him.


    Jubilee for landpostponed for Temple's jubileepostponed for entering the Messiah in the Templethe break because Jews made a messiahthe new preparation for Messiahbreak because Jews did not accepted the Messiahthe Atonement will be done for Israel and Jerusalem
    586-538BC538-516BC516-153BC153-19BC19BC-30AD30AD-Rev.10the sixth and seventh trumpet in the Heavenly Book

    4. Heavenly Book

  121. The Lord called the apostle John into Heaven and there was the book on the Heavenly Throne of God the Father. Seven Sealed Scrolls made this book. No one could have made a trip to Heaven (John 3:13). Even Elijah could not. When he wanted to see God's Glory, he saw It but on the earth (1. King 19:11--13). Ezekiel also saw the Glory of God but being on the earth.The Heavenly Atonement already done before the end of the "Seventy" allowed to bring the apostle John in Heaven. The early made atonements were done on the earth in the Tabernacle or the Temple. Its root was in the Most Holy Place. Hence, the Lord spoke to people (to Moses) from there. As the Lord's throne would be there during the existence of Tabernacle or Temple.
    However, from the end of 69/70, the Lord must not come to earth to speak with people because Christ Jesus went into Heaven, even on the Throne. log56
    Moses was called also to God but still it was on Mount Sinai. The Lord made the Covenant with His people through Moses and showed him future things from the Heavenly view.
    From it Moses' teaching is as a cornerstone of any teaching for any of God' people. Many people say Moses is the greatest teacher from Adam's descendants because introduced rules for the kingdom according to God.
    If we also want to consider Moses as a great teacher in our times, we have to evaluate him as we would others. Today's teachers use more than words; they illustrate and demonstrate their ideas. Moses did that. He wrote Laws, spoke about them and the future, illustrated how people could enter Heaven, and used many practical applications to show spiritual cleanness and other spiritual aspects.
    If the apostle John sees the Heavenly Book on God's Throne, then Moses had to describe it, and another prophet speaks of it. Finally, the Lord Jesus Christ would bring it to realization. Jesus said that he had come to fulfill the Law and the prophets. (Matthew 5:17) The sixty-nine of the "Seventy" has brought Christianity. Christ Jesus died for them and brought them the Mercy. God accepted his offer and thus God sees us under his blood. He showed himself as resurrected man which was already in Heaven. Who sees Him so, who believe so, he has come under His atonement.

    Heavenly Book by Moses

  122. Moses pictured the main events between God and human in the Tabernacle (later the Temple). He divided inner part into two rooms, the Most Holy Place and the Sanctuary. The highest place is the Most Holy Place. Only a high priest could enter it on the Day of Atonement. From it, the process of God's atonement must be seen there.The Most Holy Place was furnished by the Ark, by an atonement cover and two cherubim at the ends of the cover. God has written the regulation for our life on two tablets, put in the Ark. As someone would say, the Ark contained tablets on which was written how lived Christ Jesus. (He did not sin and so fulfilled the Law.)
    I think the Ark represents life of Christ Jesus. He died (the ark as a coffin in which a dead body is) and God had to decide whether is accepted or not.
    If a jury is looking for a decision, a verdict should eventually come. Still, first someone accuses and someone speaks in favor. Moses pictured this by two cherubim having their wings spread upward, overshadowing the ark with them. The cherubim are to face each other, looking toward the cover (Exodus 25:20).
    I think one is Satan who accuses Christ Jesus and the second is Gabriel who speaks for Jesus. (Zechariah 3)
    Gabriel could cry to God like: "do not look at Him my Lord as on a dead human being. He is Your own Son! Give Him mercy!"
    If so happened, then we are saved because Jesus Christ approached His Father as a dead human sinner. Moses showed this first stage by bringing the blood (of a bull) first to the Most Holy Place.
    Afterward the high priest brought also the blood of the goat for people.
    Christ Jesus died for people also like this goat for people because he was also the one from them.
    Recognizing, that he is God's Son, delivered God's mercy and he and we in him are saved.
    I understand from it why some men call the cover of the Ark the mercyseat (Hebrew 9:5 -KJV).
    The cover of the Ark is called also the atonement cover. It means people are accepted as holy if they are under Christ Jesus's covering.
    This is why the high priest sprinkled the blood "on the atonement cover and in front of it" (Leviticus 16:15).
    Believers in the resurrected Jesus Christ obtained God's mercy and live under the Atonement and therefore God sees then holy ones. This looks easy and for someone like some magic transfer.
    First no one (besides Christ Jesus) could be holy because was not ably to live (in all) according to God's Law, but now they are holy. If it would be so then still do not exist any men and women living according God (God's Law) in real. No one is still ably to live so if God has not yet offered ability to do that. It means to change human nature (1. John 3:6-9).
    But if God has offered the change of human nature then Moses had to show it.
    General awaiting is, we will be in the nature like Jesus Christ is now. We will be resurrected. It means we will have eternal spirit (soul) and eternal flesh.
    These realities ought to have found in the second room of the Tabernacle because Levities entered the Sanctuary to do daily duty. There should be pictured the relation of God to humans, to these who have accepted the Atonement and so, the picturing of the Most Holy Place.
    We use a table like a firm stand for putting essential things on it. Thus, the Sanctuary table could be considered like a tray for valid holy things.
    Moses made the table, its pitchers and bowls for the pouring out of offerings, plates and dishes and put the bread of the Presentation on it to be before God at all times (Exodus 25:23-30).
    The matter presented on the table is bread and therefore they called this picturing the Showbread table.
    What does this bread picture for? What do we need for eternal life in heaven?
    We may analyze the eternal stage by looking at the resurrected Christ Jesus. His dead body was not left in our world, although it was composed from earth elements but was just changed because disciples could recognize him as their Teacher (Luke 24:39-43). Something caused the change. This something should be seen in that bread.
    This is because the Lord Jesus Christ "took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, 'This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.'" (Luke 22:19)
    The Church does this. Extreme teachers explain it literally that Christians receive Christ Jesus's body now. However, the real is, we should remember the body of Christ Jesus and the same will be with our bodies.
    We should remember Christ Jesus had earth's flesh. Nevertheless, it was changed into eternal flesh. And so although we are now in earth's flesh but will be resurrected into eternal flesh.
    God through Christ Jesus will put some "nutrition" in our flesh that will change our body into eternal. Certainly, this is for the case of the Rapture (1.Thessalonians 4:17).
    Christ Jesus gave bread to twelve disciples and so Moses pictured it also. Moses put twelve loaves of bread on the Table.
    To live eternal life is not enough to have eternal flesh. We need to have also eternal spirit. By other words we need something what will change our soul in eternal spirit. However, Moses did not put the other matter on the Table. Nevertheless, at the close look at the Table you would see empty vessels for holding liquid. (Numbers 4:7) Why do we have empty jars on the Presentation table? Could not this show that God has already poured His spiritual substance for our eternal spirit?
    If so, then we are now already partly eternal beings in our Lord Jesus Christ.
    We are also ably to live life according to God, like Jesus Christ lived.
    Jesus told Martha "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." (John 11:25-26).
    It is clear that he spoke about having eternal spirit already during the life in the flesh.
    Its symbol is wine and therefore the first miracle was the change Water to Wine (John 2:1-11)
    Concluding understanding is in His Last Supper. "He took the cup, saying, 'This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.'" (Luke 22:20)
    Here wine is not in relation to remember but the actual covenant. The symbol of life is the blood (Genesis 4:10). The symbol of earth's soul is the water and of eternal human spirit is wine.
    The result of the Atonement is:
    Humans may have human soul changed to eternal spirit from now. They will have flesh changed to eternal then.
    They could not reach this result in the Old Testament, because no one went through the event pictured in the Most Holy Place. This pictures also the curtain set between the Ark of Atonement and the Showbread table.
    The actualization has started by the Crucifixion, when the curtain was torn in two (Luke 23:45)
    Thus is why people in the Old Testament could not achieve God's demand by their soul but people of the New Testament can by their spirit. Thus is why Jesus said to Nicodemus: "You must be born again" (John 3:7).
    Early, the high priest could hear God's voice coming from above the cover between two cherubim. (Exodus 25:22)
    The actualized reality now is, the Atonement has come from God's Throne and so people can hear God's voice from God's Throne. This is why the apostle John was called to come to Heaven (Revelation 4:1-2) to hear God's voice.
    Thus is why Christians should also hear God's Words which no one before the Atonement could. They are about future changing flesh to eternal (the resurrection) and about the end of the world. Even Jesus during his ministry did not know them (Matthew 24:36).
    Anyway, some words and so some writing for the end times is in Heaven. If it is so, then Moses had to see it. Moses had to see it bud not to know them, not to know they are written words. From it, the next illustration should picture these written words. log57
    To identify this heavenly writing, so the Heavenly Book, we need to know its appearance and where it would be found.
    From Jesus words "of that day or that hour no one has knowledge, not even the angels in Heaven, or the Son, but the Father" (Mark 13:32) comes conclusions:
    It should be in Heaven, on the Heavenly Throne.
  123. It should be sealed by God the Father. Because God's seal should appear like something shining or reflecting light. (see the sealed gates of the Eden - Genesis 3:24), this Book or Scroll must give light, must shine. bib63
  124. This writing is God the Father's one. It is His handwriting. If God wrote words or letters, they ought to have looked like beautiful flowers. log58
  125. In relation to number we should look for the number seven, seven is the heavenly number. log59
  126. According to the Tabernacle picturing, this should relate to the Showbread table because Moses put material for the Resurrection or the Rapture on it. log60
  127. If bread is the material to build up (our bodies) and the technique of how to build is usually written on paper, then some papers should be set aside of the Table. log61
  128. This object should be put on the right side according to earth understanding, for instance according to painters. He holds the substance or paint in the left hand and draws or puts pigments on an object by his right hand. Therefore if God will resurrect He must give us Heavenly material. If how and when is written on papers then He would have Heavenly substances in His left hand and the papers in His right hand. log62
    The Lord showed Moses the Tabernacle and its furnishing. I think the Tabernacle and its patterns are the Lord's work like the first tables of stone were (Exodus 24:12). Moses could inspect this project for forty days.
  129. God's inspiration set the Tabernacle and therefore was the copy of the heavenly items. bib64
  130. The shining object in the Tabernacle had candles. Because God is Light then is impossible to have any candle or any lamp in Heaven (Revelation 22:5). Therefore, God's Seals on rolled scrolls were shining. Namely, if God the Father holds scrolls to past them to the Lord Jesus Christ, then they are straight up and observers see light on them coming from shining seal. Like if you see shining candles. log63
  131. If this writing is God the Father's one then Moses should hold special solicitude. That is why God warned Moses about the construction of the menorah: "And see to it that you make them according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain." (Exodus 25:40) Moses had to be accurate in picturing flowers on the menorah (Exodus 37:17). I think that Moses imitated by flowers God's handwriting.bib65
    Only the Menorah has the number seven. Seven lamps or seven candles make the menorah.
    According to the Tabernacle picturing, this should relate to the Showbread table because Moses put material for the Resurrection or the Rapture on it. Only the Showbread table and the Menorah stood close to the Most Holy Place.
    Moses set the Menorah aside the Showbread table.
  132. The Menorah is on the right side from the Most Holy Place view but vice verse from the entrance to the Tabernacle.
    The apostle John saw the Seven Sealed Scrolls in the right hand of God the Father. (5:1) bib66
    The conclusion is, what appeared to Moses in Heaven like seven candles issuing from one stick it were the Seven Sealed Scrolls of the Heavenly Book.
  133. This Heavenly Book could not be under the last seven from "Seventy" because is actualized by the Atonement. For Christians, the curtain does not exist between the Ark and the Menorah. bib67
  134. Only priests cared for the Heavenly Book, pictured as the menorah. So, only they understand the furnishing of the Tabernacle. Hence only Christians living in spirit can speak about the end times.
    We must not give any other thoughts because it would be as putting false, strange fire before the Lord. False fire could be: the evil manages the Heavenly Book and therefore the Heavenly Book means the great tribulation. Then, Showbread does not belong to the Menorah. By other words that the Resurrection does not have any deal with the Heavenly Book because will come before the opening of the Heavenly Book. Moses warned people not to do that by Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron. bib68
    They put "strange fire before the Lord, which He had not given them orders to do. And fire came out from before the Lord, burning them up and causing their destruction before the Lord." (Leviticus 10:1-2)
    Only thoughts from the clean oil can touch the Heavenly Book. So, the Church accepts only thoughts inspired by God.

    Heavenly Book in Prophets

  135. God called prophets to make His Word happen on an actual time and situation. We can say, the prophets' task was to unfold or transfer the Law on a concrete situation in time. For the instance, Jeremiah actualized the Law given by Moses about trespassing of God's commands in the Kingdom of Judah. Daniel actualized Moses' Law about the Jubilee and slaves waiting for freedom.
    Then, who is the prophet of the Heavenly Book in the Old Testament?
    Revelation of the apostle John is the main end-times messages. It relates to the Second Coming of the Lord Christ Jesus.
    John the Baptist bridged Old Testament's prophesy with the first coming of the Messiah.
    Then the New Testament's Johns speak about the Messiah's coming.
    New Testament's Johns are connected to the Old Testament's Zachariahs or Zechariahs. The name Zachariah or Zechariah means memory of the Lord. It could mean, the Lord memorizes promises given to Israel although Christianity runs. The name John means the grace and mercy of the Lord. Putting them together might mean that the Lord bears in mind to be graceful and to give mercy.
    Someone may conclude that as the Old Testament's Zechariah was the forerunner or father of the John the Baptist, so the Old Testament's revelation to Zechariah is a predecessor to the prophesy of the apostle John described in Revelation.
    Daniel or Jeremiah has no connection to the New Testament's name John, and therefore, does not serve for Revelation in the New Testament. bib69
  136. The Bible has links of names: Joshua from Moses -> Joshua a high priest of Zerubbabel Temple (Haggai2:2) -> Jesus (the first coming) -> the Lord Jesus Christ (the Second Coming).
    Then Zechariah -> Zechariah (Zachariah) -> John the Baptist (preparing the way for Messiah's first coming) -> the apostle John (preparing a way for the Second Coming of the resurrected Messiah). log64
  137. Zechariah's book is apocalyptic in character. The book of Zechariah takes its name from a priest Zechariah, who returned to Jerusalem with the exiles from Babylon. This means that his prophecy is for those who returned to the Palestine and Jerusalem.
    His calling is "'Return to me', declares the Lord Almighty, 'and I will return to you,' say the Lord Almighty" (Zechariah 1:3). This, the return of the Lord (the return of the Anointed One to finish "Seventy") is the title of his prophesy. ins4
  138. The prophet Daniel was in exile, and his prophesy is for those who are under God's judgment to give them hope. The word Daniel means judgment of God; God my judge. log65
    I conclude Zechariah was closer than Daniel to the apostle John. From it, theories of the end times have to be built on Zechariah rather than on Daniel. Zechariah's prophesy is the second keystone (after Moses) for theories of the end times.

    Zechariah and the Heavenly Book

  139. Zechariah 4 first mentions the menorah, the Heavenly Book. This means God authorized Zechariah's message for the end times because is based on the menorah, shown by Moses in the Sanctuary. "'I see a solid gold lampstand with a bowl at the top and seven lights on it, with seven channels to the lights. Also there are two olive trees by it, one on the right of the bowl and the other on its left.' I asked the angel who talked with me, 'What are these, my lord?' He answered, 'Do you not know what these are?' 'No, my lord,' I replied. So he said to me, 'This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty. 'What are you, O mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then, he will bring out the capstone to shouts of God bless it! God bless it!' Then, the word of the LORD came to me: 'The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple; his hands will also complete it. Then you will know that the LORD Almighty has sent me to you.'" (Zechariah 4:2-9)
    With the vision of the menorah is mentioned the man, Zerubbabel. So, this leads us to conclude that a man will manage it. Thus Moses' menorah could not be in the Sanctuary to give only light, but to be a guiding instrument for some person. bib70
  140. Zerubbabel is a man who built the Temple at that time. He rebuilt Solomon's temple, and therefore, they used to call that temple Zerubbabel's Temple. The Messiah had to enter its Holy of Holies. In relation to the Temple, Zerubbabel is on one side and Jesus on the other. Therefore, God spoke about Zerubbabel as a part of a Messiah (verse 7). bib71
  141. "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit" means transfer to Christ Jesus's temple. As Zerubbabel rebuilt the Temple in three-year weeks, the Temple of the Messiah (body) was rebuilt in his resurrection. "Jesus said to them, destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days." (John 2:19)
    Zerubbabel rebuilt the Temple for a high priest, Joshua (Haggai 2:4). Then they must build the Temple again for the Lord Jesus at the Second Coming. (Joshua and Jesus are the same; Jesus is Greek and Joshua is Hebrew).
    I conclude, another writing, the Heavenly Book tells when they will build the Temple in Jerusalem. But the theorists of the end times consider the Temple will exist when the Lord Jesus Christ will break the First Seal. According to them, the end times will start with an anti-Christ and the Temple. (Daniel 9:27) bib72
    The name Zerubbabel means a stranger at Babylon. Zerubbabel was a stranger in Babylon and then built the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus Christ was first a stranger in that world. Satan wanted to make him a stranger also in Heaven. Yet He has received Mercy and will enter as the King of Kings into the Temple in Jerusalem to rule our Earth.
    As Zerubbabel led God's people to inhabit Jerusalem again, so Jesus Christ leads God's new nation to the new Jerusalem in Heaven by the Rapture and the first Resurrection. As stated, the man (Zerubbabel) will master the menorah. If Zerubbabel pictures the Lord Christ Jesus (seven eyes of the Lord), and the menorah means the Heavenly Book, then the Lord Christ Jesus will master the Heavenly Book.

    Design of the Heavenly Book

  142. And I answered and said to him, 'What are these two olive trees on the right side of the light-support and on the left?' And answering a second time, I said to him, 'What are these two olive branches, through whose gold pipes the oil is drained out?' And he said in answer to me, 'Have you no knowledge what these are?' And I said, 'No, my lord.' And he said, 'These are the two sons of oil, whose place is by the Lord of all the Earth.'" (Zechariah 4:10-14)
    Two trees beside the menorah could be Israel and Christians. Both as would be sons of God the Son. Israel called him the Mighty Angel and Christians the Lord Jesus Christ. If the menorah is identified with the man (Zerubbabel - Christ Jesus) then the Heavenly Book will deal with both (Christians and Israelites). bib73
  143. These trees provide the lamps with olive oil. It means the Menorah exists on account of Israel and Christians in the end times. The Heavenly Book will finish all vision and prophecy to Israel and bring the later rain for Christians. bib74
  144. People, who say the Heavenly Book will bring just punishment, or the tribulation for our world, are prophesying falsely because trees are connected to the bowl with oil. bib75
  145. They will be ashamed for their words. Zechariah says, "In that day the prophets will be shamed, every man on account of his vision, when he is talking as a prophet" (13:3-5) bib76

    Heavenly Book in the New Testament

  146. The New Testament revives what Moses wrote and showed. The apostle Paul explains it specifically in the letters to Galatians and Romans. Christ Jesus preached in His Sermon on the Mount that he did not come to abolish the Law or the prophets, but to fulfill them (Matthew 5:17).Christ Jesus was the man on the earth and now is the heavenly man. Then two kinds of fulfillment exist.
    Christ Jesus fulfilled the first one during his ministry and the Resurrected Man should fulfill the second at the Second Coming.
    If the first to be fulfilled is in books on the earth then the second to be fulfilled is written in heavenly writing. Therefore, the Heavenly Book should exist. As the men of Israel fore written the first fulfilment of Christ Jesus on the earth then the first fulfilment is because them, is for Israel sake. Because they still did not acknowledge Jesus to be the Messiah, some part of earth writing should be fulfilled for them (the last part of "Seventy").
    The second fulfilment should be prim because Christians. They are like heavenly beings to be on the earth (Philippians 3:10) and therefore the heavenly writing is first for their sake. log66
  147. Christian theology says the Christ did not come to introduce new words, but to give higher meaning to existing ones. (Matthew 5:20) In this way, Christ Jesus ought not to have brought new words to the end times and therefore he just answered the questions of his disciples. That is why some readers of the Gospels have problems understanding the end times because they relate Jesus' words to the future according to the Gospels.
    To fulfill the conclusion of creation must the heavenly being and in accordance with the Heavenly Writing for the sake of Christians. Then the Lord Jesus Christ as the Heavenly Being should have revealed the heavenly writing to Christians soon as he has become the heavenly being. He should reveal it already to his apostles because they knew him also like the heavenly being. They saw him to be resurrected and ascended to Heaven. log67
    Christ Jesus showed the apostle John should be him. He said about him: "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?' (John 21:22).
    The new revelation for the church from the heavenly man, the Lord Jesus Christ is in the book Revelation written by the apostle John. These revelations should be considered like God the Son's, because Christ Jesus went to Heaven to sit on the Throne (Acts 7:55).
  148. Yet, the Lord commanded, "Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches." (Revelation 1:10-11) Therefore, clues for the end times' theories should be in the Revelation of the apostle John. Jesus' words about the end times in the Gospels serve to understand the Gospel. But the end times for the Church are in accordance with Revelation. bib77
  149. If the apostle John should succeed Moses, Zechariah, then he must put their revealing in his introducing the book Revelation.
    Moses saw heavenly writing in the shape as the menorah, so seemed to him and pictured it in the Tabernacle. The prophet of the end times Zechariah, linked the man to the menorah and design the menorah to two nations (trees like sons of the oil). Then the apostle John had to start (bridge) by the same vision, by the vision of the menorah.
    Look at Revelation 1:12. "I saw seven golden lampstands." ins5
    Jesus' ministry was based on the Law and the prophets. The Gospels fulfilled the Law and Prophets.
  150. The Second Coming of the Messiah should also be based on heavenly writing already seen in the Law (Moses) and prophets (Zechariah). The book Revelation should fulfill what Moses and Zechariah just saw, fulfill the menorah.
    As John the Baptist revived the question of First Coming of a Messiah, so the apostle John has to revive the Second Coming of the Messiah as is written in the menorah.
    As John the Baptist foretold of the Messiah in the world, the book of Revelation will foretell the Second Coming.
    As Jesus came to give life to the Moses' Law (the spirit of the Law), i. e. understanding and explanation, He will do the same to the menorah (break the seals) and in this way also bring understanding and explanation.
    The Lord Jesus Christ did not speak anything about the menorah during his ministry, (the Gospels) but introduced the menorah as the first object to the apostle John. Therefore, the menorah's business is in the end times. bib78
  151. Jews have chosen the menorah to be the symbol of the State of Israel arising for the end times. This shows Israel is built because the menorah assigned it at the Second Coming of the Messiah. "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." (Psalm 119:105) log68
  152. Do Christians and Jews know what the menorah from the Tabernacle means? If not, then understand because now is the time to explain what Moses pictured.
    Go to the menorah in the New Testament. Still, there go to the book Revelation. "And turning to see the voice which said these words to me, I saw seven golden lampstands with lights burning in them; And in the middle of them one like a son of man." (Revelation 1:12-13)
    The Christ (looking like God) stands among the candles of the menorah because God appointed Him to carry the menorah in our world. Voice saying words leads us to believe the menorah contains a written text. log69
  153. Moses pictured the menorah originally for Israel. Now the Messiah is authorized to carry out all the menorah contains. So, if the Christ substitutes for Moses, then Christians should also substitute for Israel. This clear showing allows us no doubt to which a message of the menorah, the Seven Sealed Scrolls, is addressed. bib79
  154. If the Lord Jesus Christ is going to fulfill the Heavenly writing, first He will bring the blessing for our Earth, not Tribulation as teacher used to teach. As many were blessed because he fulfilled Moses' writing then many more must be blessed because the Lord will fulfill the Heavenly writing. log70
    I conclude that John's Revelation must be true because it is hung on the Heavenly Book pictured in the Sanctuary and seen by the prophet of the end times (Zechariah). So, if any theorists want to be accurate, they should do as the apostle John and build on the cornerstone of any teaching: Moses' teaching and picturing of the Heavenly Book.

    5. Camping before the Crusade

    The establishment of the Millennium on Earth is possible only if God's servants destroy evil powers and subdue the whole Earth under God's nation. Moses did something similar as he led the army and his people to the Promised Land of Canaan.The start of any crusade means first a preparation of an army. Soldiers of the Old Testament entered a crusade that way, likewise in our times, and in Revelation, according to the apostle John's description. The Israelites camped around the Tabernacle before their march. Hence, to understand the crusades is hard without understanding the Tabernacle (its services) and the camp.
    Moses described the Lord's armies were moving, as well as the army from people. It leads us to conclude God's army also camped before their battles. The apostle John describes the situation in Heaven (chapters 4 and 5) before any march started (chapter 6). Therefore, we need to consult it if we want to understand other consequent crusades.
  155. If Moses' camping was a pictorial of the Heavenly camping, only the teacher of the end times, who understands the principles of the Heavenly gathering, could go to the Heavenly crusades. log71

    TRINITY, the Throne

    Moses showed in the camps' center was the Tabernacle.
    The apostle John saw the Heavenly camp at actualization of the Seven Sealed Scrolls. John saw God's Throne in the center. There is the TRINITY.

    God the Father

    On the Throne is God the Father (4:2, 3), who held the Seven Sealed Scrolls in His hand (5:1). Some teachers, who want to see Christ Jesus everywhere, try to see Him there. Yet, this is impossible because Christ Jesus comes on the Throne later. In looking at Moses' tabernacle, the Most Holy Place is there, and everything is concentrated to it. Only a high priest could enter it. Still, he had to be as transformed in this position by an offered bull and could enter only once in any year.
    Some people see God's Throne there. (I Samuel 4:4) This should be a picture of God's dwelling on the Earth because the Lord spoke with Moses from there. (Exodus 25:22) God's presence at some place does not mean God's Throne is there. Seeing God's Throne like an ark and its covering with two angels is hard. The Most Holy Place is close to the Throne only pictorially. It shows our reconciliation with God through Christ Jesus before the Heavenly Throne like the Day of Atonement pictures it. (Zechariah 3)

    God the Holy Spirit

    The Being with four faces is in the center of the Throne. (4:6-8) John saw His faces around the Throne. He is also around the Throne because of His works for the creation. He sees and understands everything among the angels (God's angels and Satan's), and therefore, He pictures Himself as the mighty angel. (Ezekiel 10:14) He sees and understands everything among the birds, the animals, and the people as He would have the eagle's head, the lion's face, and the man's face. Therefore, the apostle John saw four faces (heads), the angel's, the eagle's, the lion's and the man's face.
    Different faces (some men see four beasts there) are in order to understand comprehensively. In this way, He is capable of understanding each being. For the instance, we know God understands us better through His Son because He has been in the human flesh. Yet God understood people before the Christ. He comprehended us by this being also having humans' facial likeness; therefore, He sent His Son to save us.
    Notice the apostle John did not describe an angel's face, but he saw it as a bull. Understand that distinguishing an angel's face from a man's face was hard because they are alike. Yet, we should also be like angels. (Mark 12:25) Ezekiel did the same in his first vision. (1:10) Then he corrected it in the chapter 10.
    Some people want to see the Holy Spirit pictured in the Tabernacle. Because the Holy Spirit is in the creation and among Christians (John 14:16), his symbol should be the first one in the Sanctuary. Perhaps the Altar of Incense relates to Him the best. It has four horns. Priests burn incense while praising God. The Holy Spirit does the same (4:8), or Christians should praise God through Holy Spirit.
    Anyway He is the second One on the Throne and in different likeness than the first One.

    God the Son

    Christians know the third being of the Trinity is God the Son. John did not see Him immediately. He saw Seven Spirits as they would likely be on the Heavenly Throne. (4:5) (Some people consider Seven Spirits to be the Second God of the Trinity - God the Holy Spirit.)
    The Christ is the next connected to the Heavenly Throne (5:5-8). His identification cannot be doubted. Is it possible to have four beings on God's Throne? No. It is impossible. See and be not blind!
    In the moment of Christ's coming on God's Throne, these two were united. The Seven Spirits immediately became the eyes of Christ Jesus. The explanation is clear. Christ Jesus in human form is not actually God, but the resurrected man. However, Christ Jesus having Seven Spirits is God the Son, so Christ Jesus in power of God. As the resurrected man, Christ Jesus could not come on God's Throne. He was a man. However, the Seven Spirits enabled Him to become God again. Here is the proof that the Lord Jesus Christ is God.
    The Lord Jesus Christ also proved this by His words to the church in Sardis. "To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God." (Revelation 3:1) If He holds Seven Spirits, they belong to Christ Jesus.
    If you want to see God's Throne at Moses' tabernacle, then the Showbread (materials for eternal existence, first used for Jesus) and the menorah having seven lamps linked to him by Zechariah and the apostle John (as I already showed it) relates to him.
    Tabernacle furnishing has also four furnishings but three levels. The Ark with covering is set on the highest level. Then Showbread table and the Menorah on the same level at the Most holy Place and then the Altar of Incense at the entrance.
    Thanks God that we have John's vision! The Trinity is proved. No one can say otherwise neither the child if already knows to read and count. How big Dark must be in our world when men and women are not ably to count to three or four when open the Bible and read the fourth and fifth chapter of Revelation. They know to read and to count but the problem is in their teachers saying, "Revelation is not for them to understand."

    Elders, the Throne Room

  156. The apostle John saw elders at God's Throne. "Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders. They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads." (Revelation 4:4) Moses pictured this like serving priests of the Tabernacle.
    The Levites camped around the Tabernacle: Gerson, westerly; Kohath, southerly; Merari, northerly; and Moses and Aaron, easterly.
    Later David separated Aaron's descendants into divisions for their appointed order of ministering in the Sanctuary. They were twenty-four divisions, each with a leader. So, twenty-four elders existed for serving to Sanctuary. (I Chronicles 24: 1-19) bib80
  157. Interpreters of Revelation usually say the twenty-four elders around the Heavenly Throne are from men and therefore it is the big proof that the Rapture already happened before the fourth chapter of Revelation. I do not believe was so and will explain in the following section.
    God's power goes from the Heavenly Throne to Its surrounding and continues to other parts of Heaven till reaches the last part of the realm created by God and still being in God's interest. Therefore there must exist the surrounding of the Throne like earthly kings have their throne room. There sit officers, and the king rules others through them.
    Suppose a king sits on the throne but no one come to him, no one is in throne room. Could such a king operate, could such a kingdom work? No. If something like this would happen then the king is in prison and not ruling.
    Then, if teachers say men are around the Throne from the Rapture (and the Resurrection), it is as they would say no one was in the Throne Room before the Rapture. Then God's kingdom could not function before the Rapture. log72
  158. John sees small thrones around the God's Throne. They are seats and therefore things and not any beings. They had to be there from the establishing God's Throne, if I can say so. Were they empty before the Rapture? Did God see them empty till the Rapture. Did his power precipice with the border of the Throne before the Rapture? log73
  159. Big decisions of any kingdom were made in throne rooms. For our case, the big decision was the Atonement. They brought Jesus' death, his offering before God's Throne, for God to decide. According to Zechariah 3, two mighty angels were there. It means that mighty angels could come before God's Throne. bib81
  160. The mightiest angel was Satan and that is why he wanted to move his seat higher over other seats "I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly; I will make myself like the Most High" (Isaiah 12:13-14). I understand that he wanted to replace his seats from the Throne Room on the Throne or closer beside the God's Throne. Anyway, Isaiah said, mighty angels assembled around God's Throne. bib82
  161. Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, he postponed the case to God's Throne. It means, Michael and Satan belonged among these before the Throne, belonged to the assembly around the Throne. God solved their personal controversies. (Jude 1:9) So, archangels ought to enter the Throne Room.
    Gabriel names Michael "one of the chief princes" (Daniel 10:13). If Michael is a prince, his seat is a small throne. A prince means a king's son. A king's son had a small throne at his father's throne to be with his father and to learn how to reign or help his father in rule. If our earthly princes could sit at the Throne, then likewise Michael has a place at the Throne. log74
  162. Other archangel is Gabriel. His privilege is to stay before God. "I am Gabriel, whose place is before God," or "I stand in the presence of God." (Luke 1:19) The Bible testifies by this that one elder is the archangel. bib83
  163. Gabriel's place must be at the Heavenly Throne. If any teacher says these at the Heavenly Throne are from men, where are Gabriel and other archangels? Whether does another throne room exist in Heaven to place archangels there? Or, if teachers say men are on thrones at the God's Throne then they must say there are twenty-three men. log75
  164. The archangels have some authority from God. Their crowns speak so. Their authority must be God the Father's authority because they lay their crowns before God the Father. (4:10) They do not do so when the Lord Jesus Christ has come on the Throne to be God. (Revelation 5:8). If elders were men, their authority would be Christ's authority; therefore, they would lay their crowns before Christ Jesus. If the apostle John saw them lay their crowns only at God the Father, they are servants of God the Father. bib84
  165. The Bible speaks about the archangel authority over others. When God called Michael to clean Heaven, the archangel Michael had authority over the other angels. He commanded them. (Revelation 12:7) If elders were from men, would they have any authority? Over whom? No one saw other people in Heaven in the chapter four and five. Are they just throne's puppets? log76
  166. The Church and so their teachers understand the existence of angel ranks. Therefore, some angels should be distinguished from others by their coronets. That is why the archangels, or princes of angels, or the elders of angels have crowns. If teachers explain Revelation, they should also discuss where the angels and archangels are in John's vision of the Heaven. They should discuss whether the apostle John (who saw in detail faces of Being and riders of horses) could distinguish them or if God does not distinguish them? log77
  167. To have a small crown, means also to have an authorized seat (throne) at God's Throne. Later, when the angels and the resurrected people were in Heaven, the elders stand before the angels, not before people. (7:11) Only Christ Jesus is in front of the resurrected people (verse 9). bib85
  168. Should men (the twenty-four elders) introduce (bring up) Christ Jesus to God? They are there before Him. They were looking for Him (Revelation 5:3-4). If they were men, they would know where he is. bib86
  169. One elder spoke to a weeping John, "Do not be sad: see, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome, and has power." (Revelation 5:5) I suggest that if the twenty-four elders are resurrected men, they must be in the same spiritual substance as the apostle John. Who is lost (loses his security) weeps. If a lost child does not see his father, he becomes sad and weeps. So, if John wept because there was no Christ, the elders were of a different spiritual substance because they did not weep. One must have the Christ to stay in Heaven, but the elder was not lost there, he was at home. Therefore, the elders cannot be from Earth. The apostle John were not their colleague yet that is why he must weep. bib87
  170. The Lord Jesus Christ is the High Priest for people. It does not mean resurrected people are high priests. There can be only one. Moses shows the same, people had only one to be the high Priest. Only he could come before the Lord. Therefore, until the creation exists, only Christ Jesus from men can enter close to God's Throne, and no one else. Only He can stay there on behalf of people and nobody else. bib88
  171. Is not this ridiculous? Once teachers taught that no one could stand alone before God the Father. Then, they taught they can stand there. Which do we believe? For the instance, they teach that everyone must come to the last judgment. God will judge every being according to his deeds. No one could be found righteous. People will be saved from punishment only if Christ Jesus covers them, if their names are written in His Book of Life. Therefore, no one without Christ Jesus could stand before God the Father, no one without Christ Jesus could stand before the Heavenly Throne. If he did, he must be condemned. bib89
  172. People will come before God the Father because Christ Jesus will introduce His followers to His Father. This will be after the First Resurrection and the Rapture. However, Christ Jesus must stand before them. The apostle John described this moment in the chapter 7. Still, they do not feel at home at God the Father because cry, apologize for themselves, that their presence is God's will, they are saved because Him. (Revelation 7:10) bib90
  173. Their home even after the Resurrection or Rapture is still on the Earth. Their dwelling in Heaven will be short, is called the Wedding Banquet. (The wedding does not last forever.) They should return also with their new dwellings. (Revelation 21:2) bib91
    God created the Earth to be ruled by people. I think that means to rule the material and the spiritual world. Today people rule the material world but that world is still not as is should be. People do not rule only following God; they are often His adversaries. This is not the Creator's will. The righteous management could be if the people of God would rule the Earth in a good way. They will have such possibilities during the Millennium.
    The spiritual world is complicated because we live in the material world. Yet we believe that if a man died, flesh died. Yet his soul or spirit still lives. People used to accept that spiritual substances of dead people stay close to Earth. At least people believed that before Christ Jesus. (Spiritualists called souls of death people from the earth.) Those righteous in God could enter the Eden after the Lord's resurrection. We may suppose the Eden is still a part of Earth because those earlier believed that. However, we do not see it in the material world. Then it must be in the spiritual world.
    Angels must be in the spiritual world. Today they could be from God (Michael's army) and Satan's (the dragon's army). The spiritual world of Earth will be cleaned at the Second Coming of the Messiah. Christians know the Messiah will come with the resurrected and Raptured people. The resurrected and Raptured will be as angels. Humans having eternal flesh will enlarge God's army. Then the Messiah with the big army will clean the spiritual world from evil spirits and evil angels. After this, the Earth will be prepared for God's intentions. Only those on God's side will be in the spiritual world of Earth.
  174. God's angels will not be on Earth because they will guard the evil angels in jail, and God created the Earth for people. Nevertheless, someone must be in the spiritual world. I believe the people with eternal flesh will be there. They will rule Earth from the spiritual world. Some will lead, so they will have their own thrones, thrones of the Earth. log78
  175. They used to give a crown after victory. A crown - a power over a territory - could be given to a leader who conquers such an individual territory. Likeness should be found at God. If a being fighting victorious battles under God's authority conquers some territory, he should get a crown over it. The elders from men should not get a crown over an individual territory because Satan is not bound at that point (they can just fight under Jesus's authority). John shows the preparation for the victory to capture Satan. (Revelation 20:2) bib92
  176. Jesus "who holds the key of David," and if "he opens, no one can shut," tells the victorious at the Rapture (Philadelphia) that they will get the crowns of life. They will be resurrected into whatever form will enable them to be in God's presence forever. This will cause them to receive new names, which means they will be in the new flesh and the citizens of God's city, the new Jerusalem. (3:11-12) They should be pillars in God's Temple. That does not deal anything with the Heavenly Throne. The temple is a place where God dwells on Earth. According to Revelation 21:22, there is not a "temple in the New Jerusalem, because the Lord Almighty and the Lamb are its temple." Therefore, to be a pillar in the temple could mean to be in the Lord's presence on the Earth during the Millennium. bib93
  177. Jesus' words to His people on Earth after the Rapture are to endure and you will rule. "To him who overcomes I will give the privilege of sitting down with me on my throne, as I also have overcome and have sat down with my Father on His throne." (Revelation 3:21) Those left behind should repent. If they would die, they go to the Wedding of the Lamb "I will come in and eat with him, and he with me." If they will survive, they should rule on the earth. These words "I will give the right to sit with me on my throne," (3:21) are for ruling on the Earth because Jesus introduced Himself as "the ruler of God's Creation." (3:14) bib94
  178. First, to sit on my throne of the created Earth and after the Earth will not exist, you may sit also on a throne, a seat in the Heaven. Then you are not anymore just in the light of the Lamb but in the Light of the Lord Almighty. It means you are welcome at the Throne. They also will get the new names related to God the Father and so became the servants of God. (Revelation 22:1-5). Here, after the end of creation, may teachers put elders from men. bib95
  179. The Messiah will rule the Earth and also divide His Kingdom and appoint rulers over them. A ruler will be distinguished by dignity. Those on the highest posts would have a crown. Logically, we first need to see Jesus Christ's esteeming (coronation). log79
  180. Chapter 5 shows this. A coronation changes the image of a person by putting a crown on his head. Therefore, at Jesus' coronation, John saw the change: "I saw a Lamb . . . He had seven horns." (verse 6) Heavenly beings rejoice and call for His majesty. "myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands of angels, and in loud voices they were singing, 'It is fitting that the Lamb which has been offered in sacrifice should receive all power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.'" (Revelation 5:11-12) However, not just these Heavenly beings rejoice, but all creatures in Heaven, on Earth, under earth, and on the sea. (verse 13) Jesus Christ becomes the King of all. Why are not groups of people at the Coronation of the Lamb to sing for their Lord? If the Rapture and the Resurrection were before Christ would have the Heavenly Book, they must be there. Such esteeming is first the big rejoice among His followers. It is not just a private event (24 men). log80
  181. John first saw twenty-four elders with crowns before the Lamb's Coronation. Logically, a theory is unacceptable if the followers are first coronated and then the ruler. Resurrected men are descendants of Christ Jesus and not Christ's forefathers. log81
  182. Jesus foretold this in the parable. "A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom . . . he returned home. Then he sent for the servants . . . in order to find out what they had gained . . . And he said unto him . . . take charge of ten cities." (Luke 19:12-17) Jesus taught He would go to Heaven to receive the Kingdom, to receive the crown (coronation). Then He would return (the Second Coming) as the King and give the faithful the power to rule over Earth's territories. bib96
  183. What if God would punish those who forced men to be rulers in Heaven? They are teachers of the end times forcing twenty-four men to be kings, even in the Heaven and forcing us to believe this idea. If they will punish those who started to rule earlier or did not want Him to be their King. (verses 14 and 27), then false teachers need to repent.
    When he received the kingdom, he has returned to be with his servants. He does not sit on the throne. From it, if the Lord Christ Jesus sits on the Throne, breaks Seals and reads commands, He could not be with the resurrected and raptured people. And therefore the Rapture could not happen till He sits on the Throne and holds the Heavenly Book. bib97
  184. People are misled by "the 24 elders fell down before the Lamb, having each of them a harp and bringing golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints." (5:8) They sang the song that was the prayers of saints. Prayer is a devotional act. He who prays must believe there is a being hearing his request. Otherwise, it is not a prayer but request in reality.
    Since elders stay at God, that is why the authors of prayers must not be any elder. log82
  185. Other words, harp, golden bowl full of incense, are symbols and tools and not the real mouth. The next celebration and praise come from the resurrected people after the opening of the Sixth Seal. They cried, "We are saved, thanks to You, our God who sits on the Throne and thank to the Lamb." (7:10) Singers are also authors of this song (do not need any harp, golden bowl full of incense etc.), and therefore, they were not in Heaven at opening the Heavenly Book. bib98
  186. Twenty-four elders sang with Holy Spirit, "the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp . . . " Both present the prayers of the saints. If both bring others' prayers, then neither are presenting their own prayers. log83
  187. Already the Law said two persons should speak instead of one to be valid. (Deuteronomy 19:15). Two speak and therefore a single one cannot. bib99
  188. The elders and the Holy Spirit sang, "Because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priest to serve our God, and they will reign on the Earth." (Revelation 5: 9-10)
    If these elders are from men and sang with the Being of Four Faces, then the Lamb died for them. For that reason, it looks as though the Lamb also died for the Being of Four Faces. This is impossible because the Being is in the midst of the God Throne, and therefore, it is impossible that the elders are from men. bib100
  189. They speak about men who will reign on Earth. They testify that a human must first rule on the Earth (if he wants a seat at the Heavenly Throne). bib101
  190. Another meaning of it is, no one could still rule on Earth, according to them, because they say they will rule in the future. Therefore, they could not yet own a crown. bib102
  191. Elders are presenting the prayers with the Holy Spirit. It should be so according to the Bible.
    Angels were coming with the message to people and from people in the Old Testament. Patriarchs of Israel often noticed their companionship. Therefore, they are those who brought the prayers of the saints to God the Father and not any men. They must still do so since promises to Israel exist, were not fulfiled. bib103
  192. The Holy Spirit is He who (sees and) hears everything and submits what the people need to God the Father. Teaching of the Gospels is Holy Spirit will make connection between believers and God. Even we should pray in Holy Spirit, use His inspiration and even use His spelling, tongues. If still Holy Spirit speaks instead Christians then the Rapture or the resurrection could not have been yet. bib104
  193. Since a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language stand before the Throne and in front of the Lamb, all the angels fell down on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying: "Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!" If elders would be from men, they must be among this great multitude consisted from every nation. They must sing together. But they not and therefore are not from men. bib105
  194. Holy Spirit is silent, cannot speak instead Christians because are present. Therefore, the Rapture must happen in the period started by the opening the Heavenly Book and this gathering. Even this gathering testifies, that just the Rapture and resurrection have been. bib106
  195. Elders answered to the apostle John but by a question. The elder has become the advisor, the speaker from now. He has substituted the Lord Jesus Christ because He is engaged with this great multitude. He leads them for the Wedding banquet. The Lord has postponed His authority to archangels till the end of the Heavenly Book. Angels are giving commands. However, in order to be in the authority of the Lord, they got trumpets. Trumpets as would be instruments for transferring angelic voice to Lord's voice. This is not so during the other Seals or Scrolls because the Lord commands there. bib107
  196. Then, the celebration will come at the end of the Heavenly Book. The last angel sounded his trumpet, "and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever." And the twenty-four elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying: "We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign." (Revelation 11:15-17) Here only twenty-four sing. They are without Holy Spirit. This testifies, the Church already ended, Christians are with the Lord Jesus Christ on the Wedding of the Lamb. Twenty-four angelic princes sing because only now the promises to Israel are going to be realized. And it is time for great applause from Israelites! Therefore elders must still substitute them. bib108
  197. They mentioned the Christ "the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ" what was not said in previous songs. At that time the Lord Jesus Christ was the God's Lamb and the ruler (the Head) of the Church. The Church still existed. But now He is going to be the Messiah for Israelites. They did not accept him early like the Messiah and therefore the Second Coming. bib109
  198. "The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name, both small and great-- and for destroying those who destroy the earth." Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant." (Revelation 11:18-19) Now can run the Day of Atonement for Israelites because John sees the Temple and the Ark of Covenant. The temple in Heaven does not exist for Christians (Revelation 21:22). Saying twenty-four elders are men, twelve from Israel and twelve from Christians, contradict to the timeline of the Heavenly Book and "Seventy". Israelites must come on the scene when Heaven decides so. If the vision of the temple in Heaven is now, then now crowns might have been set on twelve Israelites. bib110
  199. To have twenty-four men to be God's princes is not in accordance with the Bible.
    God pictured the human hierarchy at God by Abraham's offspring. Abraham had only Isaac with his wife Sara. He was Abraham's heir. Isaac had two sons, twins Jacob and Esau. Jacob had twelve sons, who were known in the Old Testament as the twelve patriarchs. Therefore, God's people is pictured by twelve tribes in the Old Testament. bib111
  200. The New Testament speaks of twelve princes. The Christ, as the King of Earth, chose twelve apostles. (Mark 3:14) He challenged them to rule over twelve groups of people. "'I solemnly tell you,' replied Jesus, 'that in the New Creation, when the Son of Man has taken His seat on His glorious throne, all of you who have followed me shall also sit on twelve thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel.'" (Matthew 19:28)bib112
  201. If they will judge the twelve Israeli tribes, then Israelites will not have own rulers. The other twelve elders from Israel do not exist in Heaven.
    Having their own seats means they will rule. Certainly, He said those words for seats first on Earth. Yet the twelve tribes were on Earth. bib113
  202. Is it possible to change the Lord's testament, to change the number and to say that they are twenty-four? The Lord had taken bread and said to His 12 disciples, "This is my body do this in remembrance of me." (Luke 22:19) First we remember His body was changed, resurrected, and so will ours be. This shows His testament. Then, His material (body) is for twelve, broken into twelve pieces. bib114
  203. Material for the resurrection is only for twelve groups like Moses pictured in the Tabernacle. "Take fine flour and bake twelve loaves of bread, using two-tenths of an ephah for each loaf. And put them in two lines, six in a line, on the holy table before the Lord. Along each row put some pure incense as a memorial portion to represent the bread and to be an offering made to the Lord regularly, Sabbath after Sabbath, on behalf of the Israelites, as an agreement made for ever." (Leviticus 24:5-8) bib115
  204. There are not twenty-four loaves for people to be eternal beings. If these teachers see twenty-four as representing people in Heaven, then they should put it in the beginning of God's nation. They have to have their own sanctuary where they put twenty-four loaves of bread on the table of Showbread. Nevertheless, I believe in Moses, in twelve loaves of bread and hope that many do the same. log84

  205. Concluding understanding to elders is, Satan fell after Jesus' victory, as well as after His resurrection and entrance into Heaven. (It had to be after he lost the trial, according to Zechariah 3.) Satan was not alone; he had angels who followed him. Satan and those on his side should follow him when Heaven is cleaned. One-third of the angels followed him, according to chapter 12 of Revelation. This was a third of the army, and so, a third of their chiefs. Consequently, we should substitute them but after the end of creation. I suggest, that is why the Creation ran, in order to prepare substitution of them. If the Bible says we will have twelve princes, then they will patch this hole of the twelve princes after the final punishment of fallen angels. Therefore, twelve men can sit at the Throne in Heaven only after the Last Judgment. bib116

    Heavenly Beings, Heaven

  206. The Christ has taken the Heavenly Book. This leads to a gathering in Heaven. Others beside Those on the Heavenly Throne and those sitting around the Throne in the Throne Room are other Heavenly beings. They are "many angels, numbering thousand times ten thousand. They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders. "(Revelation 5:11) First, the elders encircle the Throne. Then the angels encircle the elders and the Throne. Since the elders are archangels, archangels stand in front of angels. There are not other Heavenly beings according to the apostle John. He did not see resurrected people and therefore they are not there. Who says there are resurrected people he is not a biblical teacher. Yet. it is impossible for the New Testament, for Revelation, for the apostle John do not show resurrected people there if they are there. bib117
  207. The apostle John saw everything in Heaven: the Heavenly Throne, the archangels, and the angels. He also saw the souls under an altar in the Fifth Seal and the resurrected people before the opening the Seventh Seal. Therefore, he had to have seen people. If not resurrected then even in the spirit, waiting for their resurrection at the opening the Heavenly Book. log85
  208. Did not the apostle John see anybody or anything more there? He saw still this: "And in front of the throne there seemed to be a sea of glass, resembling crystal." (Revelation 4:6:) Only this sea, clear as glass, I have not still identified. Putting the last thing in the last hole is easy if all others are at home. If they are not full Heavenly beings that could be seen in Heaven then they are spirits of people waiting for resurrection. log86
  209. Spirits are without bodies, and they are waiting to be in the resurrected bodies. If they are many (they must be many) why not to appear as a large body of water or a sea. (Revelation 17:1) Flesh eyes could not see any spirit, spirits are transparent (do not interfere with photons) like clean water. If some uncleanness is in the water, it becomes muddy, not transparent. If they wait for resurrection, they must be righteous, and therefore, the sea is clean and clear. Clean, transparent waters look like glass. Still they are individuals and so some distinctions should be among them. Thus, the term crystal fits their gathering. log87
  210. Let us look at people in Heaven from another side. We should be resurrected, and the Lord Jesus Christ should show us to His Father. So, the apostle John had to see where the resurrected people stand before the Heavenly Throne. If John could see this the same as others, then it is insignificant. If he described the Heavenly situation again, then it might bring something new. log88
  211. John saw resurrected people at the opening of the Seventh Seal. (Revelation 7:9-10) They cried (sang) their own words. The Holy Spirit and archangels did not speak (sing) for them. They said Amen on their words. This is proof that the resurrection had happened. bib118
  212. John saw victims under an altar at the opening of the Fifth Seal. I understand the decision (whether people will be with God) was made by an altar (a picture from the Old Testament). So, if they are under the altar, they await God's decision for acceptance. They are accepted. They then are somewhere between the altar and God.
    God told them to wait among the others until their number was completed. (Revelation 6:11) There must be a place in Heaven where they wait for resurrected number to be completed. We understand they are on God's territory, but not at the Heavenly Throne. bib119
    They cannot be at the Heavenly Throne from two reasons. God represents fullness. Therefore, only complete Heavenly beings can come to Him, only those having Heavenly bodies like angels.
    No one from Earth stayed before God the Father since Christ Jesus was not at the front of him.
  213. At the Heavenly Book, John does not mention the crystal sea (in the chapter 5).
    If the apostle John first saw the crystal sea, this was the earlier situation. At that time John did not see God the Son on the Throne, just the Seven Spirits. This is because the Lord Jesus Christ was not there (they were looking for Him). By other words, God the Son was there only in Spirit (not in fullness). If only Spirit of God the Son was seen, then why not to see other spirits, other uncomplete beings. log89
    When the Christ Jesus has opened the Heavenly Book, John does not see the area of spirits. This could be because the Spirit of God the Son was seen in the Christ, in the body and therefore also other spirits have to be in (resurrected) bodies.
    Also spirits might not be seen because they were farther from the Throne and waiting for their resurrection in Eden.
    The Eden was the garden of God, a Heavenly garden on the Earth. Through the Eden, God first had connection to the Earth. Eden was connected to the Heavenly Throne (but on Earth). So Eden would be farther from the Heavenly Throne.

    The conclusion is that end-time theories proclaiming the resurrection runs before the opening the Heavenly Book are wrong because people are only in the spirit at that point. Spirits of these waiting for the resurrection were the crystal sea. Waiting for resurrection still was seen at the Fifth Seal. These spirits must wait somewhere. The apostle John described the place in Revelation 4:2-6.
    Only those from the sea were changed because the apostle John does not see the crystal sea in detailed describing of Heaven (7:9-12) but the new group of people. So, they were changed and are eternal spirits in Heavenly bodies before the opening of the Seventh Seal. (They are complete beings - spirit + body.)

    6. Crusade Doctrine

  214. Moses showed two armies, moving to take new territories, that should be included in each theory about the Second Coming of the Christ. Moses was not giving his command only for moving soldiers in the visible world, but also for the forces in the invisible world. "'Whenever the ark set out,' Moses said, 'Rise up, O LORD! May your enemies be scattered; may your foes flee before you.'" Whenever it came to rest, he said, 'Return, O LORD, to the countless thousands of Israel.'" (Numbers 10:35-36) The Bible shows that God's army first spiritually cleaned a territory. We see the same with Joshua at Jericho. (5:13 - 6:20)
    The Lord Jesus Christ introduced His intention to act in the end times in the chapter 1 of Revelation. His intention is according to the menorah. Stars symbolize His acting power. "In his right hand he held seven stars," (verse 16)
    A master holds a tool in the right hand in order to achieve his intention by it. Then, if someone wants to express by whom/what his intention is going to be achieved, he says "I hold it in my right hand.
    Hence, "stars" will accomplish what the Lord Jesus Christ's intents in His crusade in the end times. Stars will do the Will of the Lord.
    Assuming from Moses's crusades is that starts must be angels and so angelic armies. log90
  215. And what does the Lord say? (Revelation 1:20): "The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches." The conclusion is:
    the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches.
    Said plainly, Angels will cooperate with Christians and together will achieve the Lord's Will. bib120
    Although such a plain text to understand that the Church is a partaker in the last crusade exists, Satan hides it by help scholars of his school. Followers of Jesuit's teaching about the last times do not consider the Church to cooperate with angels because they say the Church will not be on Earth at the opening of the First Scroll. Although some think the Church will be removed in the middle of the Heavenly Book or will last to the final Scroll, they say, the Church (or church not raptured will not be victorious, but persecuted in accodannce with the Heavenly Book.
  216. Each army must know for what it marches. It is the same for the heavenly armies and their coworkers on Earth. The goal of end-time events is to capture the whole Earth for God. God's servants would do this by stepping first on it as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did in Canaan. bib121
  217. According to the New Testament, the Church's crusade doctrine is first to gain people for God. To achieve this, Christians must spread the Gospel into every nation, "that proclamation would be made, in His name, of repentance and forgiveness of sins to all the nations." (Luke 24:47) How they are doing during each part of the Crusade is said in the chapter two and three. The Lord is happy with those who are victors in each part because use always words "to him who overcome, I will give award." Like are rewarded good soldiers after the victory so the Lord will reward good workers who by the Gospel gained people for God. bib122
    Who comes to the Lord Jesus Christ is saved with God for His ruling of the Earth during the Millennium. Who rejects the Gospel should be excluded from God's blessing. If I will go far, he should perish because the Lord will inflict him by the sword ("and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword.")
    Therefore, those who don't accept the message will not be included in the Millennium and eternity with God. In such a way, the Earth will be cleaned.
    The crusade goal during existence of the Church is to put God's balance in every nation. Whoever accepts the Gospel will be saved; whoever does not will suffer and perish.
    Angelic crusade doctrine is not found in the beginning. Simply because the apostle John is Christian and the New Testament is for people.
    John first describes the Church through Seals (lamps) of the Heavenly Book (the menorah). Then the world during all seven scrolls of the Heavenly Book. Therefore, to find explaining the angelic crusade doctrine you need to go behind the chapter 11.

    The First Angelic Task

  218. The crusade's goal for angels should be explained from angels. "And I saw another angel flying across the sky, carrying the Good News of the Ages to tell to every nation, tribe, language and people, among those who live on the earth. He said in a loud voice, 'Fear God and give Him glory, because the time of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made sky and earth, the sea and the water-springs.'" (Revelation 14:6-7)
    The first intention is to spread the Gospel in the whole world. According to Revelation 1:20, this also means to support Christians to be victorious in the preaching the Gospel. bib123
    The first chapter after the chronology of the Heavenly Book, the chapter 12 refers to God's children before the Heavenly Book was mentioned. Namely, the Heavenly Book ends in the chapter 11 and then the Lord explains the Climate of the Heavenly Book from few views. See Climax of Revelation in the book "The Chronology of Revelation".
  219. The Lord should start with the Church and therefore, every Christian should await words of Christians' view. Because the apostle John shows the Church during the Heavenly Book in the chapter two and three, the chapter twelve shows Christianity till the breaking the First Seal. It should be so because it is impossible to await explanations of the beasts or prostitutes etc., but nothing to say about the birth and advance of Christianity first. log91
  220. Yet the Bible is also the historical book and a dark hole could not be in creation. It is impossible to teach the Bible with a hole in it. History could not have any hole. log92
  221. The birth of the church is declared by the birth of Jesus. He was born from imperishable seed, through the living God. And Christians "have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable." (1.Peter 1:23) Therefore, the symbol of Christianity is also this what shows the birth. bib124
  222. The apostle John uses the expression for this birth the "woman" (chapter 12). She is the one who gave the birth to Jesus Christ. The "woman" must relate to Christians because her offspring held the testimony of Jesus (verse 17).
    The process a man became a new person in spirit (a Christian) was persecuted from the beginning. The dragon uses Roman Empire to persecute the Early Church. The Early Church once stopped what means, the "woman" was not in the world and the Dark Ages were. Afterward some men tried to bring her in the world by reformation. But she could not. Still the process to be new one for God has started and was replaced on free territories, into the wilderness of that time and thus, would have continued into the colonized territories, even into America. This process ought to continue throughout the world. It means also to return to Europe. Therefore the chapter 12 ends with words: "I stood upon the sand of the sea". bib125
  223. Some Bibles do not include this verse in chapter 12, instead putting it with the first verse of the next chapter. Nevertheless, it should be here. Namely the logic of the context is that "woman" must return from oversea; Lastly the water helped her to escape from persecution in Europe. (12:14-16)
    My revelation is the same because in my vision, I was on the shore of the sea and like at tunnel of rainbow connecting both sides of the sea. I awaited something to come from the other side, and light as would be on the way to me. ins6
  224. Anyway, they persecuted the Church and Christians were running away. The angelic support was not very effective at that time. Therefore, the angelic task in the victor crusade is to support the "woman" that she may continue to give birth to the new offspring in each nation. The conclusion is that more angels have to come on the Earth by the opening the Heavenly Book (the menorah). log93
    Everyone knows that Christians are free, not persecuted in the democratic countries. Therefore the democracy is thought to be Christianity or the world of Christianity (besides Israel) by Islam or communism. Hence the Gospel needs democratic conditions and then the task of the heavenly forces is to defend the freedom in the world that democracy may be victorious.
  225. God used Earthly horses besides heavenly horses. Habakkuk wondered why the Lord had used Babylonia and its horses to punish Judah. (chapter one) Daniel called a world superpower as God's. (Daniel 2:37-38)
    I understand that leading power must exist in democracy. According Daniel 10:20, angels supported armies of earthly powers. Therefore, spiritual wars in a material world also means wars with angelic armies.
    Today two nations of God exist in the world. We can recognize them in accordance with evil activities. Terrorists attack Jews and Christians. The state for Jews is Israel and therefore they want to destroy the State Israel. Because they want to destroy USA and fight against USA then USA are leading power for Christians. And angels have supported them. See the history.
    Certainly, it does not mean everyone from the world of Christianity is a Christian and supported by angels. Sometimes they are only a few in percentages. It is similar in the Kingdom of Israel. Although they knew that the mighty God delivered them from Egypt, they worshiped other gods. Faithful ones were in a minority. (I Kings 18-19) Still God saved His kingdom. (II Kings 13:5,17) Similar is with Americans, although they know that were constituted on the Bible, many of them are enemies of the Gospel.
    Zechariah showed a woman in a basket. (5:5-11) This basket went to Babylonia, where she had a house, a centrum. (verse 11) Babylon was the capital city of the ruling country in the world. She used the air to spread her wickedness with the help of two women, i. e. two characteristics of a woman. They were her beauty and her voice (pictures and voices).
    I conclude that the center of making new gods, idols, and wickedness is in the most powerful country of the world, which today is the United States. bib126 We may specify Hollywood or Los Angeles as the city (house) for her. Films with unreal beings are produced and broadcast from there. A basket can be a television. People watch these baskets for pleasure, by which to go to sleep and get up. People are full of her. She is their idol. Their brains and souls are washed or filled with her. If people are full, they are not free for something else, so they are not free for God's spirit.
    Some churches do the same. They attempt to change what a person thinks and believes systematically. One proclaims that Mary is his queen of Heaven, his mother of God, while others say Jesus is God the Father. the Trinity is the mark of the beast. Jesus is not God, but a human. You must leave the church to be the bride. A rider (the first one of the Heavenly Book) on the white horse is an anti-Christ.
    The Lord described the enemies of the Gospel specifically for each stage in the letters to seven churches.
    God's first intention is to bless His people and their surrounding. Therefore, our world is blessed where the Gospel is free. Science and industrialization are in progress and prosperity of democratic countries is high. So, angels are in their first task.

    The Second Task

  226. If angels should not have eliminated the great prostitute in order not to harm Christians then they can now. Jesus said the Lord will cause "one will be taken and the other will be left" (Luke 17:26-36). Here, "taken" refers to taken into Heaven and left for another kind of crusading. bib127
  227. Jesus foretold the change of angelic task in the parable of the weeds (Matthew 13:24-29). Angels first could not pull weeds up but by collecting wheat the duty comes for them to destroy weed. bib128
  228. Now is time to revenge. The apostle Peter speaks "that judgment must begin at the house of God" (1 Peter 4:17). When democracy was the victor (white horse of the earth has won) then the mightiest country became Babylon. Babylon is an old name for the capital city of a world. For instance, Peter uses the word Babylon for the capital city of the Roman Empire. (1.Peter 5:13)
    "And a second angel came after, saying, Destruction has come to Babylon the great, which gave to all the nations the wine of the wrath of her evil ways." (Revelation 14:8) bib129
    According to the language of Babylonian and Assyrians, Babylon means a gate of God.
    Many people think the United States is in this task also from another view. The "woman" from Revelation 17 has her house there.
    Conclusion is the time of Lord's judgment will come by the fall of USA. Removing the power, which restrains the evil states, will free evil powers of the Dark and that world will be in chaos like never before.
    However, Heavenly forces must do something else. They have to secure the people waiting for the Messiah. The Bible said they would seal 144,000 before the Earth is hurt (7:1-4).

    The Third Task

  229. "And a third angel came after them, saying with a loud voice: 'If any man gives worship to the beast and his image, and has his mark on his brow or on his hand. To him will be given of the wine of God's wrath which is ready unmixed in the cup of his wrath and he will have cruel pain, burning with fire before the holy angels and before the Lamb. And the smoke of their pain goes up for ever and ever; and they have no rest day and night, who give worship to the beast and his image, and have on them the mark of his name.'" (Revelation 14:9-11)
    Because USA will not be in power, will not be the superpower, a new world power and a new spiritual power will appear. Thus the new Babylon will arise. Evil powers will enter Israel. Revelation said that the beast of the Earth will lead them. (13:11-18) He will pretend to be a Messiah or come from the Christians because he looks like a lamb.
    Still God will call people to repent. This begs the questions, who will preach these words? Are they angels, Christians or Jews?
    Some Christians (those who remain faithful to Jesus) will remain on the Earth, because their belief was external, only from teaching. Many Jews also will be faithful to God (i.e., they will obey God's commandments) and altogether, they will number at least 144,000. John shows two witnesses preaching. In any case, angels will be at their side, which will turn people to God. bib130

    Assumption. God will send more angels to help spread the Gospel to every nation. When the Church will end, they will realize Lord's wrath against the enemies of the Gospel. Finally, their goal will be to realize the Second Coming of the Messiah, to punish all evil powers and to band Satan . . .

    7. White Horse

  230. The Lord Jesus Christ took the Heavenly Book from God the Father's hand to break the first seal and to read what was on the First Scroll. "I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, 'Come!' I looked, and there before me was a white horse!" (Revelation 6:1-2)
    According to end-time theories, an evil power will first go, but I do not agree. My spirit and my mind do not agree.
    To actualize the Heavenly Book will be a significant moment for all Heavenly inhabitants. We do not have to think they did not know about what the Book speaks. People of God can know what will happen (Amos 3:7); therefore, Heavenly inhabitants might know about future things because they brought messages from Heaven to us.
    All await good things. They rejoice before its opening. The Holy Spirit and the archangels with musical instruments sound a new song. (5:8-10) The angels rejoice and sing. (5:11-12) Therefore, the gathering must be about good news.
    Consider! The Lord opens the Heavenly Book, and evil powers start to act. If this could happen, it had to shock them. Immediately their euphoria would disappear. log94
  231. Is this possible for a king to be a perverse king? All cheer him for being the big king, the victor and he would give them under their enemy. If this still would happen among humans but never among Heavenly beings.
    God's servants cheered the Trinity. Do you think to show evil forces in power is a good reward for applause? I think it is distorted, and therefore, impossible in God's kingdom. We know who does so, and we went away from him. Therefore, if God cannot be perverted, then neither should a teacher be. log95

    Moses's picturing

  232. Before any crusade starts, soldiers must know if they will participate. Moses spoke and showed that it must be in this order. The first are the Tabernacle and Levites without the Kohathites and the brigade of Judah. (Numbers 10)
    The Tabernacle pictured the GOSPEL. This was because the Sanctuary represented God's territory and the people who entered it. To be saved means to come onto God's territory, to enter the Heaven. We know that only people saved by Christ Jesus could live eternal life with God in the Heaven. Therefore, the Most Holy Place first showed our atonement.
    This is the Gospel message, the good news about Jesus' sacrifice for people. From it, the Tabernacle was called the Tabernacle of the Testimony or the Tent of Meeting. After Jesus died and was risen, we have to praise God because He is our Savior (the Altar of Incense). This would change our inner spiritual beings to be alive with God again. We are spiritually newborn. Empty wine jars on the table in the Sanctuary was the symbolic picture of this.
    The Gospel speaks of having eternal flesh then, which symbolized the Resurrection (bread on the table in the Sanctuary).
    The Tabernacle furnishings also spoke when the hour of the Resurrection came (the menorah).
    If the Tabernacle of the Testimony showed the Gospel then for that reason, the Gospel must be in front of the biblical crusade.
    Sometimes only the Ark of the Testimony went first. For instance, when Israel crossed the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land, the ark led them. (Joshua 3:14-17) The Gospel (Jesus died to save) must come first. Certainly it must also be at the last crusade. bib131
    Men from the tribe Levi carried the Tabernacle. Surrounding nations noticed it was the tent of mighty God, and He was in the Ark of Testimony. (I Samuel 5-6)
  233. Priests were consecrated men, pleading to God for the people. They sacrificed what people brought for their sin-offerings. The occupation of priests was to bring salvation from God to people.
    Only priests had the right to come before God. They were the ones whom God called.
    Today Christians represent the tribe of Levi in the Old Testament.
    Then, when priests started a crusade from Moses that evangelists and other Christians would preach the Gospel in the beginning of the crusade for the Messiah. bib132
  234. If theorists exclude them because they say the Church was already raptured before the opening the Heavenly Book then shall others carry it to end as the Philistines? (I Samuel 5-6)
    Moses showed the Judah brigade marched with the Tabernacle and the tribe of Levi. (Numbers 2:3-9) Together, they were four tribes; 2/3 of the tribe of Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon. This is missing in theories about the end times. bib133
  235. If I consider the time needed to cross to a camp's gate, for instance, more tribes would need more time than one tribe. If a tribe needs a time unit for the end times, as Gabriel introduced it, then seven years may be the unit for a tribe. We also have 2/3 Levites, but because they carried the Tabernacle, it would take more room in a march.
    Hence I conclude the first army to enter the crusade in our world could march four times seven to equal twenty-eight years. Maybe these four tribes led Moses to put four "cup flowers" on the central lamp. log96
  236. Army leader documents the role of each troop in detail. Perhaps God did the same. (We get such ability from Him.) Then tribes equaled the number of small scrolls, looked like cups. log97
  237. People distinguish armed forces as navy, air, foot soldiers, marines, and other large military.
    The Judah brigade was different from others. In Judah, a garrison Issachar was different from Zebulon and Judah, etc. so, as Jacob introduced them. (Genesis 49) Then if we knew who was fighting, we knew what kind of crusade was going on. log98
  238. Each tribe had its own territory it defended. Therefore, if people heard about tribal fights, they indicated a land afflicted by a war and where the battlefield was. log99
    So, the evil power going first is contrary to the Scripture. What was opposite, we called an anti-one. Then why not to call those authors of such theories "anti-Moses."

    White power

  239. The first brigade was cast white. Lastly we see "faithful and true" seated on the white horse and leading Heavenly forces to establish God's Kingdom on Earth. (Revelation 19:11-16)
    I understand God castes His armies by color.
    Appearance had its purpose. The army's purpose was to gain victory, depending on its strength in the numbers of its soldiers. The victory for God meant to realize His Word. Then the army's value for Him was the ability to reflect His Words and His Light.
    We know that an object reflecting all light is seen white. (Maybe, therefore, scholars call the sunlight by white light, although it is colorless.) If some matter absorbs light wholly, we see it as black.
    If people have an ability to distinguish light, the originality came from God. God also makes differences about objects that reflect His Light. For instance, He sent Gabriel to reveal something to Daniel from His Words (intention). If Gabriel had not given it to Daniel, God would have seen him as black. Because he gave (reflected) all he had received, Gabriel appeared to God as a white servant. God saw him in white. Or, if Gabriel absorbed all he had received from God, but nothing reflected to Daniel, then Daniel could not have seen any of God's Word.
    Gabriel came with God's light; God's Word was reflected, given to Daniel, who appeared in God's white outgoing light. log100
  240. God is also fire and energy. Fire gives heat energy, plus light. Light usually means there is fire, so light is the appearance of any fire.
    Men can change fire in work. Engineers build engines for that purpose. Sometimes we call engines horses, or their power is measured in horses. Horsepower can measure the power of engines (horse).
    We know no engine that can reproduce whole burnt energy (fire). If its efficiency is not 100%, it cannot transmit all light, and therefore, this fire in work is not cast white. It is not a white horse, and therefore, an Antichrist cannot be seen in white. log101
  241. However, it should not be so with God. He is equipped with better (living) instruments than we are. God would have horses changing God's power in full efficiency.
    The Bible says, "In speaking of the angels he says, He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire." (Hebrews 1:7) Look at Habakkuk 3:8. We understand that God does His work through angels. Those working in full efficiently for God should be cast white.
    Only the best angels (archangels) come close to God's Throne. Therefore, biblical witnesses always saw God's angels coming from God the Father in white. (Also see 24 elders in white at the Heavenly Throne.) bib134
  242. Suppose, Christians would set an own army. They go to fight a communist army. Thus two armies are on the battlefield. How does God recognize them, or in which color they are seen? I think that communists would be a red army and so red horse. And, if I suppose, all soldiers in the Christian army are newborn, then they are seen white (Isaiah 1:18). And so, the white horse could be also the army set on the Christian side. log102
    The conclusion is that the white horse means the angelic powers are able to realize God's Word fully. Those not in Heaven are unable to be white; therefore, any white horse could not mean Satanic power. According to the Atonement, God can see the white army also on the earth if its soldiers are newborn Christians.

    Rider on the White Horse

  243. "One of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, 'Come!' I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider . . ." (Revelation 6:1-2) Theorists say the rider on the white horse is an Antichrist. This is a mockery to God and every Christian. Why? See the next section.
    Satan cannot come to God's Throne from when Christ Jesus won. If God the Holy Spirit commanded Satan, then leading any battle against him and his servants was meaningless. For instance, God commands His army to fight with Satan's powers but this is senseless if He could command Satan to retreat for instance in the war described in Revelation 12:7-9.
    Let us say a third is under a dragon, serving Satan. Another third of the angels are under Michael, serving God the Son.
    Another third of the angels are under Gabriel to secure Heaven. The archangel Michael operates on Earth and the archangel Gabriel in Heaven. The Bible speaks that Gabriel was coming from Heaven.
    If that is so, then Gabriel's fighters could not determine if Satan would mobilize all his angels against him. Their power was one-to-one. In order to win, Michael's army had to be called for support. (Daniel 10:13) The powers were two-to-one, and therefore, Gabriel, with the help of Michael, won the angelic war in Heaven. bib135
  244. Because Michael went into Heaven, our Earth had the Dark Ages. More lost angels came on Earth, (Revelation 12:3) and Michael was not here.
    Then the powers would be again one-to-one as Michael returned to Earth. He restrained many evil tactics, and no one was victorious in the religious wars. See the Thirty Years' War (1618-48). That was the last major European religious war. It had divided the Holy Roman Empire because of the Protestant Reformation had ended in compromise with the Peace of Augsburg.
    Therefore, the next main angelic war must be on Earth, and Gabriel is helping. Angelic powers on Earth are reinforced and therefore Christians are not persecuted. This should be written in John's Revelation in the Bible. log103
    If God commanded Satan and his angels along with God's angels, then we consider God as a player on both sides to see a battle.
  245. Why did Michael's army or Gabriel's angels fought when it was enough just to command Gabriel's adversaries to support his way to Daniel (Daniel 10)? We see that God could not command an Antichrist. log104
  246. Some teachers of the end times do not want to be so foolish. They say God did not command an Antichrist to go. The command was for the apostle John. However, John had already received the command to come and see. (Revelation 4:1) Where did the vision end that John was called again into Heaven to see? This command from the Holy Spirit was repeated in the next scrolls after a seal was broken. Then, could John have seen the Lamb to open a seal?  log105
  247. Meanwhile, was John on Earth? And how long was he among the next vision and the next . . . ? Were they months or years in length? If this command was for John, it would have come from the Lord Jesus Christ. (chapter one) However, the Being with the Four Faces commanded, and it was not for him. bib136
  248. If commands are not for John neither for an Atichrist, then for whom?
    The logic speaks, Commands are for those who are in presence of the Commander. And there are on the Throne Beings which action are described (God the Father gives the Heavenly Book to God the Son. He opens It and God the Holy Spirit commands.) Only angels and archangels left, and therefore the commands are for angels and their leaders. (Chapter five does not mention either a crystal sea.) log106
  249. If the apostle John had just seen an Antichrist's start, then also all in the Heaven would have seen.
    If it would be so, the Heavenly gathering was the doing of the Antichrist, not because God the Father's will but because the will (doing) of the Antichrist. Is something like this acceptable? log107
    Christian teachers say no one knows the hour of the Lord's coming. No one knows when the First Seal is to be broken. If Christians do not know when the First Seal will be broken, for that reason, could any unbeliever and any Antichrist know it?
  250. Namely, an Antichrist is a man. If angels do not know the hour the Seal of the Scroll will be broken, can any spirit, even an evil spirit of an Antichrist know about it? (Mark 13:32)
    An Antichrist is a man supported by evil angels. If an evil angel could not initiate any of God's new intentions can any Antichrist? You must see that this makes no sense. log108
    The fighting of God's angels as those under Michael, meant to restrain enemies. So do adversaries not under God's will. God just restrained their deeds.
  251. The Holy Spirit finds what they intended and then gives commands to God's angels as "come" to restrict them. The Holy Spirit, the Being of Four Faces being also in the middle of God's Throne, commands only angels on God's side, angels connected to the Throne. Therefore, He could not command the Antichrist or Satan's forces. bib137
    The character of Christian teaching is that everything is based on God the Son. He initiates everything good risen in our world. He was the first in the Eden. Jacob fought with Him and received a blessing, that made him the father of God's nation in flesh. (Genesis 32:22-31)
  252. God the Son as the man became the first man (if we do not consider Adam before his fall) having the eternal spirit in his flesh and is called the last or the second Adam. (I Corinthians 15:45)
    He is the first resurrected man into the eternal flesh. Then He is also the first name God wrote in the Heavenly Book. Consequently, the first writing must be His, and so the first horseman is His rider. The Bible says He is Alpha and Omega. "I am the First and the Last, says the Lord God who is and was and is to come, the Ruler of all." (Revelation 1:8) bib138
  253. Christ Jesus must be behind the Heavenly forces moving in the world to help spread the Gospel. Finally, He must move personally. He could not come without any Heavenly support. These forces would be the same as these having power over Heavenly Book. They will be reinforced by these who marched for the Lord in flesh during the first six Scrolls but now uniformed into heavenly uniform.
    The apostle John confirmed the theory because he saw "a white horse, and he who was seated on it was named Faithful and True; and he is judging and making war in righteousness. And his eyes are a flame of fire, and crowns are on his head; and he has a name in writing, of which no man has knowledge but himself. And he is clothed in a robe washed with blood: and his name is the Word of God. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses, and dressed in fine linen, white and clean." (Revelation 19:11-14) John confirmed that beside the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, are added new forces. He used the plural form of the word a white horse. bib139
  254. It is logical that who sat on the white horse in faith during their preaching the Gospel should return riding on white horses. Or if he is returning on the white horse then he had already to use it. The change is unlogical. Taken from our lives, only those who ride horseback are accustomed to it and may be an equestrian in an army. Anyone who does not ride horseback could fall. He might hurt himself in a fall. From it, every preacher forcing an Antichrist on the horse might fall. log109
  255. Logically, those who said the Antichrist sits on the white horse at the opening of the Heavenly Book should not sit on the white horse at the closing of the Heavenly Book. It should be against any law to scorn or despise something and then to use it. So, preachers rejecting their right to sit on the white horse now might not be among those coming on the white horses to establish the Millennium. But the Lord does not want them so and therefore God's hand is stretch up against them in order they may repent till are on the way. I am serious, because it is the Heavenly Book of God the Father. log110
  256. If Christ Jesus will finish everything as the end of the Heavenly Book describes, He must start it. If He like the Head is in Heaven then His body should. bib140
  257. If He will enter our world riding on the white horse from Heaven then He must also initiate this and send white horses, or at least a white horse in the beginning of the crusade. He must show that His time is coming, that His forerunner has ridden to prepare the way for Him. The forerunner could not be from the other army. log111
  258. Any runner (the first one) must be in contact with him who sets out on a race of a journey. Everyone knows that everything for the end times depends on the Lord. When He breaks the First Seal is the start of the movement on which many have waited for centuries.
    For that reason if an Antichrist knows the hour of his race, he must cooperate with the Lord. log112
    Teachers also say that an Antichrist will forerun Christ Jesus. He should appear seven years or 3.5 years before the Second Coming of the Messiah. Then an Antichrist has to start some years earlier.
  259. If he starts exactly on Christ's time (the breaking the First Seal), then he could not appear before Christ Jesus and would overrun Him. Therefore, whoever starts on the opening the First Seal cannot be any Antichrist. Or, an Antichrist must start seven years before the opening the Heavenly Book. log113
  260. An Antichrist tries to win a race with Christ Jesus and overcomes Him. I do not understand that. The Christ will "kick" an Antichrist in order that the Antichrist will forerun Him. Isn't that strange and illogical? log114
  261. The Lord said the Father has in His power the time for establishing the Kingdom in Israel. (Acts 1:7) If an Antichrist waits for God the Father to pass the Heavenly Book to Christ Jesus, he competes and tries to overrun God the Father. The teachers of the end times should call him also AntiGod the Father. log115
    Teachers saying an Antichrist will rise on the Lord's breaking of the First Seal probably take courage to say this from Jesus' words to Judah. Jesus said him, "Do quickly what you have to do." (John 13:27)
    If a man thinks the Lord Jesus Christ intended Judah to betray Him, still that situation cannot be compared to the Lord's Second Coming.
  262. God the Son in Jesus first had to offer Himself for the people. His First Coming showed the Christ as God's Lamb.
    However, the Second Coming does not mean any sacrifice. Therefore, they will not be subduing or cooperating with Satan's servants. log116
    God the Father once had given the victory to Christ Jesus over Satan by resurrected Him. (Zechariah 3) Jesus Christ before the Heavenly Throne could be the deciding factor of who will stay and who must leave. God the Father decided in favor of Jesus, which meant Satan had to leave God's Presence.
    Since God the Father decided once who won and lost, He cannot decide again about it. If He did, we could doubt about all His decisions.
  263. To say that Satan and his servants act at Jesus Christ's breaking Seal means that they start from the Heavenly Throne or are close to it. This places Satan in Heaven. Satan in Heaven could lead to another court in order him to expel again? Should God the Father decide again between Satan and Christ? That also means someone does not accept the first decision and appeals for a new court. log117
    An appealed being should be he who lost. Also an appeal is possible if someone higher exists. Is some higher than God the Father? No, and therefore, it is hard to appeal.
    Appeal means to doubt. Every teacher who says Satan still acts on God's command is doubting God's first decision.
    The experts for the end times say resurrected people are already in Heaven before the Heavenly Book was open. If it is true, then we have Satan and the resurrected ones in Heaven. Do they have to be again in Satan's presence after the Resurrection and the Rapture? Does Christ Jesus have to die again to redeem us from a presence of Satan in Heaven? This is impossible and all theories that place resurrected people in Heaven and Satan's man on the white horse are nonsense.
  264. An Antichrist should be a man living at the Second Coming of the Messiah. The Bible describes this Antichrist in the Seventh Scroll and in the last woe. This is identical with Daniel's last "seven" from the "Seventy."
    If he had to emerge from the First Scroll, why isn't the Antichrist described here and also not after the Seventh Seal is broken? They should be two persons. (Revelation 13) If I would accept the first horseman is still the Antichrist, where is the second Beast? log118
  265. The white horse led by the rider will throw him into the sea of burning fire. (Revelation 19:20) Or the rider on the white horse will destroy another rider also on a white horse.
    Is it possible to have such a biblical disagreement? log119
  266. Each fighting army must be dressed differently so the soldiers can recognize the enemies and not fight among themselves. Does the Bible not do that also? log120
  267. People placed a wager on a horse to win a race. Suppose Christians should stake their lives on a horse. The Bible speaks that we should "bet" on the white horse. (Revelation 19:11 and 22:17)
    Yet, on which white horse do you bet? The person who puts an Antichrist on the white horse can ask such a question only. Immediately when a Christian hears the question and has already heard about an Antichrist on the white horse, he doubts.
    Hence, the teachers lead Christians to doubts. They do the same as a snake did to Eve in the Eden. They are doing the serpents' job. bib141
  268. If writers use a symbol in some statement, they must stay with the symbol. Therefore, if they picture an Antichrist symbolically as a rider on the white horse, they must use the same in Revelation 19. Otherwise, they confuse the words in Revelation. log121
  269. If we have a symbol (the white horse) in Revelation, only a person can sit on its back. If anyone puts two riders on the white horse, then he adds one more word to Revelation. (Revelation 22:18) Therefore, if the Bible writes the white horse belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ/Word of God in one topic about the Heavenly Book, it must not say otherwise in another Bible section. Doesn't it matter that God the Father wrote the Heavenly Book? bib142
  270. The Heavenly Being of Four Faces gives the command "come" to the first army. If the theories say that they are Antichrist's ones, then the Heavenly Being commands them. Jesus says that "there is nothing outside the man which, going into him, is able to make him unclean: but the things which come out of the man are those which make the man unclean." (Mark 7:15)
    An Antichrist is unholy. (See the chapter 13.) For that reason, the outgoing word "come" makes the Heavenly Being unclean, especially if an Antichrist has to be successful. bib143
  271. If Jesus says the things coming out of the person make him unclean, is he who (speaks) puts an Antichrist on the Heavenly power clean? If an Antichrist rides in accord with the Heavenly Book, it could be considered that he touched the Book. The Bible says if an unclean one touches something sacred, the sacred become unclean. (Haggai 2:13) Especially for an Antichrist is it spoken that anyone who touches his image by eyes (worships) or puts his mark on the forehead or hand will be so unclean that he must be punished. (Revelation 14:9-11)
    The Heavenly Book is on the Heavenly Throne. For that reason, God's Throne should be unclean if an Antichrist touches the Heavenly Book. Likewise, everyone on the Throne, the Trinity, should be unclean according to Haggai's words. bib144
  272. If the Heavenly Being of Four Faces commands evil powers, the Heavenly Throne commands them. The Heavenly Throne means the Trinity: God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Son, which is Christ Jesus and Seven Spirits. This contradicts to the Lord's prayer, "Our Father in Heaven, may your name be kept holy. Let your kingdom come. Let your pleasure be done, as in Heaven, so on earth . . . keep us safe from the evil one." bib145
  273. To command an Antichrist successfully mean to hurt Christ Jesus or His body, the Christians. (I Corinthians 12:12) But Holy Spirit is to help the Church (John 14:16). bib146
  274. If the Heavenly Throne commands an Antichrist, who hurts God the Son, then he also hurts God's Throne and the Trinity. In this way the Heavenly Being of Four Faces hurts Himself. Even could a man command to another man to hurt him? This is strange. log122
  275. The Lord said, "Every kingdom in which is division is made waste; and a house in which there is division comes to destruction." (Luke 11:17) If they divide the Heavenly Throne, it should be ruined. bib147

    Four Commands

  276. If the Heavenly Being commands four times, He must be his leader. Still, we know the leader of the Antichrist is Satan. He will have at least one more person in power. (See Revelation 13)
    If we believe that Satan is behind an Antichrist, it is Satan's incarnation. The Heavenly Being with Four Faces commands four times to Satan. Does Satan have no power over his servants that four Heavenly commands are needed? log123
  277. If you want to know why four commands are needed for an victorious army, ask someone who knows war tactics. log124
  278. If four commands are in the New Testament, Revelation then the Old testament ought to show them. They should be in wars and clue wars led Joshua. bib148
  279. The Bible knows four army commands. God commanded Joshua. (3-10)
    1. The first command: "COME TO cross Jordan and enter Canaan!"
    "Come" fits better because the Heavenly army went before Joshua. For that reason Joshua was called "come" to comply with them.
    2. Meanwhile, the enemies were prepared to fight them in Jericho. Therefore, Joshua had to command his army in order to win.
    The second command: "COME TO fight for Jericho!" They had to comply with the Heavenly army and to wait to pull down the city walls. They won, and the second war awaited them in Ai.
    3. Enemies awaited them in Ai. Therefore, Joshua needed to maneuver his fighting forces in the presence of the enemy and so . . .
    The third command: "COME TO fight against Ai."
    4. They were still in the first task of taking the Promised Land. They won twice, and the last big war waited because all the enemies were recruited.
    The fourth command: "COME TO fight against them."
    God commanded four times to angelic army and Joshua's army to get the Promised Land. Joshua won by these commands, and the people of God obtained Canaan.
    Nevertheless, some enemies stayed in Canaan. The Israelites led local wars where enemies could not push them from Canaan.
    Certainly this is the picture to the Lord Jesus Christ because Joshua means Jesus. If Joshua led Crusade then Jesus should also. If Joshua were led by God then Jesus should be lead by God the Father and that is why he took the Heavenly Book from God the Father. bib149
  280. It is also the picture for Christians to capture the Earth, so it is the Christian crusade.
    It was also the crusade of the Heavenly forces (the angels). (See Joshua 5:14, 6:20, 10:11,14.) and so they are in action also now. bib150
    It should be logically so:
    1. Being of Four Faces or the Holy Spirit commanded all on Christ's side to capture the land first by preaching the Gospel to every nation. (No other possibility existed in the Heaven and among the people of God, only not for the Christians.)
    2. Afterwards, He saw enemies regrouping against the white forces, the Gospel, and therefore, the next command came to the white horse. He instructed them on how to fight and to be victorious. They defeated and restrained the enemy.
    3. Afterwards, the enemy charged with a different tactic and with the different powers. The third command for Heavenly forces was given.
    4. Lastly the enemy recruited all that was possible. The Holy Spirit instructed the Heavenly forces on how to win that battle. After that, the enemy was unable to stop the spread of the Gospel. Only small incidents occurred against the Gospel.

    Victory by bow

  281. The apostle John "saw a white horse. Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest." (Revelation 6:2) The first equestrian had to act as a conqueror, bent on winning.
    This message spoke in favor of the first horseman. Therefore, to whom is it addressed?
    We take such a message in consideration addressed to us. For instance, many statements exist in the world, but we do not consider them because they are not addressed to us. Many blueprints exist, but we do not consider their existence until we work with them.
    Then, if the Heavenly Book is God's project not addressed to us or in which we do not participate, we do not need it. If commands and the crown not also for us then Heavenly Book as would not exist for us. log125
  282. Because Revelation was based on the Heavenly Scrolls, the teachers took almost the entire book of Revelation from the Bible, not a verse or chapter. The Lord Jesus said, "If any man takes away from the words of this book, God will take away from him his part in the tree of life and the holy town, even the things which are in this book." (Revelation 22:19) bib151
  283. Satan lied because he is the father of lies. Therefore, only he could have talked about his servants' victorious job to encourage them (so thinks every Christian not dissuaded by false teachers of Revelation). Clearly, this was the belief of everyone who belonged to him. (John 8:44) Today books about the Antichrist's victory exist in satanic and church libraries. Why do Christians allow them? bib152
  284. God writes about victors in Christ and losers in Satan. If He wrote otherwise, could He still be the Father of Jesus and our Father? To consider Christians as losers and their enemies victorious would only be from Satan. log126
    God the Son was put in the Creation to create. This was God's intention before the first day of the Creation. All creation days went to win, though according to evolutionists, to evolve. Since God the Son was in it, God's creative energy (Seven Spirits) worked.
    Then He went into the angelic world to win. Because Satan was the first among the angels, God needed to take the angels from him. Therefore, He used God the Son as the mighty angel to persuade the angels to His side. Jude told of the archangel Michael to leave Satan. (Jude 9)
    Then God the Son won the people. That started by substituting the first man, Adam. As the other Adam, the eternal being in earthly flesh, He won people for God.
    The Lord's victory went from the Heavenly Throne to the Earth. Today evil forces are losers, not winners. The Lord defeated Satan. The Christ is determined to win totally over Satan.
    In the first victory He restrained him at God's Throne in the Heaven. Zechariah 3 and Revelation 12 described his fall after Jesus' ascension into Heaven.
    The second victory is when He restrains all Satan's servants from entering Heaven (Revelation 12:7-11) and so prepares places for us. (John 14:2)
  285. The third victory should be that Satan will be restrained on Earth, and the Messiah will rule. Christians and Israelites await this.
    Then the fourth victory will come and end Satan. (Revelation 20:7-10)
    This also pictures the four crusade steps. bib153
  286. Therefore, if God the Father put that an Antichrist will conquer as the first words in the Heavenly Book, He has seized God the Son's appointment as victor. bib154
  287. Revelation began with the description of God the Son as victor (won over death). Then could the Heavenly Book be in Revelation if its first words favor Christ's enemies? log127
  288. The Old Testament showed God's people victorious if they were on God's side.
    Moses started all and won the victory over Egypt. Then Joshua was victorious in Canaan. Next the judges led wars to defend their forefathers' land. Then David finally came. Thus four kinds of historical wars were, four kinds of historical periods: to leave Egypt and slavery (Moses), to get the land (Joshua), to defend land(Judges), and finally to receive victory over all the world (King David). bib155
  289. David led victorious wars. His Kingdom was not the kingdom of peace. They fought many battles and were victorious to win a crown passed to Solomon. If we consider Solomon's Kingdom as a picture for the Millennium, David's victories could be the picture for the crusade before the Millennium. And so, since Old testament Israel was the picture of Christianity, David's Kingdom was the picture for Christians before the Millennium. Therefore, Christians are victorious during the later rain. bib156
  290. The Millennium also fulfills all prophesy and wisdom. It is primarily for the Israelites. Therefore, Jews are victorious in the end times. bib157
  291. God's prophets foretold about a victorious job for Judah, not for the Antichrist. Jacob said, "Judah, your brothers will praise you: your hand will be on the neck of your enemies." (Genesis 49:8-12) Judah had to march as the first in God's crusades. That is why he should be applied for our Crusade on Earth. Did Jacob say enemies (an Antichrist) be praised? Should an Antichrist's hand be on Christians?  bib158
    "Judah is a young lion; like a lion full of meat you have become great, my son; now he takes his rest like a lion stretched out and like an old lion; by whom will his sleep be broken?" The Bible called Jesus "the Lion of the tribe of Judah,
  292. the Root of David. (Revelation 5:5) Therefore, an Antichrist could not be a lion who overomes. bib159
  293. Young lion's power was in the Early Church. Many had courage to rise against a lion's cub there. bib160
  294. The old lions' power should return so the enemies will not be victorious over the Christians. No one will be victorious over them, and we can sleep in peace. bib161
  295. The Lord Jesus Christ promised the Church would be victorious. (Matthew 16:18-19) Early Church Christians started by preaching the Gospel. Because Jesus Christ was cleaning Heaven, the angels could not support the Church. Therefore, the persecution in flesh prevailed. This went into the Dark Ages. The Church awaited victory for centuries. That was their belief. Therefore, that would happen once.
    Now it is the Christ's turn to win over Earth. The goal of Revelation is to hope for victorious acts that Christianity can leave our present world victorious. The Church believes so. log128
  296. Consequently, to make an Antichrist victorious means to assault Christianity. Namely, if God set Christianity in the world then it must end with Glory.log129
  297. Such a saying brings doubts about the New Testament message and consequently, it declines missionaries' jobs. The Lord foretold "repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached to all nations." (Luke 24:47) Clearly, the Gospel will be victorious according to these words. Missionaries' work is victorious. bib162
  298. The best proof is life. The Law said that God's people would be blessed more than others and not be childless if they did not allow their enemies to be victorious. (Deuteronomy 7:1-14)
    Look at their blessing. When a preacher talks about an Antichrist for the First Seal, he has lost God's blessing immediately. I noticed a few preachers had to stop preaching because of family or church problems. I wonder why Christianity did not forbid them to teach that they'd be blessed more and not childless.
    Judas was considered the Lord's disciple. That means he believed Jesus to be victorious. When problems started (big oppositions), he doubted Jesus was victorious. This led to his betrayal of Jesus Christ. Desertion from the victorious job for Christ Jesus and the Gospel must be avoided. Otherwise, the person will not be victorious! log130
    Those who spoke of the Antichrist's victory, have not sat on white horse's back but on Judah's bench. The Lord spoke about the end times, where brother will betray a brother. (Mark 13:12-13)
  299. A teacher of the end times who says evil powers are victorious betrays his brethren. James, the brother of Jesus, said that everything that comes from God is good. (1:17) However, another brother said what comes from Heaven (the first white power) is evil.
    A father betrays his child. The old theories of fathers in accordance with the flesh, for instance Anderson's one, are considered correct, more than the new theories based on the spirit of God the Son and new revelations from history.
    Children will rebel against their parents. New theories rebel against the sermons of forefathers such as the apostles'. They preached Christ Jesus and Christianity are victorious and awaited the Christ on the white horse. New theories say otherwise. Their teachers preach: "people await an Antichrist riding on white horse".
    All men will hate you because of me. Churches always hated people who came with the Lord's revealing. That is also my testimony. log131
    But he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Those standing firm in their faith, no one can take them from their Savior. They are in Him. The apostle Paul wrote, "Even if we, or an angel from Heaven, were to be a preacher to you of good news other than that which we have given you, let there be a curse on him." (Galatians 1:8)

    Crown was given to him

  300. Crowns are ornaments worn on a head to connote authority. Theorists of the end times understood a crown was given to an Antichrist. This idea must have been a thorn in every Christian's side. They accepted such a thorn in their soul only because doctors, professors, scholars, teachers, and priests implanted it in their minds. The thorn has existed so long that they have accustomed themselves to it. It is implanted so deeply in some that it has become their cancer and destroys them and their families. They lose God's blessing.
    Would God the Father write in the Heavenly Book that a crown would be given to any Antichrist? I do not believe so. I believe the crown is for Christ Jesus and some of His followers (coronets).
    Could God in His mind hold a crown for His Son and the second crown for an Antichrist? That is like holding two contradictory tasks in your mind. Weak persons doing contrary deeds have contrary thoughts and could lose their sanity. Who are the people who force God the Father to bear such contradictory qualities for ages? That is like having two minds in one body, Could God be of two minded? log132
  301. If we hold something long enough in our minds, that will be written in our consciousness. We help our brain by putting our thoughts on papers. Hence, two different of God's writings should exist, according to the theorists. One writing, the paper for Christ Jesus about His coronation and another paper for an Antichrist about his coronation. If one is sealed, then the other should also be. log133
  302. Which book did Moses see in Heaven and picture in the Sanctuary? Which book was Revelation in? Was the Bible the contrary book? If an Antichrist is crowned in Revelation, who is crowned in Psalms 21? "For you go before him with the blessings of good things: you put a crown of fair gold on his head." bib163
  303. If the Bible does not bring contradictory parts, then an Antichrist would live forever because the next verse (five) says, "He made request to you for life, and you gave it to him, long life for ever and ever." bib164
  304. If theorists are right, then they should say: the Heavenly Book dictated Christ Jesus to give a crown to an Antichrist and to destroy him afterwards. (Revelation 19:19-21) Who could agree Christ would accept such a job from God the Father? God or any from His people could not. Such a deceitful tactic is used by Islam. That disagrees with the spirit of Christ Jesus. If a man is an author of such a thought, he is dead in his spirit. The apostle Paul said, "the mind to be given up to earthly things means death; but for it to be given up to spiritual things means Life and peace. Abandonment to earthly things is a state of enmity to God. Such a mind does not submit to God's Law, and indeed cannot do so." (Romans 8:6-9) I believe that many Christians are in the spirit not in the flesh; then, please, do not accept that idea if is contrary to the spirit of Christ Jesus. Paul wrote, "If any man has not the spirit of Christ, he is not his!" bib165
  305. God created our world that a man would be a crown of all that lives in the world. Adam was a crown of life. He felt and lost his crown. Therefore, the other Adam had to come. If we suggest that Adam's fall led God to write the Heavenly Book, giving the lost crown to someone else would be in its beginning. log134
    The psalm said, "What is man, that you keep him in mind? The son of man, that you take him into account? For you have made him only a little lower than the gods, crowning him with glory and honor. You have made him ruler over the works of your hands; you have put all things under his feet; All sheep and oxen, and all the beasts of the field; The birds of the air and the fish of the sea, and whatever goes through the deep waters of the seas." (Psalms 8:4-8) Today godless people rule in the world. They do not praise God as, "O Lord, our Lord, how noble is your name in all the Earth!" (verse 9) The time has come when we should take the crown from men enforcing Adam's practices. The time should come to give this crown to righteous men.
    A crown should to be given to the Christians. It is against our creation that Christians (John 1:3) were persecuted, thus not crowned to the end of their history. To wear a crown means to be a ruler over some territory. If Christians had crowns, for instance, in the Roman Empire, pagans could not persecute them. We see this partly when Constantine, considered a Christian, became the emperor in 311. Immediately Christians were not persecuted.
    Christians from the Early Church awaited freedom and the crown for a land. Could it be they will never get a crown? (Revelation 19)
  306. Jacob said: "The rod of authority will not be taken from Judah, and he will not be without a Law-giver, till he comes who has the right to it, and the peoples will put themselves under his rule." (Genesis 49:10)
    The scepter, the rod of authority, means the same as a crown. "But of the Son he says, Your seat of power, O God, is for ever and ever; and the rod of your kingdom is a rod of righteousness." (Hebrews 1:8)
    The scepter was first Jacob's power to rule the world. Jacob and Moses predicted Judah would march first and act by the authority of him, to whom the scepter would then be given. bib166
  307. If they gave the rulers' staff to whom it belongs, He also has His crown because he acts under that crown. In the Old Testament, Joab fought under David's crown against the Ammonites in the city Rabbah. As Joab grew victorious, David finished the battle so the land would be his. David received the crown of his enemies. (II Samuel 12:26-30)  bib167
  308. The New Testament spoke that Jesus Christ, invited on God's Throne, received the authority. That means He received it according to the ancient terminology of His coronation. He became the King of Kings. "But we see him who was made a little lower than angels, even Jesus, crowned with glory and honor." (Hebrews 2:9) He came on the Heavenly Throne. Everyone around the Throne recognized Him as their ruler. The seven horns distinguished Him from the others. (Revelation 5:6) All doing is in the sign of His crown. And therefore, men and women preaching the Gospel are like crowned since Christ Jesus has come on the Throne. To them is crown given. log135
    The apostle John did not see the rider already having a crown. Important is that
    a crown was given to him
  309. Where was a crown before His appearing? Did someone bring a crown to the Throne? No, the Bible does not say so. Nevertheless, if all in Heaven comes to the Throne to see Christ Jesus's stepping on the Throne then they come to see the coronation. Here is a birth of a crown, on the Throne. Here fits Jesus's Words: "Verily, verily, I say to you, he who is believing in me, the works that I do -- that one also shall do, and greater than these he shall do, because I go on to my Father" (John 14:12) Jesus Christ got power (crown) and immediately postponed it to Christians. bib168
  310. When a head is crowned then the rest of man's body is promoted also. The body follows the head and step up. When Christ Jesus is the Head of the Church, so the Church is His Body in symbolic meaning then, when the Head (Christ Jesus) was crowned then His Body is promoted also. That is why Christians could not be persecuted in the end times. log136
    Then Old Testament words
    "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be." mean
  311. The Authority shall not depart from Christian(s), nor a world power from between his feet, until Christ Jesus comes; and unto him shall the rapturing of the people be. bib169
    The New Testament says we who understand life's victory (to be resurrected) would receive a crown of life. Yet we said the word crown meant authority.
  312. The apostle John saw the "woman" as the symbol of newborn people with a crown of twelve stars on her head. (Revelation 12:1) The task of the white horse is to secure the "woman" so they would not persecute her, and she might give birth to new followers of Christ. (See Revelation 12.) We could consider her bearing crowns for our twelve princes. Therefore, I believe, the Lord's authority will be on some leaders in Christianity in times when the "woman is not persecuted. bib170
  313. Some angels have crowns. (Revelation 12:3) I believe the lost angels had twelve crowns, and the people should have them. Perhaps the lost angels persecuted the "woman" because those lost crowns. Anyway, by God's order a crown (or crowns) will be taken from the evil one and given to the Christians.
    Could someone in our world believe God crowned evil power? If we speak of an Antichrist, we think in connection to Satan. Did a coronation of Satan exist in God's plan? No. Satan had already been crowned. He was the first among the angels. That happened before the Creation.
    The Earth went to Satan's hand only because of Adam's fall. Adam obeyed Satan and thus admitted his authority. "The Evil One said, 'I will give you authority over all these, and the glory of them, for it has been given to me, and I give it to anyone at my pleasure.'" (Luke 4:6) If Satan had a crown. Should the second crown be given to Satan. log137
  314. God would not give him a crown. If God would not give him, then neither to one of his servants. I do not believe in a god who has restrained an evil being and then coronate him. log138
  315. It is logical that as God expelled Satan from His Throne, He first dishonored him. Satan's degradation was taking his crown. The Biblical conclusion is in that direction: to take a crown from the evil one, not give him. If you say otherwise then you must have a different Bible than me. log139


  316. Theorists, calling the first horseback rider an Antichrist, proved that by the rider having a bow. They said Christ Jesus had a sword and not a bow. According to them, swords are designated for His followers and the Church. For that reason, the horseman would be someone unrelated to the Christians. Hence, an Antichrist would only hold a bow for his weapon, not a sword.
    My question to them is: To whom was a large sword given in Revelation 6:4? log140
  317. The Bible said that everything was created by God the Son. Because we make a bow from created things, the bow could be based on Him when the bow was used for a good purpose. From it, Christians would first have a bow. log141
  318. A bow very quickly became an Israeli army's weapon. Jacob's sons already used one. (Genesis 27:3) David fought with a sword and a bow. He also named a song that. "David lamented with this lamentation over Saul and over Jonathan his son: (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.)" (II Samuel 1:17-18)
    The prophet Elizeus was well known for using a bow in his calling. (II Kings 13:15-19) Therefore a bow belonged to the hands of God's fighters. It was not just an enemy's weapon. bib171
  319. Prophets predicted we would bear a bow. Isaiah spoke, "He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver. He said to me, 'You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendor.'" (Isaiah 49:2-3) if it were appointed for Jesus Christ (see next verses), then it would also be for His servants. bib172
  320. God's Word is able to fly through space directly to humans' hearts. God's arrows hit many persons at once. If Billy Graham, American world-wide evangelist, had used a sword to triumph over so many people, that would be illogical. We say that God's Word (in the form of arrows) shot from his mouth and hit the people. log142
    The Lord commanded, "But now, he who has a money-bag, or a bag for food, let him take it: and he who has not, let him give his coat for money and get a sword." (Luke 22:36) The apostle Peter did not first understand its meaning and used his sword against a servant of a high priest. However, the Lord rebuked him for using a sword for such a purpose. (John 18:10-11) We understand a sword was the first fighting tool against evil spirits.
    The Early Church used a sword in spreading the Gospel. The first Christians were persecuted, and therefore, Christians had to speak privately person-to-person.
    The apostles Peter or Paul were used a bow in their initial preaching. Peter preached the Gospel, and three thousand were added to Christ Jesus. (Acts 2) Still, this was because the government (Romans) did not first persecute the apostles.
    The apostle Paul spoke for the Church. "For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against authorities and powers, against the world-rulers of this dark night, against the spirits of evil in the heavens. For this reason take up all the arms of God, so that you may be able to be strong in the evil day, and, having done all, to keep your place. Take your place, then, having your body clothed with the true word, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness; Be ready with the good news of peace as shoes on your feet; And most of all, using faith as a cover to keep off all the flaming arrows of the Evil One." (Ephesians 6:12-16)
  321. We should put on all the armaments of God to be strong. We should understand a sword and a bow. Although Paul did not use the word bow, a bow can be deducted. Using a shield to ward off evil arrows, one means fighting off spiritual arrows. If evil ones use arrows, we must use them, also, if we want to be in Paul's power. Such are the rules of wars. Paul commands so; otherwise, we cannot win. bib173
  322. As I started to show, they said a rider on the white horse had no arrows, and the rider could not relate to Christ Jesus. If a soldier carried a bow with arrows, would we have said he had a bow and arrows? No. We simply say he has a bow. We assume the one word includes arrows. Otherwise, a bow is not a weapon. Arrows were hidden in a quiver. If people looked at a soldier fighting with arrows, they might see only his bow. If someone said that a fighter had - shot arrows, others understand he used a bow. Otherwise, he would bear useless weapons. log143
  323. Every Bible reader understood Isaiah's words, "He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver" that God might use the arrow, but for the time, it waited in His quiver. If He would not be equipment for a tool, the arrow was useless. Can God have useless things? log144
    The Bible had to serve for all times. Prophets foresaw many tools and equipment that did not exist in their world. For instance, John described an airplane as a great eagle with two wings. (Revelation 12:14)
    Today we use a gun instead a bow. It is possible that Isaiah's quiver was a gun. If we said someone attacked us with arrows or shots, we could understand that he used a bow or a gun. Therefore, such an argument does not prove anything.
  324. Our age is the modern age. We do not live in ancient times when primitive weapons like for instance bows were used. Therefore, when John saw the weapon of the rider, he could not identify it according today weapons. Let us say that he saw weapons used by USA. They hold power in the world thanks to "arrows" or bow according John's terminology. Their new bombers look like arrows. log145
  325. What about rockets and missiles. They do not need any cannon because the engine is in the bullet, they even do not need to be guided by rifle man. log146
  326. When you use a horse to picture an army then a victorious army which is on God's side must be a white horse. If their weapons are airplanes looked like arrows or bows then you come to the picture: "and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."
    The Gospel uses this horse's power to go wherever he leads it. Or the Lord uses this horse's power to go wherever He leads it, because He is first coming like Word and then He. (John 1:1,14) bib174

    8. Commands for the Army

  327. Every Christian knows God should act in the end times to spread the Gospel everywhere. Everyone must understand that Satan will try to stop this. Therefore, wars will go on between the Heavenly forces and Satan's forces. These wars must be the victorious wars before the Rapture. Teachers of the end times say nothing about these wars as though the Gospel would have no opposition from Satan. How would they be exalted (raptured) if the Gospel did not yet have a victor's wreath? log147
  328. The Biblical concluding truth for the Great Crusade is: God the Father orders the Lord Jesus Christ to act. The Apostle John describes this by stepping Christ Jesus on the Throne to take the Book from God the Father. Now nothing stays in the way to act. The Biblical acting must run in this way:
    1. The Lord Jesus Christ reads the Book
    2. God the Holy Spirit gives instructions what to do.
    3. God's army enters on the battlefield of our world to restrict Satan's army in totalitarian regimes and bring freedom so democracy in the world.
      God's men are victors and so the Gospel is victorious in more and more countries. This final Crusade lasts longer because should run on different places, in many coutries. Like Joshua needed more instruction in his crusade so it is now. Therefore few steps are taken, and the Lord opens four Sealed Writings - Scrolls.
    4. Christ Jesus's advancing in reading brings advanced steps of the Christianity. We call them the revives. If the revives were and the Bible would not have shown them, then they were not legitimate. log148
    5. God the Holy Spirit has his special place in the Church. There is Holy Spirit as part of Him in order Christians could have God' power in spreading the Gospel. Holy Spirt introduces Himself to the Church in different faces, He turns to them individually to face each. Thus, we see four faces of the Holy Spirit on baptized by Holy Spirit. Theorists do not consider it. How could they if they did not identify either those faces in their works? Yet they do not know who is the Being of Four Faces.
    6. Entering God's doing brings oppositions and therefore different kinds of world adversaries come to be defeated. From it, Revelation knows four horses.
    7. Jacob had blessed his sons who gave their identity in Israel and the world. He appointed them symbols or emblems for each tribe to have its own identity. Moses showed their advance in the crusade. Therefore different peoples and different parts of the world are hit like is documented in history.

    The First Command for the Army

  329. "I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest."
    Ezekiel saw the Holy Spirit coming from the North (1:4). Then His human face was on the South. (1:10) His lion's face was at the right, the East. bib175
  330. The brigade of Judah camped on the east side of the Tabernacle with the symbol of the lion in front. This symbol is because Jacob said Judah is a lion (Genesis 49:9). bib176
    Moses shows that the division of the camp of Judah was to set out first under their standard. (Numbers 10:14)
  331. The Israelites moved when the cloud of God's glory had lifted from above the Tabernacle of Testimony. This witnessed to them that the Lord had moved, and so God's army moved in front of them.
    The brigade of Judah moved when someone had lifted their standard, so a lion on it appeared to everyone in that brigade.log149
  332. Assumption is, the Lord initiated the movement the Lord broke the seal. The Holy Spirit turned East to face the lion and commanded the angels to march. log150
  333. As the command "come" was for Israelites, Moses ordered people to move, so is for Christians. The Lord ordered them to move to other countries. log151
  334. The Levites carried the Ark of Testimony and thus Missionaries went in the world to preach the Gospel. log152
  335. The rest of the Levites took apart the Tabernacle. Members of churches supported missionaries. They lifted the lion symbol, and brigade of Judah marched. log153
  336. The Holy Spirit gave the command come by the lion's face in the First Scroll of the Heavenly Book. I understand the Gospel entered the world in the lion's power. God the Holy Spirit gave such power for the Good News. bib177
  337. If we want to see the power of Holy Spirit during that period, we should understand that it was not a big charismatic movement because the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for advanced Christians. Nevertheless, a few lions of Holy Spirit existed and especially in steppes or prairies, not in the middle of societies. During the Early Church, they consider the wilderness as lands outside that world, mostly America, Australia, Russia, and central Europe. History gave proof of that because the first ones baptized by Holy Spirit appeared on steppes of Russia, and they migrated to prairies of America.
    Baptized by Holy Spirit in America were the Rev. R. B. Swan with four others in Province, Rhode Island, Jethro Walthall (later the leader of the Assemblies of God), Daniel Awrey, an evangelist from Ohio, and others. log154
  338. Still the power of Holy Spirit like Lion's one stayed on Dwight Lyman Moody in spreading the Gospel. He was a lay evangelist, who took his revival campaigns to major American and British cities with phenomenal success. With only a modest education, he began preaching and doing revival work. He invited Ira D. Sankey to join him as a singer. In 1873, Moody and Sankey went to Britain on an extended revival tour. They achieved remarkable success there and were equally successful after returning in 1875 to the United States. For almost twenty years, the team of Moody and Sankey moved their revivals from one major urban center to the next, preaching to millions and converting thousands. log155
  339. The first "horse" has brought in our world this what already Jacob foretold.
    Jacob said for Judah, "He will tether his donkey to a vine, his colt to the choicest branch; he will wash his garments in wine, his robes in the blood of grapes. His eyes will be darker than wine, his teeth whiter than milk." (Genesis 49:11-12) Jacob spoke about the first horse (Moses commanded Jacob march first) connected to vine/wine.
    Wine is the first and the last at the Christ. Here the wine is connected to the blood. The same as at the Last Supper of Christ Jesus. Wine, newborn spirit. "His eyes will be darker than wine," and this makes a person new inside. "His teeth whiter than milk." Thus the intention of the first army was to secure the wine would be reachable for many people. Thus, the Gospel could spread rapidly. bib178
    Moses pictured the Gospel by making the Tabernacle. Therefore, the Levites moved as the first ones to carry the Tabernacle.
  340. If Jacob and Moses said the first brigade should act for the Gospel, the people should not change it and say Christians will not be on Earth at their entering.
    Not all is ideal as is supposed. Life brings many varieties. The Old Testament shows them on the beginnings of God's nation. Preachers use the Old Testament pictures to illustrate the Gospel in many varieties.
    Nevertheless, whether did not the Lord foresee how the Church will advance? He is her Lord or her Head and therefore showed her doing. That is why the Lord Christ Jesus commanded John to write letters to seven positions. "What you see, put in a book, and send it to the seven churches; to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamos and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea." (Revelation 1:11) Churches must exist during actual lamps because the Lord Jesus Christ pronounced his Words while walking among seven golden "lampstands". Each lamp has its church. bib179
  341. Other sayings that run from the Early Church mean the first Lamp - the first Seal was broken already during John's life. Anyway, the logical result is the first letter shows the Church from breaking the First Seal - then reading Scroll - until the second lamp stopped it. log156
  342. Then the Lord commanded the letters to be written to the angels of these churches. "To angel of the church in Ephesus say." (Revelation 2:1) To write to the angel of a church is strange saying and therefore it needs to be unfolded by general understanding that angels support the Church. First concluding is the receiver is supported. The church is not persecuted and so it is different Church than the Early church was. bib180 Second concluding is that the Church in
  343. the Crusade knows seven periods, seven writings describe Her. log157
  344. Third concluding is that angels were moving with the Church and so the Heavenly army crusaded with the Gospel. log158
    It was good if they pictured the Gospel under the Tabernacle, and Israel. Today the Tabernacle or Temple does not exist because the Gospel is its reality, is lived. Therefore, we should look for another reality, live picture of a happening in this time.
    The Catholic Church, as is spoken, had its roots in the Early Church. Their popes derive their office from the apostles. Because that Church became unholy (beasts captured its office during the Dark Age), they could not be the first to carry the Gospel for the end times. However, that church could be used for a (live) picture of God's movement in our world.
    As the Lord took power and opened the Heavenly Book, the Catholic Church had to be free. The pope's seat must be free from any beast. Sanity came through the reformation. They looked for a new face in the world. The Lord could not use them as a leading denomination for the autumn rain because their traditions were already strong. Christ Jesus did not need to have bound hands. He needed freedom to bring new things that any tradition does not know. The Lord Jesus Christ does not need Earth's constitution for His children. God had already established God's constitution on Earth through Moses, and therefore, could not establish the other because the first one might be considered imperfect. What is imperfect should be not from God. That first constitution had to last until life existed on Earth. (Matthew 5:18) Therefore, that will exist also in the Millennium. Or if the Temple exists in the Millennium, they will practice Moses' Law. Then the other constitution could not exist, according to the Creator, in the material world.
    The Church has the Heavenly constitution, and on Earth exists only in the invisible (spiritual) world. In such a way their constitution was higher than the first one. (Revelation 21:9-27)
    Membership in any denomination or church could not save people. Only being members of Heaven could, according to the Book of Life. (Revelation 20:15)
    Because the prophets often used demonstrations to introduce the meanings to God's messages, the Lord did, too. Jesus used parables in His ministry and would now.
  345. The Catholic Church made Vatican City their capital city. Vatican City in English means City of Prophecy. log159
  346. The Council was in Heaven. For that reason, the new council started in Vatican City. log160
  347. They proclaimed the dogma that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was preserved from the effects of original sin from the moment of her conception. The meaning of the Gospel is that Jesus was without original sin because He was conceived by Spirit of God and did not inherit Adam's death spirit (this spirit died when Adam sinned). Jesus inherited a life for flesh from Mary and thus inherited the soul and the original sin. It depended only from Him whether a person lived by the spirit (from God) or the soul (from Eve). It depended only from Him whether lived without original sin or with the original sin. (See the temptation in a desert, Luke 4:1-13.) If Mary were without original sin, from whom did Jesus receive the original sin to bring before God the Father? It is written that he took our sins and wore them as dirty clothes. (Zechariah 3:3) If Mary were without original sin then her father and mother could not be from Adam's descendants. So, she could not be any human being and neither Jesus Christ was the Son of Man. (Matthew 13:41)
    According to my understanding of the Heavenly Throne, it was the Spirit of God the Son who caused His birth, symbolically described as "woman giving the birth to . . . " in Revelation 12. The Pope switched "woman" from Revelation 12 with Mary. Pius IX set an earthly woman on the Heavenly Throne, where the Spirit of God the Son--the Seven Spirits--should be.
    Anyway, this picture "woman" (described in Revelation 12) not persecuted in the world anymore. log161
    If a man occupies a position of an original man, then an original man should leave this place to save His originality. (See David fleeing from his son Absalom, II Samuel 15) This occupying was impossible, and therefore, Absalom and his helpers were lost. (chapter 18)
  348. As the Third Law of motion (the principle of action and reaction) would apply on Pius IX. His action (putting the earthly woman on the Heavenly Throne instead Seven Spirits) caused reaction and he was forced to flee Rome.
    He returned by the help of French army. His exile could also stand for the testimony to Christians, why the Lord could not use the Catholic Church for the Crusade. log162
  349. The Pope tried to take power by forcing the clergy to accept his papal infallibility. The world could not accept that (except sects and cults and Jehovah's Witnesses), and the renamed Kingdom of Italy took Rome for its capital in 1870 and seized the council. Pius became known as the infallible prisoner of the Vatican. But it could picture the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Throne. log163
  350. Leo XIII was the pope from 1878 to 1903. The pontificate of him was especially important for the leadership he gave on social questions and was marked by an openness to scientific progress and concern for reconciling the Catholic Church with the modern world. Historians consider him an intensive worker, who could be the picture to the rider on the white horse and the work of the Heavenly "woman," according to Revelation 12. log164
  351. He was in office when the Second Scroll was opened what could picture (his) continual activities of the white horse. log165
    The new era for the Church started immediately as the First Scroll was opened. The Lord's servants worked hard as lions, continued steadfastly. The Lord knows that the first evangelists faced great difficulty and much hard work in bringing the Gospel onto the world scene. Their duty is to begin the autumn rain, as Joel (2:23) predicted: "Be glad, O people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before." Their enemies masquerade as angels of light, servants of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). They want to be the first Apostles at the start of the autumn rain, but are, in fact, anti-Apostles.
  352. The first self-declared anti-Apostle was Charles Take Russell, who founded the sect calling itself the Jehovah's Witnesses. Russell described himself as 'the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time' (Matthew 24:45). This false Apostle taught a new method of salvation (that knowing God's name alone is salvation), and rejected salvation through a new birth in spirit. Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in existence of the spirit in humans; to them, human spirituality is no different from that of animals. bib181
  353. The Lord praises Christians in this stage that because they hate the practices of the Nicolaitans, just as He does. Historically, the Nicolaitans were accused of sexual immorality. Another historical sect, the original Mormon Church of the USA, practiced sexual immorality. Their leader, Joseph Smith, instituted a practice of plural marriage (polygamy) in his church; he himself was alleged to have as many as fifty wives. His successor, Brigham Young, had children by sixteen women, and was married to many others. The primary goal of the Mormons was the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth in the Utah Territory, though federal authorities challenged their practices. This agrees with the words of the Lord: "But you have this in your favor: You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." The Mormons still exist today because they have, thankfully, rejected polygamy. bib182
  354. From the words "You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary," readers of the first letter might gather that Christians during the shining of the First Lamp had been successful. Their crusade for the Gospel to be preached to all nations did not stop. The reward for all faithful Christians is the right to share the paradise of God. "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God." Here is the biblical testimony that this opened Seal (shining--a lamp) does yet not know the Rapture and the First Resurrection because passed away go to interim between the Earth and Heaven. The Eden is not the Heaven where is God's Throne. The Eden is God's territory but connected to the Earth, thus an interim. bib183
    Judah's donkey tethers to a vine - Genesis 49:11, but where is this land? The answer is, where the army moved.
    The first army, according to Moses, is brigade Judah. Israel does not divided territories (Canaan) where Judah, Benjamin, etc. should live today and therefore, we need to look for their characteristics elsewhere.
    We can see Jacob's tribes also among other nations because Jews called Spartans were their brothers. The historical record (I Maccabees 12:6-23) told us the high priest Jonathan wrote the Spartans confirming they were indeed our brothers. Then he attached a letter the Spartans had sent that stated, "It has been discovered in records regarding the Spartans and Jews that they are brothers and of the race of Abraham."
    If the ancient Spartans were biological descendants of Abraham, maybe they were of Isaac and Jacob, and perhaps other nations also. Today records of many nations do not go back so far to identify their ancestors. Meanwhile, they would mix that descendants of Jacob, or at least of Abraham, could be everywhere.
    I think we have ten lost tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. The last records spoke that Assyria took them captive. It could happen when Babylonians defeated Assyria, the south kingdom beat the north kingdom, captives in Assyria were free for a moment till Babyloniam came from south. To be free is awaited from every Israelite and that is why they needed to move to hills or on another side of mountains, particularly on the steppes of Russia. History speaks that after a millennium, many nations moved from there mostly to the West. So in the direction from which Israelites were taken. Yet they did not come to Palestine but found themselves to be in the central Europe. Some ones (having dominate roots like Ephraim or moving roots Dan) still migrated to the West.
    Many of Jacob's children had fled from Palestine into other countries, especially to escape from Assyrians but also from other nations warring against them. Some mixed early with other nations. They accepted their gods and married with other nations. For instance, king Ahab married Jezebel, the daughter of Erhbaal, king of the Sidonians. Then the tribes Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh quickly lost their record with Jacob.
    Hence many nations could have ancient Hebrew ancestries and have their emblems from Jacob.
    Readers of the Bible should consider the lion as the standard of Judah. That was because Jacob told to Judah, "You are a lion's cub, O Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness--who dares to rouse him?" (Genesis 49:9) Here prey could be steppes of Russia. Yet it is America.
  355. Governments did not persecute the Gospel in United States. See the second dwelling of "woman" in the wilderness. That was why the Gospel would return to Europe as Jacob said, "Return from the prey." bib184
  356. The Brigade of Judah consisted of tribes from Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon. The tribe Judah had their territory between two seas, the Great Sea and the Salt Sea. I understand that freedom for all Christians, so for the Gospel, had been won in countries between the seas. They were Great Britain and their colonies in the world (Canada, Australia, etc.) and European countries on the West and North coast.
    The United States had emerged like a lion' cub. Their history was too short to compare with other countries. log166
    A lion as a nation's symbol existed in many countries. We found it mostly in English-speaking countries. Sometimes the lion had a sword. A sword meant the power for the Word.
  357. Then the lion's language (English) is the ruling language to spread God's Word, the Bibles, etc. log167
    The territory of the tribe Issachar did not touch any sea. Judah was not their neighbor but tribes Manasseh and Naphtali that were on the third and fourth scene. The world movement in the Third and Fourth Seal (dark power and power of death) touched them.
    They had the most fertile land in Israel, as, for instance, in the Ukraine.
    According to Jacob's blessing, "Issachar is a rawboned donkey lying down between two saddlebags. When he sees how good is his resting place and how pleasant is his land, he will bend his shoulder to the burden and submit to forced labor." (Genesis 49:14-15)
  358. Two saddlebags could be the Ural and the Carpathian Mountains. Or between industrial Russia and industrial Europe.
    Issachar's emblem was the laden ass. We might see these as the Slav people and especially the Russians. That nation did not know freedom all of their history. They were under the power of the czars, then communists, and still today, when they are free, most feel the need to return to bondage. It was as Jacob said to his son Issachar that he would need to bend his shoulder to the burden and submit to forced labor. Jacob's words could mean Issachar was not active for resettlement when nations moved. That is why they did not migrate to central and west Europe as others. log168
  359. The religious battlefield is there. The persecution rose against newborn people, the Russian Christians. Because they already lived in victorious times of the white power, they had to emigrate to democratic states. They were mostly spiritual children of Christians from Europe known under the name, Mennonites. Their next steps were toward the mountains, then the sea, and finally to Armenia and overseas. The first migration of about 18,000 Mennonites from Russia to the western states and provinces of the United States and Canada took place from 1870 to1880. Many other Christian groups traveled there, fleeing before the persecution from the Russian czars and the Turkish army. log169
  360. Moses, the greatest teacher should have shown also the relation of tribes to the Law. He did it in Deuteronomy 27-28. In relation to Christianity, the Law is new life of new born Christians. "I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts" (Jeremiah 31:33). Then we should derive relation people to this new covenant from Deuteronomy 27-28. If they pronounce curses then they curse people who are newborn, hate them. This means also not many of them are newborn Christians. And if they pronounce blessing then they like newborn ones, like to be newborn. Newborn people can be also baptized by Holy Spirit and then the same relation is to the baptism by Holy Spirit.
    Moses ordered Judah and Issachar to bless the people. (Deuteronomy 27:12-14) Thus Christians (newborn and baptized by Holy Spirit) existed there and were blessing for others. bib185
    The territory of the tribe Zebulon did not touch any sea. Its main neighbors were from the third (Manasseh) and fourth (Asher and Naphtali) brigade. Likewise, the movement of the Third and Fourth Scroll touched them as it did Issachar.
    Jacob said about Zebulon, "Zebulon will live by the seashore and become a haven for ships; his border will extend toward Sidon." (Genesis 49:13)
  361. Here is a disagreement. They did not settle at any seashore, but were connected spiritually to a sea. I understand that the battlefield was also in the colonial movement and events of Third and Fourth Scroll touched them. log170
    To replace its losses in North America (the American Revolution ended British rule in the United States), Britain soon acquired Australia and New Zealand, which, with Canada, became Britain's chief colonies of settlement. In the course of the nineteenth century, these colonies became self-governing, and in the twentieth century they were recognized as dominions (autonomous units with status equal to Britain) within the Commonwealth of Nations.
    The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century greatly increased the military and technological power of the European countries, enabling them to extend their rule over areas with large, indigenous populations. They sent troops along with commercial agents, officials, and Christian missionaries and turned those areas into markets for industrial products and suppliers of its raw materials.
    They parceled out the continent of Africa, except Ethiopia and Liberia, among the European powers after the Conference of Berlin in 1885.
  362. Colonialism was not a very light movement for the natives although some became prosperous through trading. Nevertheless, the movement against slavery that started in the United States in preparation for the white power, made people freer for the Gospel. They did not catch and sell people, but instead, missionaries preached the Gospel.
    Moses put the Zebulon tribe among the tribes pronouncing curses of the Law. We may derive that Christians did not have the freedom in the colonies as their brothers in democratic countries. Or, they are not new born Christians. log171
  363. This period was peaceful because the Lord initiated its events, and indeed, the enemy was not prepared for anti-reaction. It is similar as "Jesus" (understand as Joshua) led the people to the Promised Land easily. bib186
  364. They did not have big problems with anti-reactions, although the enemies could recruit, use the Jordan River, and wait them on its bank. They did not think the invasion would happen when the Jordan overflowed. (Joshua 3:15) Likewise, many in Europe thought that the Americanism (democracy and free churches) could not have come to Europe. They believed the Atlantic stays them in the way. But industrialization brings airplanes and two wings of a great eagle replaced misionaries. log172
  365. When more angels come to the earth to support the Light then more light - white were coming in our society. Mostly men relating to God's nation had light ideas. This has brought industrialization. log173
    Many teachers do not see this biblical testimony of nearness of God because they still await only the coming of the white horse. Therefore, they are pharisees and for them are words: "If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now you claim you can see you understand Revelation, your guilt remains. (John 9:41)

    The Second Command for the Army

    "When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword."
  366. Ezekiel saw the Holy Spirit coming from the North. (1:4) His human face was in front, so to the South. (1:10)
    The Brigade of Reuben camped on South of the Sanctuary under the symbol Man. Moses commanded the Brigade of Reuben to move to the second under their standard. (Numbers 10:18) That was the picture for the Heavenly forces for the Second Scroll. bib187
  367. The next reinforcement moved as the Holy Spirit turned to them by the face of man and commanded them "Come!"
    The Heavenly army had come with instructions how to defeat enemy being on the red horse under a red flag. Holy Spirit gives command "come" by the face Man in the Second Scroll of the Heavenly Book. bib188
    If Holy Spirit said "Come!" by the face of Man, then we have to see also His New Movement coming in humans' characteristics and in "human" nature.
  368. Our main difference from other creatures is our language. Then, God's new blessing for this Seal is in the mass pouring out of the Holy Spirit with glossolalia.
    History is giving such a proof. The year 1906 and on Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California, the Spirit came and people heard "tongues."
    The revival developed from here and sent Pentecostal experiences around the world.
    The next mass movement was in the year 1914. They called the meeting at the Grand Opera House, Hot Springs, Arkansas and Holy Spirit acted. The Gospel became more powerful by using glossolalia. log174
  369. According to City of Prophecy the goal of Christians is to get more new born for Christ Jesus. The pope Leo XIII consecrated the entire Roman Catholic Church to the Sacred Heart (of Mary) in 1890. He was still in office when the Second Scroll was opened what could picture continual activities of the Gospel pictured now as the Sacred Heart. (Ezekiel 36:26). log175
    Otherwise, two popes pictured Christianity in the second period. One was for the period of peace and the second for war times.
  370. Pius X (from 1903 to 1914) was interested in the needs of people (democracy and industrialization) and encouraged frequent receptions of communion (the process of being newly born for God). log176
  371. Benedict XV was the Pope from 1914 to 1922. It was war times. Benedict won the goodwill by his impartiality, his peace proposals, and his charitable donations. The white power used the First World War for spreading democracy (more countries free especially in the central Europe). log177
  372. The apostle John's second letter to the church in Smyrna should be for the Church in the second candle or the Second Scroll of the Heavenly Book. (Revelation 2:8-11)
    The Lord introduced Himself as He "who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again." The Lord introduced Himself not only as the Lord of Creation (the First and the Last) but as man. He introduced Himself likewise as the Holy Spirit (by man's face). bib189
  373. The Gospel used mostly humans' symptoms such as are:
    Mass movement--many converted, for instance R. A. Torrey and C.M.Alexander with 130,000 converts from 1902--1908. Billy Sunday and H. Rodeheaver with one million converts in 1910, Evan Roberts preached with 100,000 converts in Wales, 1904.
    Massive revival in Korea: growth of churches in Manchuria and China by 1907.
    Mass movement in all churches in Kenya in 1916.
    Forty-five percent of the Native Americans (Indians) joined churches by 1914.
    Churches founded hospitals and shelters for the poor, the orphans, and others in need.
    The Salvation Army swelled to an army of thousands. They engaged in social services. The army made a goal of approaching sociological problems with the Gospel.
    Missionaries went into the world to preach the Good News with social programs. Missionary bases for the Gospel in every nation and language arose from the North American continent. For instance, the ecumenical Missionary Conference in New York City in 1900 with 200,000 attendees. bib190
  374. The representatives of an anti-movement against the Woman--the Gospel are "those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." Typically Jews are people who have a strong belief in the written word (of God's Law). Therefore, "Jews" should be people who switch from a spirit to letters in the New Testament (scribes). Our society calls such a movement fundamentalist. A mass movement took place by setting Bible study courses at Bible colleges. Scofield's references of the Bible could date the cardinal work of such thoughts by 1909. Their conservative view at the new comings of the Gospel was hidden under codes of the New Testament. (Everything that does not agree with written codes of the New Testament was evil). Perhaps we may also add denomination fundamentalism. Most of the denominations did not continue with God's new works because the Law (early knowledge of the Lord's doings) of their fathers did not allow it. (See for the instance the Mennonites.) bib191
  375. The Lord testifies His will for those who pass away during the Second Scroll that they "will not be hurt at all by the second death." This is the second testimony that Resurrection does not come yet. The second death is mentioned for those who wait for the second Resurrection in order to come on the Last Judgment. (Revelation 20:11-15) It means that the Lord speaks that the first Resurrection awaits them and not the second one. The resurrection for the Wedding and not the resurrection for judgment is their destiny.  bib192
  376. The Second Rider took a large sword. A sword mens a word (Ephesians 6:17) This sword ought to be already there. This is the Word of the Good News. That is why said "to him was given a large sword". Did God give him this sword? No. However, his servants used the power of this Word (sword) to gain more people and this initiated evil powers to used it also. For Instance, Lenin's grandmother was Christian and so he could hear the Word in his childhood. log178
  377. Marx and Engels were the fathers of the red ideology. Some men speak Marx and Jesus teach the same. If they would teach the same in life style still, it is not the same. Communists are insulting the Lord as Korah marching with the Brigade of Reuben. (Numbers 16) bib193
  378. The red power really had its home in Asia. The fortress of the red dragon would be in China (the emblem, a red flag, the Great Wall of China, a dragon). We can point to a spiritual base in forests of countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos. Cambodian communists, known as the Khmer Rouge, controlled the country and instituted policies that led to the deaths of at least one million people. As shown, defeating red power in the world meant not to allow them to occupy democratic states and so they pushed back to their bastions.
    Satan tried to take masses by this sword in democratic and industrial countries that God blessed. This pulled God's army to act and to stop Satan's plans. Therefore, that was a rider for the Second Seal. God had to act to defend His people and democracy and not harm the Earth while teachers of the end times spoke. log179
  379. White power in the world defeated Satan's power by putting the living standard on a higher level. Therefore, the red dragon turned to countries less educated in Christianity such as Russia. Russia and Asia were considered. Lenin had put new ideas into dragon's hands. He made communist teaching a revolutionary doctrine. So he gave a sword, a power to this teaching. Or a red dragon also added teaching to his sword.
    They founded the Union Soviet Republic as the new system of proletarian dictatorship, and the next countries had to ally. There was no meaning to nationality.
    A red horse and Satan had expected to rule the world. Red flags for every communist group spoke that their power-horse was red. Nevertheless, the Russian Soviet Union also had the emblem of the sickle and the hammer on their red flag. A sickle is a sign for taking a harvest (Revelation 14:14) and a hammer to crush everyone (Zechariah 1:21). I understand the purpose of communists was to break every world power and then bring (harvest) the people under the dragon's power. This was their war strategy for the first battle, but the white horse did not allow it. bib194
  380. The communists won in not democratic Russia. The countrymen had overturned absolutism and attempted to establish a democracy. Later Lenin successfully brought the Bolsheviks to power through the Military Revolutionary Committees; and the first Bolshevik government was formed during the first week of November, 1917.
    Lenin established a secret police (the Cheka) and totally reconstituted the desperate Russian economy along the Marxist principles. The civil war broke out, and he was forced to put a Red army in the field against a white army.
    Was this the testimony of the white horse from the First Scroll continuing and now fought with the red horse? log180
  381. Habakkuk spoke that the first "woe" was coming because of exploitation. (2:6-8) "Woe to him who piles up stolen goods and makes himself wealthy by extortion! How long must this go on?" bib195
  382. This was a millrace for socialism. They claimed to stand above all for the values of equality, social justice, etc. "Will not your debtors suddenly arise? Will they not wake up and make you tremble? Then you will become their victim." Methods of transformation were advocated by violent revolutions. bib196
  383. They had generally sought to realize these values by the abolition of the private-enterprise economy and its replacement by "public ownership," a system of social or state control over production and distribution. Communists achieved these in some countries. Habakkuk spoke: "Because you have plundered many nations, the peoples who are left will plunder you. For you have shed man's blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them." (2:8) Communists nationalized factories, banks, fields, houses, animals, etc. Whoever did not forfeit his property was killed or deported. bib197
  384. I understand from Joshua's second command to fight Jericho. They did not destroy the red power by the first or second march (Joshua 6:3-5), so a red dragon would be destroyed in the Seventh Seal and during the sounding of the seventh trumpet. bib198
  385. Brigade of Reuben marched as the second with Kohathites (Numbers 10:21). Kohath was the second son of Levi. The duty of Kohath was to care and carry the holy things from the Sanctuary. (Numbers 4:4-20) This could be the picture of the Gospel in a more sacred form. We have already seen more Holy Spirit poured on people in the Second Scroll and more gifted people. Therefore, the rider from the First Scroll (the Gospel) would be more enlightened. bib199
  386. Tribes Reuben, Simeon, and Gad made up the brigade Reuben. Their emblem was man because Jacob told them, "Reuben, you are my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power." (Genesis 49:3) Reuben and Simeon were the first sons of Jacob, but they became dishonored in Israel. Their activities in the world of Christianity did not get them higher among other nations. bib200
  387. Reuben settled before the Jordan River. Although they had fought in the Promised Land, they returned on another bank of the Jordan River and stood beside the Salt Sea. We may consider them as a nation not supporting the newborn people although they were first. (They crossed Jordan first but returned then as the Catholic Church.) They had problems with other nations because they were behind the Jordan. Many of them fled from enemies to the North. It is possible they migrated with Gad on Balkan or fled from Assyria in that direction. log181
  388. As the firstborn, Reuben arose against his father when he slept with Bilhah. (Genesis 35:22) In the end times, Satan used unbelievers in Christianity to become the opposition of the Gospel. So, they were as the firstborn for the end times but were unsuccessful because Jacob said, "The first place will not be yours; for you went up to your father's bed, even his bride-bed, and made it unclean." (Genesis 49:4) The popes made themselves the fathers of a universal church and as heavenly lords in flesh, and this could be considered their stepping on God's Throne. log182
  389. Reuben tried to save Joseph (Genesis 37:21, 29) and gave the guarantee for Benjamin by his two sons. (Genesis 42:37). However, Judah really did it (in The Second World War). Joseph was the picture for Christ Jesus and Christianity in later days. We saw that at the break of the Great War. Austria, where a holy Roman emperor had his throne, hoped to increase its strength and the strength of Christianity in the Balkans at the expense of the disintegrating Ottoman Empire. Germany and Italy played big early roles in the Church of Rome. They had holy Roman emperors and popes. So, as sons of the Catholic Church, they helped holy Roman emperor and formed the Triple Alliance. Austria's effort was in vain because it lost its power in Europe, and many countries became free. Slavic nations formed republics under a democracy. The once-great Habsburg's empire had disintegrated in October and November, 1918. Austria recognized the independence of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Hungary. log183
  390. Moses placed Reuben among the nations pronouncing curses of the Law. We may understand from it that the newborn people were not liked in the countries faithful to the Catholic Church or the Habsburgs. In Austria, charismatic churches or evangelical are rare. bib201
  391. The tribe Simeon settled inside the tribe Judah in the hill countries. They count them among the weak tribes. Jacob said, "Simeon and Levi are brothers--their swords are weapons of violence. Let me not enter their council, let me not join their assembly, for they have killed men in their anger and hamstrung oxen as they pleased. Cursed be their anger, so fierce, and their fury, so cruel! I will scatter them in Jacob and disperse them in Israel." (Genesis 49:5-7)
    Jacob said Simeon and Levi's sword was a weapon of violence. That was because they fought against Shechemites. This was partly right because Shechemite defiled their sister Dinah. The brothers killed every male to avenge her.
    Joseph left Simeon in the prison. (Genesis 42:24) It means Joseph knew he was the man who had led the opposition against him and wanted to kill him. Simeon was the violent but not righteous man. Simeon just wanted to realize his fury.
    The people inside the Balkan, initialing the Great War. The Balkan nations were violent and revengefully. Simeon inside Israel could mean the main battlefield was inside the world of Christianity. log184
  392. Moses placed them among tribes that spoke blessings of the Law, which meant the Serbians did not persecute newborns and baptized by the Holy Spirit. log185
    Gad Tribe did not cross the Jordan River. Gad was not the son of Jacob's regular wife. His mother was Leah's maidservant, Zilpah. They were attached to regular sons and thus to the first nations in Europe.
    Jacob spoke about Gad, "Gad will be attacked by a band of raiders, but he will attack them at their heels." (Genesis 49:19) I derive from those words that raiders declined their tribe.
    Moses put Gad among the nations that had to pronounce curses. This could mean, according to purpose of the Heavenly Book (newborn and baptized by the Holy Spirit), Christians were hated by these people.
    I would place them in Southeastern Europe, Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova where raiders were (Turkish, Arabs, Tatars, Mongols, and Cossacks) or to Russia (the battlefield of the First World War). They also defeated Napoleon and Hitler. The conclusion is the white horse won, pushed the red horse to its homeland. Nevertheless, it is still not its end, because this horse is the dragon.

    The Third Command for the Army

  393. "When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!" (Revelation 6:5-6) The Holy Spirit's face as the Bull was at the left, so to the West. The brigade of Ephraim camped on the west side of the Sanctuary, and their symbol was also a bull. bib202
  394. Moses ordered the camp division of Ephraim to set out third under their standard. bib203
  395. It meant that as the Lord Jesus Christ had opened the Third Scroll, the Holy Spirit commanded the angels that looked at the face of the Bull or Angel. He commanded these strong angels come because something had happened in the world of Christianity. Strong enemies want to prevail the Gospel. log186
    If the Holy Spirit was turning us to face the Bull or Angel and spoke, He will act in the power of bulls or angels. Therefore, the Holy Spirit in angelic power would support the Gospel.
  396. A bull is an animal with a great strength. Angels are beings also of great strength. They pushed down the walls of Jericho as would many bulls do. (Joshua 6) When the Holy Spirit spoke by the face of the man, Christians spoke in new languages. If angelic characteristics are now, then the mighty supernatural (angelic) deeds should enter the Church. There were, for instance, evil spirits cast out, healings or miracles for people, what was not within the power of people. The world knows that after glossolalia, miracles entered the Pentecostal churches. bib204
  397. The representative of God's power by miracles was Smith Wigglesworth from England. log187
  398. No one can picture the third stage of the Gospel by Moses's picturing because the third brigade did not carry anything from the Tabernacle. They were already marching. Therefore, it is needed to look at today's picture in the Church of Rome. The new Pope Pius XI came into the office for the next period. He is only the pope for this period. It is the sign that there was just peace period and not wars' time in the world of Christianity. log188
  399. The Lateran Treaty, signed on Feb. 11, 1929, settled the vexatious question of the relationship between the Holy See and Italy. The papacy accepted the loss of the papal states, while Italy recognized Vatican City as an independent state. That was the picture that governments in the world of Christianity will not interfere in religious life and vice versa. (see Austria, and the Holy Roman Emperor, Habsburg in the First World War). They resolved the Roman Question with a financial settlement. It speaks that this part of the Heavenly Book solved the problem of finance in the world of Christianity. log189
  400. Pius XI issued Quadragesima Anno (1931), which elaborated the Catholic Church's position on social and economic reform; it called for justice and charity in all endeavors and stressed Christian social action. That could lead to the acknowledgment that Christians should be free from enslaving material things and to use them for those who are in needs. They need to prepare themselves for the Heavenly city, the New Jerusalem. (Revelation 21) Pius XI appointed native bishops to many Asian hierarchies and founded colleges at Rome for the Eastern Rites. This could picture colonialism and "white" movement there. log190
  401. The Lord introduced Himself as He "who has the sharp, double-edged sword" for the Church in the Third Scroll. The Bible describes cherubim with swords flashing back and forth to guard the tree of life. (Genesis 3:24) Lord introduces Himself likewise like God the Holy Spirit, the Mighty. (Revelation 2:12-17) bib205
  402. This crusading is in times of unrighteous balance in the world (the big recession). Christians needed strong individuals (like angels) to face the big recession. Weak ones fell in depression and some committed suicide. Many stood firmly because they had used a live doubled-edged sword (Hebrew 4:12) not to be caught in a risk before big recession. bib206
  403. From historical view, the main task of Christians in Europe was to keep them clean from national socialism, from a mass cult in the nations. This can be called the teaching of Balaam.
    Balaam was one of God's prophet. (See His blessing to Israel--Numbers 22-24). He gave advice to Moab, by which way Israel could lose God's guard. Deeds of nationalism entered the churches, and they could not go with God.
    Therefore, God spoke, "Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing sexual immorality." (Revelation 2:14)   bib207
  404. We are in the times of the angel sign. Teachers have to look for such sects which have both signs (sexual immorality and super-position of man on earth). Practicing of polygamy could not survive in the modern age, and therefore, Mormons formed new groups. They named their organization the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here we find another transforming view of marriage. They teach beside a marriage on earth, they have the right to remarry couples for Heaven. The Lord Jesus Christ said clearly about marriage after death, "people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in Heaven." (Matthew 22:30)
    One or more leaders in almost every Mormon group receive revelations. They claim the revelation was mostly received from John the Baptist, then from other angels or a god the father who understood a godly man. In some revelations, they call on the whole church to rebaptize (influence of remarriages). The Mormon movement enjoyed great popularity during period between the two World Wars.
    The symbol Bull was used for priests. So we may also see the strong emphases on the priesthood. They divide men into two groups: the priesthood of Aaron and the priesthood of Melchizedek. log191
  405. New cults started to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing sexual immorality. At sunrise in 1936, Sun Myung Moon experienced a mystical encounter with Jesus. In this vision, the Korean teenager was challenged to take up Jesus' unfinished work and establish the Kingdom of God on earth. Sun Myung Moon and his wife were the true" Adam and Eve who came to establish God's lineage lost by the first Adam and Eve. Jesus failed to do this because he was killed before he could be married, according to their Unification teachings. Certainly, this was impossible to reproduce so many children that a new kingdom could be established during Moon's life. Therefore, he used a practice from the table of the Lord. They were blessed" in marriage by Sun Myung Moon by the juice, which contained Moon's literal, physical blood as they believe. Something similar was found in eating food sacrificed to idols. The consumption of food by two parties meant they were equal. Therefore, we cannot be at the table of the Lord and an idol's table. log192
  406. The Lord's words "do not damage the oil and the wine" could be seen in the establishment of the Christian Businessmen's Committee International in 1930 in Burundi, Africa. Demos Shakarian was a newborn Christian and baptized by the Holy Spirit and a major businessman. God blessed this organization because it was founded under God. Other successful Christian businessmen joined him. log193
  407. "To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it." This still testifies that the people are not resurrected. The Lord promises them to be in the Wedding of the Lamb. (Revelation 19:6-9) They are identified personally to sit at the table of the Lord. After the Rapture and the First Resurrection, they will stand in Heaven some time and then entering the Land (the Millennium). Therefore, they will belong to the King of Kings and thus the new name derived from Him must get everyone participating in His ruling. In Heaven, first God's food awaits them at "the wedding supper of the Lamb" like Israel ate manna before entering the Promised Land. They are not on the Wedding supper of the Lamb yet and therefore the First Resurrection has not yet come. bib208
  408. Anyway, the Gospel is still victorious as was Joshua. But had problems after the second command to fight Jericho. The problem was "they have stolen, they have violated, they lied, they have put them with their own possession. That is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies" (Joshua 7:11-12). This third command to continue in victorious movement against weak Ai shows that they sheltered the enemy in their own camp. Stolen (taken) things were this enemy. They had to fight first with the sin: Achan's sin (Joshua 7). bib209
  409. Habakkuk pronounced the second "woe" also in this way: "Woe to him who builds his realm by unjust gain to set his nest on high, to escape the clutches of ruin" (Habakkuk 2:9-11). An example of this was the borrowing of money to make more money, not for living needs. bib210
  410. Gambling is another example. A player uses his money, in this way, to get money from others. In other words, "You have plotted the ruin of many peoples, shaming your own house and forfeiting your life." Stealing is when a man takes goods that belong to others. bib211
  411. The next verse foretold the Great Depression of the 1930s. "The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it." Habakkuk could not know about a stock market; he lived more than five hundred years before Jesus Christ. Therefore, "stones of the wall will cry" could refer to Wall Street in New York City and its New York Stock Exchange Building, or simply stock markets displayed on boards (walls). bib212
  412. The Bible describes a rider holding a pair of scales in his hand. Prices for goods were, 'A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages.'" Barley cost three times less than wheat; I think this is not the right price. bib213
  413. What was called a black market boomed in "the Great Recession" around 1933. Then, with the arrival of the Depression, many people became poor. Jews were among the richest people living during this time, and therefore, others envied them. Obtaining money on the black market (stock markets) was very difficult then, indeed almost impossible; however, people knew that it was possible to take money from Jews. So, a new anti-Semitism arose as well. Certainly, the Lord had to do something, and the presence of the black market in the world of Christianity attracted Heavenly forces to act. People resolved this by giving up a gold standard for their money, and by other new rules. log194
  414. Christians baptized by the Holy Spirit (oil) and newborns (wine) were not persecuted in democratic countries where the recession took place because God said, "Do not damage the oil and the wine." bib214
  415. The emblem of the brigade Ephraim is Bull because Moses said to Ephraim and Manasseh, "He is like firstborn bull; his horns are the horns of a wild ox. With them he will gore the nations." (Deuteronomy 33:17) bib215
  416. Sons of the second wife of Jacob made the third brigade on earth. They were Benjamin and Joseph. They were born later. Jacob made two tribes from his son Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob loved them more than the sons from other women. It meant that they would bear something else as was the first ones (Leah was the regular first wife). log195
  417. Ephraim, one of Joseph's son born in Egypt, became the powerful tribe, the rival of Judah. When the Kingdom of Israel split after Solomon, Ephraim became the ruling tribe of the ten tribes that formed the new Kingdom of Israel. Ephraim born in Egypt fit for Christians born anywhere in the world. I understand that two peoples of God could be in the world: Christians and Israelis from the Third Scroll. Or Heavenly forces cared not only for Christianity but also for Israel. bib216
  418. The enemy opened two battlefields. One to harm the world of Christianity and the second to destroy the Jews at the beginning. log196
  419. Jacob spoke about Ephraim and Manasseh, "Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall. With bitterness archers attacked him; they shot at him with hostility. But his bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, because of your father's God, who helps you, because of the Almighty, who blesses you with blessings of the heavens above, blessings of the deep that lies below, blessings of the breast and womb. Your father's blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains, than the bounty of the age-old hills. Let all these rest on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the prince among his brothers." (Genesis 49:22-26)
    Joshua was from Ephraim. He was the picture of the crucified Joshua: Jesus Christ. As Joshua became a youth, when Moses formatted Israel into God's nation, Jesus Christ was also as a youth who would take power at His First Coming. Afterwards, Joshua became the ruler of God's nation, leading them into the promised land and establishing their home. The Lord Jesus Christ became the leader of all belonging to God to bring them into the Promised Land of God's Kingdom. (Hebrews 4) log197
  420. Anyway, this text is the ode. For whom is it? I see here the ode for the white horse and the rider fighting with bow in advanced years. And so, this is the ode for the continuing Crusade. bib217
  421. Although they "with bitterness archers attacked him; they shot at him with hostility, his bow remained steady". Here is identify white horse to be on God's side and using the bow. This is the next proof that a bow belong for God's ones and more related to the Gospel (vine). bib218
  422. The war is now led by bows as I identify bobbers shaped like bows and arrows to be them. (Perhaps in the words "branches climb over a wall" could be seen guided missiles) The white horse has his arms strong because are attached to "the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, because of your father's God, who helps you, because of the Almighty". Here is proof that the horse or the power must exist in last days which belongs (relates) to God. Which country is the strongest one in military? bib219
  423. The country used for God's purpose must have "blessings of the heavens above, blessings of the deep that lies below, blessings of the breast and womb. Your father's blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains, than the bounty of the age-old hills". Therefore if you want to know who represent a white horse on the earth then look for the richest country in the world. bib220
  424. This ruling power should be the superpower because should be "the prince among his brothers.". Which country is the superpower now? bib221
    To identify Joseph just in the world Christianity, (horses ride in the world of Christianity) you need consider Ephraim and Manasseh. Ephraim younger get more blessing than older Manasseh.
    That could lead to the picture for USA. Then Great Britain for Manasseh.
  425. In allegory for Israel, Great Britain started, established the land of Palestine as homeland for the Jews. Jews lived there under Britain. log198
  426. Manasseh, although older, got a blessing when younger (Genesis 48). That could lead to the picture for Israel. They were older than Christianity but were only coming on a world scene. The world of Christianity was more powerful than Israel. Then, the United States, as the ruling Christian world power, had to help Israel (older God's nation) to survive. So in this comparison between USA and Israel, Ephraim is USA. Anyway, today on the battlefield, USA and Great Britain are on the side of the White Horse. log199
  427. The mother of Benjamin and Joseph was Rachel, the younger sister of Leah. We may think Rachel was the picture for the later Church, today's Church when also Jews are on the scene. log200
  428. Rachel died in Bethlehem, giving birth to Benjamin. (Genesis 35:19) That pointed first in the direction of the Christ (born in Bethlehem). For the world, it said that as the Church in the later rain ends in the material world, the Lord Jesus Christ would come in it. Or, as the Christianity is in its conclusion the second people of God (Israel) is to be born for end times. But it could also shows when Benjamin will come on light, to be finnaly ruling, the Church will end. log201
  429. Jacob said, "Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he devours the prey, in the evening he divides the plunder." (Genesis 49:27)
    To know which nation is on the world scene is needed to look for one that became rich quickly to share with others. In Europe, I consider the Germans. In the morning he devours prey can fit to their powers after the fall of the Romans. They were without a state constitution for a long period, established their kingdom by 1870, and emerged quickly among the industrial countries. Germany was the main fighting power in the First World War. Although they lost the wars, they recovered quickly, and today Germany is one of the richest European countries. They shared their richness with their brothers, (East Germany) possessing little after the fall of the Berlin Wall. log202
  430. The tribe Benjamin was well known for causing the first civil war in Israel. (Judges 19-20)
    Then Germany are as the nation that caused the big war in the world of Christianity (the Second World War but were also in the First World War). log203
  431. Men from the tribe Benjamin were skilled fighters. Later, Saul from this tribe became the first King of Israel. However, the Davidic Dynasty became the royal dynasty in Israel until the end of the Earth. But "the war between the house of Saul and the house of Davidlasted a long time" (2.Samuel 3:1). Many German kings became holy Roman emperors mostly during the Dark Ages and now Germans are not satisfied with their place in the world. log204
    The next world movement started when Hitler stirred Germans' hearts to become the ruling world nation. They hated Jews and looked for a way to annihilate them.
  432. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. That could be a picture for the birth of the new state of Israel. Benjamin caused Rachel pain, and Germany caused pain to the Heavenly Spirit of God the Son to bring God's new nation into the world. We know that Jews' pain, the holocaust, caused the establishment and recognition of their state. log205
  433. Rachel was not faithful to the God of Jacob because she stole gods of his father, of that land. (Genesis 31:19) Father's gods represented Turkish gods and for them offered, killed the Armenians. That was a picture for the world of Christianity, where many people accepted the thoughts of eliminating the Jews. log206
    Conclusion is the Heavenly Will, as introduced by the opening the Heavenly Book, remains in effect. Satan still has not won, and Israel has emerged onto the world scene. Therefore he cannot afford to lead more human wars in the world of Christianity and so the next war should be dreadful war.

    The Fourth Command for the Army

    "When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth." (Revelation 6:7-8)
  434. The Holy Spirit gave the fourth command come by the face of the eagle in the Fourth Scroll of the Heavenly Book. His eagle's face was at the back on the side from which the Holy Spirit came, the North. (Ezekiel 1:4) The brigade of Dan camped on the north side of the Sanctuary under their symbol. bib222
  435. Moses shows the division of the camp of Dan was to set out as the fourth under its standard. Tribe Dan, Asher, and Naphtali made up the brigade. bib223
  436. From the eagle symbol, the Gospel would spread with the power or character of an eagle; the Holy Spirit gave that power to the Gospel. Many consider the eagle the king of the air, and so with the eagle's power the Gospel may spread through the use of air. Radio uses air to transmit sound waves everywhere on our planet. Television transmits pictures of objects through the airwaves. Some people consider radio and TV broadcasting as a gift from God. In any case, God has given the Gospel to men so that they should use all their abilities to spread it through the whole world. Today, we have the ability to broadcast. log207
  437. Except that human transmission of the Gospel is not enough; God needs to add His power to the transmission. Therefore, the additional power -- the face of the Holy Spirit -- must exist in our world. This power would be the victorious power in the air; I call this the power of Heavenly Eagle. It is clear, then, why the face of the Holy Spirit was also an eagle's face. bib224
  438. It is unacceptable in our modern age to believe that the power of the Fourth Scroll should come after the Church is raptured. A teacher must be able to explain the location of the additional Holy Spirit's power -- the Eagle's face -- in the Bible. If the face of an eagle was to enter our world after the Rapture, then that would prove that the Rapture had come before people had the ability to use broadcasting power. To comply with this view of the Scriptures, some teachers claim the Rapture occurred before it was possible to broadcast the Gospel. Now, where and when did the ancient world use TV and radio? They did not; that form of communication did not exist in the ancient world, and therefore, the Lord had to predict it in Revelation. Otherwise, the broadcasting power for the Gospel was not God's power. The Pentecostal Church had broadcast the Gospel in twenty languages over the radio station IBRA (Sweden) by 1955. log208
  439. The Gospel remained the victorious rider, because people could hear or see it everywhere. No fence or wall between a democratic world and a totalitarian regime could stop its extension. International Christian radio stations numbered ten by 1950. They arranged the world conference on missionary radio in 1954. By 1961, the Church had opened the first religious TV station in the United States, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). log209
  440. The great revival started in the year 1948 in Canada. They called it the New Order of the Latter Rain. log210
  441. The message of the Revival was regarding the outpouring of all of the powers of the Holy Spirit or His gifts. It is as the final celebration for His "faces" of the "latter rain" started in the year 1870. The name of this revival could show that the new order is coming for later rain because Israel has come on the world battlefield. log211
  442. Two Popes ruled from the Vatican during this period, and therefore both peace and war existed. The first Pope was Pius XII (1939-1958), the last absolute monarch of the Holy See. Pius considered the curia not collaborators, but executors. Pius fought against the Light. He opened the way to critical Biblical studies in the encyclical Divino afflante spiritu. He propagated the Catholic belief and condemned new spiritual gifts that God gave to His Church for His Coming. This was done to manipulate people's attitudes, beliefs, and actions through the propaganda machine of the German Nazis under Joseph Goebbels. log212
  443. Pius issued an ex cathedra proclamation defining the dogma of the Assumption of Mary in 1950. The ascent of the Virgin Mary into Heaven teaches Christians to stay victorious till the Rapture. The Crusade as would have ended, not more horses. log213
  444. Pope John XXIII, the second pope of the Fourth March, was in advanced years when he rose to the papacy. He was different from his predecessor and put new life into the Church, rather than enforcing dogmas. He took Samaritan's clothes and cared about those who were needy. Instead of making enemies with other denominations, he called the Second Vatican Council and invited Protestants to attend. John XXIII propagated Bible study, and so the reformation finally came among Catholics. This sequence of events showed that the Catholic Church had finally opened the door again for the Gospel, the Christ, the Bible and the Rapture. log214
  445. The Lord introduced Himself as "the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze" for the fourth church. (Revelation 2:18-29) This is His Heavenly appearance. The Holy Spirit also introduced Himself for this Scroll by the face that is heavenly according to our material world--the face of an eagle. This is the sign that even all hell would be against believers, they should not fear because He is mightier.
    If the Lord had introduced Himself as the Mighty for Church, which means an enemy would be defeated, that next wars would not have been able to lead the Christian world. So, no more forces (horses). bib225
  446. The new chapter for the Church starts after this Scroll, which shows the apostle John when the next letters were put in the new chapter, the (chapter 3). bib226
  447. The Church does as the Lord spoke, "I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first."
    The Lord said, "You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols."
    We know Jezebel was leading the Israel King Achab to do evil deeds and drawing him from God to earthly gods for twenty-two years. (Twenty-two years are approximately for a Scroll of the Heavenly Book). Consequently we may see Jezebel as the founder of the Mother Church (our mother is Earth).
    Mrs. Eddy founded the Mother Church for teaching about science healing. She taught that our mortal mind convinces us we are sick, and therefore, we are. However, mortal mind will be punished (changed), but spiritual understanding is changeless. She convicted her followers to consider sickness as unreal. If we would comply with her thought to death, then death also is unreal. Therefore, the falsehood of her teaching is that they died, though should not have.
    Therefore, the Lord said, "I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead."
    After Eddy passed away, they needed to change teaching. Several independent groups appeared and formed the International Metaphysical Association in 1955. Their goal was to make Mrs. Eddy's teaching popular on TV, radio, through lectures and special schools, and printed books and pamphlets. Positive thinking and a faith in our own strength attracted many. Their saying was "We are just a part of God, of the universe of the mind." It meant we are also gods. log215
  448. The Lord's words for those who were going to pass away were: Be victorious, and you will receive power over groups, if not now then during the Millennium. "Only hold on to what you have until I come. To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations--'He will rule them with an iron scepter; he will dash them to pieces like pottery'-just as I have received authority from my Father. I will also give him the morning star." (Revelation 2:25-28)
    If the Lord said to hold what they have until His Coming, it meant His coming had not arrived; therefore, the Rapture had not come. The symbol "morning star" meant the day (the Sun) was coming. Therefore, we should understand that a man receiving a symbolic "morning star" will be resurrected or raptured as the first one, before the Second Coming of the Lord on Earth. bib227
  449. Satan and his forces could not stop the Gospel's victorious movement. Therefore, he decided to destroy the Christians and Jews themselves. To achieve these aims best, one group of Christians should be convinced to kill another. Annihilated Christians would not spread the Gospel and democracy anymore, and annihilated Jews could not build the State of Israel. Those sowing death (the fascists) might call themselves Christians, but would not be saved; they would instead be reserved for Hell. log216
  450. God, through Habakkuk, declared for this period the third "woe": "Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by crime!" Fascists and Communists took cities by killing or deporting the inhabitants, and simply threw families out of their homes and moved in. bib228
  451. Habakkuk continues: "Has not the LORD Almighty determined that the people's labor is only fuel for the fire, that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?" Industrial production was pursued mainly for wars. They militarized industry to produce items for the fire of war. They exhausted themselves for nothing. bib229
  452. Germans wanted to build a new world order, but in their view it had to be without Jews and any other ethnic groups different from themselves. This was a Satanic idea. Communists used the same practices in their propaganda. They could not achieve it the end, however, because God's Word has been already been put in our world that: "For the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea" (Habakkuk 2:12-14). Israel, now coming onto the battlefield, will carry the knowledge of the Lord for the Earth, by the Second Coming of the Christ Jesus to the State of Israel. bib230
  453. The Apostle John describes the third anti-power as having "power over a fourth of the Earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the Earth." Satan used every possible thing in both the invisible and material worlds, even peoples, animals, and germs, over a fourth of the Earth; and note that World War II covered over a fourth of the Earth. log217
  454. Stalin did not take care of his own people during the Second World War, and often it seemed as if he wanted to kill his own people. Consider, for instance, the fighting for the city of Leningrad (Petersburg), where the war was practically lost -- but the people kept fighting, often with bare hands and no bread to sustain them. Fifteen million people died in the Second World War, and half were from Stalin's army. log218
  455. The wild beasts of the Earth also killed people. During the Second World War the number of wolves in Europe rapidly multiplied. Soldiers looked upon them as the second enemy; they were like guerillas in deep forests. log219
  456. Many, too, were killed by famine. Tens of thousands died daily in Leningrad because of hunger. Heavy equipment was used to bury them in one massive tomb each day. About 600,000 people died of starvation in this city. Then came the Holocaust and the concentration camps, which often led people to the final death by starvation. Also, the worst famine in modern history, which took place in China in the year 1943, took five million lives. log220
  457. Thus, Satan mobilized all his power meant He could not fight afterward, and as we did not have any more horses because of the Gospel, this was the last (spiritual) war against Christians till the Rapture. bib231
  458. The fourth command through Joshua was to defeat the rest of the enemies' powers (Ezekiel 10:7). This command applies to today's situation as well. bib232
  459. The command to fight came because the kings wanted to attack their ally (Gibeonites), not because the enemies' armies had started a war face-to-face with Israelites. This represents the way the Second World War broke out, when the first Jews were attacked. bib233
  460. Hitler said, in his last words, that he won the war because many Jews had been annihilated. This testifies to the fact that Hitler himself rode "on a pale horse;" pale refers to the color of ash. He burnt the flesh of Jews, converting them to ash. Then people waiting for annihilation were pale. bib234
  461. Tribes Dan, Asher, and Naphtali made the brigade of Dan, the army that marched fourth. They were Jacob's sons by his maidservants. This shows the angels worked on territories where nations lose their freedom and democracy.
    Many countries lost their democracy after the Second World War. log221
  462. Jacob said, "Dan will provide justice for his people as one tribe of Israel. Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse's heels so that its rider tumbles backward. I look for your deliverance, O LORD." (Genesis 49:16-18)
    From the scriptures, the Dan emblem was the serpent or a white horse and a serpent. If a snake bites a horse's heels, it would force the rider and the white horse to back up. That happened when democracy was not victorious; its enemies' rider was named Death and Hades. The Christian world lost some free territories such as Czechoslovakia. There democracy was in a high stage before the Second World War. However, Great Britain and France betrayed Czechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938. They made an agreement with the red power. The United States, as the leading white power, considered Stalin their ally against Hitler. Red power captured more land. bib235
  463. Jacob appointed Dan to provide justice for people and for a world. What could be a symbol of that? Only an eagle could oversee many beings in a large territory. Beside keen vision, eagles have strength. Whoever rules must be powerful. So Jacob appointed Dan to be an eagle for others.
    A snake was the official emblem of several military and naval units of the United States Revolutionary forces. They forced the Heavenly army to move from democratic countries. Jacob thought a horse that was on his side was also on God's side. We have already proved that at least one horse from the Heavenly Book must have been belonging to God's. bib236
    Ordinarily it is the first. The white horse from the First Scroll must have belonged to God.
    Dan settled in two territories. The first was among the tribes of Ephraim, Benjamin, and Judah. But the Amonites confined the Danites to the hill country and would not allow them to come to the plains. (Judges 1:34) Afterwards, they settled in the northern part of Canaan. (Judges 18) Therefore, it is possible the Israelites considered the tribe was symbolized by the eagle because they overflowed into the territories of Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar, Zebulon, and Naphtali.
  464. That looked as though newborn Christians moved because of persecution. They had to flee first into hills and then to America. However, Judah had his territory there. And therefore, we saw two kinds of tribes identified in the United States. Two parties had been in power in the United States: the Republicans and the Democrats. log222
  465. The Republicans cared more about democracy and freedom, as shown for the Gospel. (See lastly Bush and Clinton.) I deduced that Danites were those who were on the side of the Democrats.
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, of the Democratic party, was President of the United States in 1933-45. He had hoped to keep the United States out of World War II. Despite indications that Stalin's ambitions in Eastern Europe might violate the Atlantic Charter, Roosevelt foresaw Soviet-United States cooperation through a United Nations (red dragon Stalin was ally of the white horse). Roosevelt would also be considered one who settled in two territories. First, he was from a Dutch family, who moved and became Americans. The Dutch fought with the English. Secondly, the Roosevelt family already had had another member in the Presidency office, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States and a Republican. Franklin married a distant cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, whose uncle had been Theodore Roosevelt. As shown, they were first Republicans and then Democrats.
    When Jacob was at Dan, he said, "I look for your deliverance, O LORD." He would notice terror in his soul because of the annihilation of the Jews by fascists, and therefore, awaited this mighty eagle to take and replace them in Palestine. This happened then and USA has become the guarantee of state if Israel. bib237
  466. We knew Dan had Micah's idol. (Judges 17) They had built the city of Dan, and the second sinful sanctuary in the Kingdom of Israel was there. (I Kings 12:26-30) This could relate to the sin of Babylon, the Hollywood movies that could infect human souls by unreal pictures and stories. Moses confirms this also because placed Dan among tribes that pronounced curses of the Law. log223
  467. Naphtali was the second son of Rachel's maidservant Bilhah and Dan's brother. Naphtali settled in the northern part of Canaan. Jacob said, "Naphtali is a doe set free that bears beautiful fawns." (Genesis 49:21) Jesus lived in Nazareth and Capernaum, which were in the land of Zebulon and Naphtali. (Matthew 4:12-16)
    A doe set free that bears beautiful fawns stood for the Slavic nations settled in the west. There is Bohemia. This name could be derived from the word God = Boh. They had contributed many new thoughts in culture or technology and for Christianity, e.g. Hussites and Moravians till the Communists' seizing of power in this scroll. Beautiful words in literature and music, inventions, etc. have become loved as products (fawns) of humans' creativeness. The battlefield where the rider of the white horse tumbled backward was here. Czechoslovakia was between two evil powers. Fascists in Germany and the red power in the U.S.S.R. The results were big battles with much blood and fighting over who would rule. The Communists took power in 1948. log224
  468. Jesus lived in the territory of Naphtali before His ministry. John Hus excommunicated (1411) and burned at the stake (1415) here before other world reformers, Luther and Calvin, came on the scene. Hussites had wars till the years 1431, in which crusading armies (a pope and holy roman emperors) were repeatedly defeated by the Hussite army. The victorious Hussites preceded armies fighting for the reformation's existence in Europe (Thirty Years War mostly on the same territory and undecided). Now the armies fighting for the Gospel in the end times. log225
  469. The Moravian Church has its roots in the Czech Reformation. It is a direct continuation of the Bohemian Brethren or Moravian Brethren, based on the newborn principle for the Church (1457), and established an independent ministry. It preceded world denominations, based on a person's resurrected spirit and their bishop, John Amos Comenius is named the teacher of nations. He advocated to teach so as teachers do today. log226
  470. Moses placed Naphtali among tribes that pronounced curses of the Law. This could be because they today adhere rather to woman from Revelation 17 than to "woman" from Revelation 12. bib238
    Asher was also from the maidservant but served Leah. Jacob said: "Asher's food will be rich; he will provide delicacies fit for a king." (Genesis 49:20)
  471. Asher settled on fertile land east of the Great Sea. Maybe we can put here the Low Countries, a term used collectively for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, or the whole west territory of Europe. The western front was opened in the war against Hitler. The western countries seemed as though they would be added to the U.S.S.R. These countries were once as children of a maidservant, but the United States redeemed them. The United States sent billions worth of dollars of goods under the Marshall Plan for the European distress and to found industrial markets. In such a way, the United States could satisfy the working class, and the people would not revolt. log227
    Since they belonged to Leah means they complied with riding the white horse first (USA).
  472. Moses placed Asher among tribes that pronounced curses of the Law what could picture the leading society for sinfulness in the Christian world (legalization drugs, anaesthesia ). bib239

    The conclusion.
    The dealing of the white horse continues victorious because:

    The new world history has started because Satan tries to stop the building the second nation of God, Israel.

    9. Schedule for Breaking Seals

    Many testimonies exist about knowing that the time for the Rapture and establishment of the Millennium is on the way.
    The Rapture is the Glorious trip into Heaven for the Great banquet. I believe every Christian wants to take this Trip to dinner with his Lord. Therefore everyone should be ready to embark on the ship named "Rapture". What is supposed from interested one in the Ship?
    The Lord Coming will not be in order "to bear sin but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him". (Hebrew 9:28) According to the parable of Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) not having light in His Coming exclude Christians from the Rapture. And thus not having light is like a sin.
    The Parable speaks that at the Coming, the five did not have light because did not have oil and therefore they quickly run to sellers for it. The problem was light needed to shine for embarking.
    Oil was in jars. Jars are things used by the virgins, they are not their limbs. Therefore, oil does not mean exactly their spirit. Jars could have also maps or guidebooks because they also give light on the right way. Still, it is said there was oil, then what was in jars agrees with the Spirit of Lord. It means they had right information about the move of the Spirit, about the move of the Ship.
    But because the Ship was not coming for long time, they feel asleep till midnight. So it is our times, the Lord foresaw it. The right theory about the Heavenly Book no one wants to publish or to bay. Our world has only dark theories about the Heavenly Book. Whether is no one to be raptured?
    However, close to the arriving, the virgins noticed this move. I think because were newborn, their spirit gets them up at approaching the Spirit (the Lord). They moved, but where to go. The five know very well where to go because had the thing of the Lord, the book Revelation. They do not need to go to sellers for baying books about the Rapture, because their handbag jars had Words of the Spirit. But the foolish were distracted where to go. They decided to bay light in bookstores. The same is today, Christians awaiting the Rapture do not read Revelation but books about Revelation. They like to read human fictions. "While they went to get oil, the master came; and those who were ready went in with him to the feast: and the door was shut. After that the other virgins came, saying, Lord, Lord, let us in. But he made answer and said, Truly I say to you, I have no knowledge of you." The conclusion from this parable is, Christians should be the wise having the right information about the Rapture which agrees with their spirit and the Gospel. The right information now is to understand the schedule of the Ship. When did the Ship start to be ready for the Way and thus when the Heavenly Book was opened. When is the Ship scheduled to arrive, when the Rapture will occur? Then how fare has the Ship already moved and what is Its actual distance to us?
    Our study should start by Moses if wants to be right. Moses pictured Salvation in the Tabernacle, the Instructions wrote in Books and Israel showed Reality. The Salvation concludes in the End Times and therefore also the End Times should have been pictured in the Tabernacle. As it was shown, the Menorah pictures End Times and Showbread table shows the change earth body into heavenly in the Rapture or Resurrection.
    1. The first source of the schedule is the picture the Menorah. Because it is the picture then numbers are approximate numbers for the Book Sealed by Seven Seals.
    2. Moses Numbers must be exact numbers. The Numbers are the Biblical numbers for crusading. Numbers are the Law.
    3. If God's nation in the Old Testament pictured the God's nation in the New Testament and this New Nation should issue the Glorious end of Israel, then why not to see some references in their history.
    4. Their History ended by Jeremiah and that is why is awaited from him to show their new birthday. If the birthday then also he had to describe this pregnancy. We know the Heavenly Book ends by the Big Birthday for Israel. Then the Conception is in the opening the Heavenly Book; the pregnancy last so long as the Heavenly Book is read, and pregnancy is divided into seven timely parts like Heavenly Book is divided into seven Writings - Scrolls. But is not called Jeremiah's revelation because this pregnancy is in pain. Therefore, it is Jeremiah's lamentations.
    5. The Lord Jesus Christ will master All and therefore He had also to say something about the schedule of the end times.
    6. Because the Heavenly Book must run in the end times then the Lord has to reveal actualization to today Church. Might my personal revelation serves you, if you do not have better one.

    Schedule by the Menorah

  473. Moses constructed the Heavenly Book of Seven Scrolls with each one sealed (shining). They called it the menorah. Deriving approximate numbers is possible from its appearance. Namely, we know that where many years are covered, there are more papers and scrolls, and fewer years need fewer papers. Moses pictured Seven Scrolls so that put the small scrolls on them. He put three on six scrolls. The menorah is divided into two parts according to Zechariah 4:3, 11-14. One is for Christians and the other for Israel. The central holder is for both and has four small scrolls. This is the main scroll. Thus the menorah holds thirteen small scrolls for Israel and thirteen for Christians. They correspond with the tribes of Israel. The thirteenth is the tribe of Levi, the main tribe of God that marched with the first brigade. Therefore, as the First Scroll for the Christians was bigger so is for Israel and has four small scrolls.
    The small scroll will last seven years because it is the one. According to Jeremiah and Daniel "seventy", the smallest unit for time is seven years. One = seven. That one should be closest to the Second Coming of the Messiah, and so the last one in the Heavenly Book.
    Then we have for the First Seal 4 x 7 = 28 years
    For the Second, 3 x 7 = 21 years
    For the Third, 3 x 7 = 21 years
    And for Fourth, 3 x 7 = 21 years.
    Israel should be for 4 x 7 years. That should already run during the march of the last brigades for the Christians (Ezekiel 37:16-19). Therefore, there would be some years in the Fourth and even years in the Third Scroll.
    In this way the Fifth Scroll is only for Israel and should be 3 x 7 = 21 years
    the Sixth, also 3 x 7 and 21 years, and
    the Seventh, 3 x 7 = 21 years. log228
    Together, we have the schedule for the Heavenly Book as we look at pictured Sealed Scrolls:
    21 21 21 28 21 21 21

    Schedule by Numbers

    The Old Testament called crusading armies "brigades." Everything about them can, theoretically, be found in Moses' calculations in the Book of Numbers, including their battle order and how long each one must march.
    The Key to Understanding Numbers
    The duty of an Old Testament priest was to cover for sins. A sinner had to die if his sins were not redeemed. We sin because of the Original Sin, and for this, the penalty is death (Genesis 2:17). To be rescued from this penalty the priests offered lambs, so that an animal might die instead of a sinner. A lamb one year old represents a force redeeming a person from eternal punishment (the Passover). Yet the Lord has redeemed us not just from our past, but also sanctified is through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all (Hebrew 10:8-12, or the feast of the Day of Atonement). This is because we have to live as the Lord Jesus Christ lived. Symbolically, God wants us to see ourselves not only as "lambs" but also as "rams;" not just as babies, but as those who can mature into adult workers for the Lord.
    When priests offered rams to God, they included two-tenths of the flour mingled with oil (Numbers 28:20). Flour (bread) mingled with oil represents the priesthood of the Christians. Hence I understand that a Levite, transformed in the age of Christianity, needs five animals (5 x 2/10 =1).
    The highest job in any Church was the high priest's job. The Lord Jesus Christ is also the High Priest of the Church, and Christ's job is the highest of priestly work. He sacrificed Himself once, instead of sacrificing lambs each day in the Levites' service for the Tabernacle. Saved people cried that they were saved, thanks to the Lamb (Revelation 7:10).
    A male from the tribe of Levi had to serve in the Sanctuary from the age of twenty-five until the age of fifty (Numbers 8:24), so (25 x 365.2422) = 9,131 days. Thus, if there were 9,131 days (Christ Jesus worked each day), then 45,656 lambs were needed for that priest to cover sins during that period.
    If a priest neglected to sacrifice the animals, then wars came and soldiers died. A soldier did not belong to God according to the Levites, and thus could not enter the Sanctuary. So, let us consider their death in a war as equivalent to the death of an offered animal.
  474. God gave the order to count His army on Earth in Numbers 1-2. All together, they numbered 603,550 soldiers. The Lord, however, does not need soldiers; He needs priests, according to the Gospel. If there are 603,550 soldiers present, then they may cover 603,550/45,656 = 13.22 of Christ's periods. These are Christ's periods of service at the Second Coming, when a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) should preach the Gospel to every nation. Still, if someone were to count all the animals killed during a priest's period of service, the total would come close to the number 45,656 or, on average, five animals per day. bib240
  475. Moses also counted the firstborn males from a month old, and the number was 22,273. Each firstborn man (family) had to be substituted by a man from the tribe of Levi to serve God (Numbers 8:15-19).
    A lamb had value in the Sanctuary in Heavenly currency, and as shekels in the land. Hence, Moses uses shekels as a key to understand Numbers. Therefore, if a man from the tribe Levi did not cover a family, they had to be redeemed. God ordered them to be redeemed by five shekels each (Numbers 3:46-47).
    Theological schools must give the answer to a meaning in this custom of redemption by shekels.
    Whether it was not God's responsibility if Levites did not balance the number of firstborns? He is the Lord of life and death. Children are born because God wills it. Remember, not only are men numbered, but even the hairs of our head are numbered (Luke 12:7). The balance of genders depends on Him; can we conclude, then, that the balance between soldiers and priests would not? The upshot is this: Israelites were not responsible for a nature's (God's) balance, and therefore no one should be required to redeem those who are not within His control. That is the way to look for another meaning of the Law of Redemption. log229
    Moses counted all males in the tribe of Levi. The number was 22,000 (Numbers 3:39). He found that they did not cover 273 Levite positions (Numbers 3:46). That is why they redeemed them by five shekels for each position. Therefore, five shekels covered a hole for a missing man in the Sanctuary (a missing Levite in camp) each day during the twenty-five years of his service. God was satisfied.
    God knows when any person is serving Him, and rates any work. For that reason, the work done by a priest has the value of five shekels, according to the Law. If the work is done for more days than required, then the number of working days should multiply the value. The work of 9,131 days is worth 45,656 shekels. Our result is that the priest's service should have the maximum value of 45,656 shekels for the Lord.
    Clearly, God does not need money, and we have to understand Numbers by it. We also have to understand the numbers of the Heavenly Book by this type of redemption. If sins accumulate and are not covered by sacrifice, then soldiers might die in warfare. A soldier's sacrifice and redemption could occur only once. Thus, soldiers substituted for the missing service of priests (including that service stained with sin, or the neglect of priestly duties). If we consider that the soldiers were serving in order to sacrifice their own lives for others (those whose sins were not covered), then their service also had a value, even when they seemed to die for no reason.
    Moses also valued the service of the soldiers. "When you take a census of the Israelites to count them, each must pay the LORD a ransom for his life at the time he is counted." (Exodus 30:12) "One beka per person, that is, half a shekel, according to the sanctuary shekel, from everyone who had crossed over to those counted, twenty years old or more, a total of 603,550 men." (Exodus 38:26)
    Soldiers do not always live together as an army, but are called together for a battle. Each man is a soldier. The government calls men to fight only when necessary, and the same is true of God. We do not have to value their service for many days or years. Therefore, no one needs to multiply his or her value by days in service. A battle often takes a day or less. God says to redeem them for their life, for their death.
    Christians consider a woman equal to a man in Jesus Christ. Both fight for the Gospel. However, the Old Testament censuses counted only men. Yet from there, we can derive the necessity to count women also, because after the first census (Numbers 1-4), there was discussion about purity and the separation of men from women in Chapters 5-6. The second census (Numbers 26) speaks clearly about the need to include women. Chapter 27 is about inheritance for daughters, and the changing of the Old Testament Moses by Joshua -- Jesus. Chapters 28-29 continue in Tabernacle services that also are relevant in the sense of understanding Numbers. Chapter 30 again demonstrates the vows to God required by both men and women.
    So, if we want to use the Old Testament's numbers for the End Times, we must count a shekel for a family (a half for a husband and a half for his wife) or substitute a beka for a shekel. Consequently, their value is 603,550 shekels for the End Times.
  476. If a priest's work is worthy of 45,656 shekels, the armies could cover 603,550/45,656 = 13.22 priests' periods.
    A year is left from out the Jeremiah "seventy." This is Christ's year. He, as the priest, offered Himself for us at the end of "sixty-nine" and should come and bring His Atonement for the Earth at the end of "Seventy" (Jeremiah 25:11, 29:10; Daniel 9). As stated in the Bible, the Jeremiah year should be count as seven years, according to Gabriel and Daniel. Then a whole period of the Crusade for Christianity should last 13.22 x 7 = 92.54, or 92 years and six months. bib241
  477. Moses' first census of the army should be for Christians, because they appear on the world's battlefields earlier than the Israelites in our time. Yet God's nation did not fight in Canaan after the first census, but instead traveled through the desert with God. Therefore, this is true for Christians because God promised them a spiritual rule on the Earth, not land in the material world. bib242
    God's order for Israel's army should also be for Heavenly troops because Moses was not giving his command only for the visible world but also for the forces in the invisible world. Although God first commanded Moses to do that. There was a coordination between those armies. (2. Samuel 5:23-24) Hence the Heavenly army marches similarly. At first those facing the "Sanctuary" seen as the Lion's one, then, God's army facing the man, God's brigade facing Bull or Angelic power, and the last forces fighting in Eagle's power. Then from numbers of Israel's army could be derived numbers for the power of the crusading Heavenly Army.
    God gave the order to count His army on Earth and those numbers exist for the brigades. (Numbers 1-2)
    1. Judah = 186,400
    2. Reuben = 151,450
    3. Ephraim = 108,100
    4. Dan = 157,600
  478. Together they are 603,550 soldiers for the army of God's nation (Numbers 1) and are ably to cover (603,550 : 45,656 =) 13.22 priests' periods. They are periods of the Lord Jesus Christ since He is esteemed on the highest position, since has come on the Throne. He is now this priest, the High Priest on the Throne and working each day. log230
  479. As stated, the one period in the end times should be count as seven years, according to Gabriel and Daniel.
    Because of that, seven years stands for a priest period in the Crusade at the end times.
    Then a whole period of the Crusade for Christianity should last 13.22 x 7 = 92.54 and so 92 years and six months. log231
  480. Then the Crusade because the Gospel according to the God's Law for crusading written in the book NUMBERS is scheduled so:
    1. Brigade Judah had 186,400 soldiers, and their value was 186,400 shekels and could cover (186,400 : 45.656 =) 4.083 priests' periods for the end times. Thus is (4.083 x 7 =) 28.579 years for the first march, for the first period described in Revelation 6:1-2. bib243
  481. 2. Brigade Reuben marched second with 151,450 soldiers, and they could cover 3.318 priests' services. For the high priest (the Christ), it is 23.22 years for the second march in fighting against the red power. (Revelation 6:3-4) bib244
  482. 3. Brigade Ephraim marched third with 108,100 soldiers, and they were able to cover 2.368 priests' services. It makes 16.574 years to fight black power. (Revelation 6:5-6)  bib245
  483. 4. Brigade Dan marched fourth with 157,600 soldiers. This makes 3.452 priests' services for Christ Jesus and His Church. This is for 24.163 years. bib246

    Israel's Marching Armies' Schedules

  484. The Holy Spirit always gives commands to the first four crusades of the Heavenly Book by another face. However, we do not have Him and His appearance described for the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Scrolls in Revelation. The Holy Spirit should be visible only to Christians because the Lord said that He will come after His ascension into Heaven (John 15:26) and so should be till His descent (the Second coming for the Church). The apostle John spoke nothing about the Rapture in the Fifth Scroll. He said the Rapture will be soon because saw some victims getting only the eternal spirit for Heaven, not eternal flesh. It is said they still wait (a time). (Revelation 6:9-11) For that reason only an explanation could be that the Holy Spirit still works for Christians, but the armies are concentrated to fight for Israel. Yet the apostle John does not describe any horses and their riders for the next Scrolls.
    If you consider the Lord called the apostle John to be the prophet for Christians, then he should not logically speak about Israel. If the main battles are for Israel, then the Old Testament's John--Zechariah spoke for them. About armies, we should not consider new armies coming from Heaven but replacing from Christians' battlefield because a necessity dragged them to another battlefield, then, carriages dragged by horses are perfect illustrations. log232
  485. Zechariah writes about chariots and their horses of the same number as that in John, chapter six. log233
  486. Since Moses did the second census of armies just before crossing the Jordan (Numbers 26:3) into Canaan, the second census should be for Israel and so for these chariots. Yet, the way for Israel is people ruling the Earth in the material world. bib247
  487. If some would disagree, then they should answer: Why were two censuses done? Why did Moses not value priests at the second census (did not count firstborn Israelites and Levites)? Namely, Moses does not say anything about the balance between firstborns and Levites at the second census. log234
    Zechariah wrote about the order of the chariots and therefore, we must follow it. Zechariah wrote:
  488. If you look at their moving from encampment, they do not move in clockwise order, but reversely. This could be explained if you look at the menorah and consider one side is for the Christians, the other for Israel, and the middle is the initial one then a person should go by one way to the Christian side, but to Israel reversely. That is why Hebrew read reversely like the World of Christianity log235
  489. 1. The first should march red horses. However, reality is, the God's army fights with the red power. The first must be Judah, because the Lord Jesus Christ is identified like the Lion from Judah and thus he must be the first one. Judah had 201,300 soldiers at the second census. (Numbers 26) That has the value 4.41 Crusades' periods or 30.863 years. bib248
  490. 2. Black horses drag the second wagon and were fighting with brigade Dan, North (verse 6). They had 163,200 soldiers for 3.575 priest's services. This makes 25.025 years. bib249
  491. 3. The chariot with the white horses, at West was brigade Ephraim. They had 130,800 soldiers, which is 2.86 periods for the Crusade. In this way, it should last for 20.02 years. bib250
  492. 4. Dappled horses - South. Brigade Reuben was there and had 106,430 soldiers, which makes 2.33 priests' services. It is for 16.31 years. bib251
    Together they had 601,730 soldiers and could cover 13.18 priests' services and so, for 92.25 years.

    Opened Seals

  493. The opening and the end of first four scrolls is exactly according to armies' numbers--horses. The next scrolls are militant only for Israel.
    Zechariah spoke about the order of the horses: the first is red, the second black, the third white, and the fourth dappled (verse 2). But he spoke just about three horses setting.
    1. North--black,
    2. West--white and
    3. South--dappled horses (verse 6).
    I understand these three are for the three Sealed Scrolls--candles of another side of the menorah. bib252
  494. Ezekiel spoke about sticks with writings on them. "Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions.And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand.Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand." (Ezekiel 37:16-19) These sticks are analogous to something holding a scroll. One stick was for Judah and another for Joseph (Ephraim). They should be considered like one stick in a hand. Then the military action of the Christians during the Third Scroll (brigade Ephraim) is also the first action for Israel (brigade Judah). bib253
    Therefore, we should omit the first brigade for Israel from the schedule of breaking Seals and use the following order for the last three Seals:
    the fifth--black,
    the sixth--white,
    for the seventh--dappled.
    These three Scrolls have to last together for (25.025 + 20.02 + 16.31) 61.36 years. The concluding is:
    horses - 28.579 + 23.22 + 16.574 + 24.163
    chariots - 30.863 + 25.025 + 20.02 + 16.31
  495. Some ones would reject these numbers by Lord's Words: "Heaven and Earth will come to an end, but my words will not come to an end. But of that day and hour no one has knowledge, not even the angels in Heaven, or the Son, but the Father only."(Matthew 24:35-36) If the Lord spoke about destroying the Creation and the end of the world, it is true that no one knows the exact hour because it is too far from us.
    If He considered His coming for the Rapture, He might arrive at the moment when the Heavenly Book is given to Him because it speaks of His coming to establish the Millennium.
    God sealed the hour of His coming, and the Rapture would be after unsealing the writing about it. Consequently, the sealed Heavenly Book may not give the answer for the hour of His coming till is unsealed. As once the Seal is broken, everything, what is under it, is known to Christ Jesus, and those (angels and the Church) who are on His side. What is unsealed means Christ Jesus knows it first, then those in Heaven.
    The Lord intented to say that Heavenly Book of God the Father has these information and till It will be in God the Father's hands, no one has any chance to know when the Rapture and the second cooming will occur. bib 254
  496. No one on Earth knows the hour of His coming is not true always when we consider His descending on Mount Zion. (Revelation 14:1) Is it possible that someone would wait for Him as the King on Mount Zion and did not know the hour of His coming? Or, do they have to be on Mount Zion already now? Therefore, 144,000 men must know when to come on the Mount Zion. (Revelation 14:1) It is true they do not know the hour of His coming now because that is still sealed. Nevertheless, as the Seventh Seal is broken, they should know the day, of His Coming and work toward it. bib255
  497. So, only which is sealed is unknown. Nevertheless, once it is opened, we should know words written in the Scroll. See the rapturing of Elijah.
    Events happening must not be hidden, sealed, or unknown. "No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed; but sets it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. (Luke 8:16) Therefore, current events running according the writing of the Heavenly Book must not be covered by anything. They must SHINE. log236
  498. If someone is on his way to us, but no one on Earth and in Heaven besides God the Father knows the time of his departure, then the world may consider us foolish. Does not the one who is coming know when he moved? Thus Christian teachers make themselves mindless when they say the Lord is on the way but no one in Heaven and on Earth knows His start (history). log237
    It is shameful to Christianity that scholars do not give the answers about where we are (thus what already is the history) and what will happen next. People of our world consider other sources (offices) more enlightened than Christian sources. History foretells truthfully. For the instance, they foretold the terrorists' attack on the United States, but the Christians did not. It looks as though Christianity loses a dominant place in spiritual knowledge.
    Therefore, to say a traveling person does not know his departure or a time schedule is unreliable and hypocritical. The Lord speaks the same. (Luke 12:54-57)

    Schedule by Jeremiah

  499. Jeremiah is the prophet who brought the time for establishing the Millennium--the "Seventy." No one fulfills this yet because a period is left. If something is not finished when it should be, then the lamentation could come. Let us look at his Lamentation. log238
    The Book of Lamentations in the Old Testament is actually the lamentation over the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC. The prayer-poems also stirred continuing hope in God's promises for the future, especially if we would look at their settings as well as the words.
  500. The book has 154 verses divided into five chapters. The first, second, fourth, and fifth chapters have 22 verses (the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet). The middle--the third one--has 66 verses. This closely corresponds with the pictured Heavenly Book. Namely, if we divide chapter three into three parts, each having 22 verses, then seven parts with 22 verses exist. The average period between breaking the Seals is approximately 22 years as the Heavenly Book pictures it. Together, they are 154 years. bib256
  501. The 66 verses in the third chapter could show that from the Third Scroll for Christians and also the Crusade for Israel, so Heavenly workings are mixed from the Third Scroll. That corresponds with the menorah's middle arm, which is bigger then other arms. bib257
  502. The first three chapters have verses consisting from three lines (except Lamentations 1:7 and 2:19, which have four lines). It is because each brigade is derived from three tribes, three lines, and three kinds of soldiers marched together. Lamentations 1:7 and 2:19 could also picture the Levites among them. bib258

    Schedule by History of Israel

  503. Teachers may go in the Old Testament history of Israel and look for parables as they used for the Gospel. Because the end times are shorter than Israel's history, we need to use some coefficient to recount years. It is possible only to use what the archangel Gabriel (Daniel 9) brought from Heaven. There, years' week = a year, or seven years means a year.
     Israel was not a nation for 430 years. (Exodus 12:40.41) The 430 years are 61.43 years' weeks. 
    Then they were forty years in the desert. (Deuteronomy 29:5)  Forty years are 5.71 years' weeks. Then they entered the world scene as the new nation.
    Hence, 1870 + 61.43 + 5.71 = 1937.14. Thus, Israel has entered on the world scenein a year  around 1937-8.   log239
  504. Then the period of judges came when they did not have the own constitution (kingdom). The same now, although Israel entered the world scene at breaking the War II, they had the own constitution from the year 1948.
    The establishment of the kingdom is the main covenant for Israel. I we consider the land there to be god's land, then just one kingdom existed from 1050 - 931, what is 17 year's weeks. This could be a period when the world of Christianity was just on the scene and there were four horses. Hence, somewhere about the year 1965  two God's nations are on the world scene, it is the world of Christianity and Israel in the Middle East. Exactly it may be the year 1967 - Six-Day War. log 240
  505. Then, just one kingdom existed from the year 722, the northen kingdom of Israel is destroyed by the Assyrians. It is after 29.86 years'weeks. Adding to the year 1965-67 we come to the year 1995-97.  It can mean, then just one world batllefield has existed from the year 1995-7,   and it is the Middle East. log241
    The kingdom of Judah destroyed  in the year 587, thus Christianity should end after 19-20 years from 1995-7.

    Schedule by Lord's Parable

    We may find the Lord's revelation for the number of His Age from the miracle of catching fishes after His resurrection. Namely, the main purpose of the Heavenly Book and the end times is to preach the Gospel to every nation, tribe, people, and language in order to obtain people for Heaven.
    The Lord compared this to catching fish when He "said to Simon, have no fear; from this time forward you will be a fisher of men." (Luke 5:10)
    The Bible compares souls of our world with waters (Revelation 17:1) or with a sea (Revelation 13:1).
    A fish lives in water. We may consider everyone who comes to the Lord to be eternal beings in the world. He is the spirit among souls as a fish in waters.
  506. As is known, Christians used a fish as their symbol in the Early Church.
    We understand that catching fish is the parable for successful preaching of the Gospel.
    The Lord, as the resurrected Man, did one miracle to bless His disciples with material things. They as apostles caught 153 big fish on His word. As they caught fish on the Lord's word, we have been doing the same fishing.
    Readers of the Bible should conclude that it was not assigned for the Early Church because they fished on words that Jesus said in His ministry before His death. However, the resurrected Man that was already in Heaven (John 20:17), so the Heavenly Man speaks now (John 21:6). bib259
  507. His other words to catch fish for the later rain may only be the Words from the Heavenly Book for the later rain. These are God's other Words that Jesus Christ has to fulfill.
    Therefore, this miracle is the sign for Christians that they will catch fish at the Second Coming of the Resurrected Lord, according to the Words of the Heavenly Book. The Lord Jesus Christ breaks Seals and opens Scroll and so delivers His Words, although they are first God the Father's ones. bib260
  508. The number 153 does not speak how many people will be saved. Those are many and should not be enumerated. See the wrath of the Lord against Israel because David took the number of Israel and Judah. (2 Samuel 24)
    If they could not count fish, then they counted periods when they caught fish. log242
  509. There were 153 words to finish counting. A period should be a year for people (the Day of Atonement once in a year. (Hebrews 10:1). In our case, the whole period of fishing (everything according to God's Word from the Heavenly Book) will last 153 years. bib261
  510. Words are for the seven apostles. (John 21:2) An average number is between 21 and 22 years for an apostle or for a church because they are seven churches (Revelation 1:20). A church for a Scroll. bib262
    Notice, we may also consider 154 years or simply more than 153 years because the Lord had a fish also on the fire. (John 21:9) That agrees with the Numbers where are (92.54 + 61.36 =)153.9 years.
  511. The disciples caught fish and this was considered the Lord's blessing by material things. From it, our world should be blessed by material things on Lord's Words from the Heavenly Book. The industrial revolution should start from the opening of the Heavenly Book and last for 153 years. bib263

    Personal Revelation

  512. Christians are people believing in the revealed Lord. Any human teaching does not make anyone newborn if the spirit of the Lord is not in it. For that reason we should accept only a teaching built on the Spirit of the Lord (the Parable of ten Virgins). Therefore, the Lord's personal revelation is needed to him, who is called. Otherwise, his calling is not from God.
    Our personal revelation has to be in agreement with the Word of God and therefore, I first put five other conclusions according to the Bible. Now it is time to add my personal revelation.
    Once I was in Heaven in the spirit and observed Heavenly beings entering God's Area. They were coming from every side. I received God's revelation that they do that in time twenty-two and something. ins7
  513. After that, I had dreams in which all history ran before my eyes. ins8
    I was curious what this revelation meant, and thought that periods about twenty-two years are between the breaking the Seals of the Heavenly Book. And most of Heavenly Book is already history.
    Dreams led me to study history. Therefore, my goal is to give understanding of the history, not to speak about future things.
  514. Because seven sessions should be in Heaven in order to break the Seals, the period for the Heavenly Book should be 7 x 22 and (+)(-) something, so approximately 154 years.
    Someone can think, it is nothing new because our society already knows that history of our times advance in steps of twenty-two years. log243
  515. Teachers of the end times are silent and therefore at least the stones cry out. (Luke 19:40)
    Stones, our nature get energy from the sun. The Apostle John introduces The Woman "clothed with the sun." We may observe sunspots on the Sun. Because the polarity of sunspot groups reverses itself every eleven years, astronomers refer to a 22-year "solar cycle." This agrees with the common understanding of our times that changes in our world come in cycles of 22 years. log244
  516. Except that many Churches do not want to see this, although the number 22 is found everywhere in the Bible. And who does not want to accept my revelation these factes testidy against him:
    The final destiny for creation is that two men will exist as twins. The one who is according to spirit will dominate over the man according to flesh. Jacob, as Esau, could picture them. They were born to Isaac and Rebecca after 22 years of marriage. bib264
  517. The final destiny of creation is the Millennium. Spiritual people will manage the world. The tribe Levi is represented as the group belonging to God. The issuing point for God's kingdom is the exodus from the powers of Earthly lords (the Dark Ages). Moses counted Levities after the Exodus (Numbers 3:39). There were 22,000 - 22 times one millennium. bib265
  518. Israel will reign in the material world, and the resurrected in the spiritual world. But first, both of God's nations will exist just in the material world, as Israel and Judah existed together. There were 22 kings of Israel and 22 kings of Judah (Saul, David and Salomon count for both kingdoms). This comes from God, according to 2 Chronicles 11:4. bib266
  519. The dominant place of God's presence will be the Temple. This already existed once, and should be built again on the Lord's Word. Cyrus's edict in 538 BC for the Temple was fulfilled; the Temple was finished by the year 516 B.C., after 22 years. bib267
  520. The Temple will be in Jerusalem. The Bible knows the eternal Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is 2,200 km or 22 hundred km (12,000 stadia) long and as wide and high. bib268
  521. The basis of all good things is in Jesus Christ. He first died, that once will be King of Kings. He died uttering the words of David's Psalm 22. bib269
  522. A large group arose from Him: the Early Church. As The Woman was leaving that world, Augustine wrote 22 books under the name "City of God," so that he might show a door for The Woman to return, and then the door numbered 22 will be opening and closing. log245
  523. Revelation describes it, and Revelation has 22 chapters. bib270
  524. The basis of Revelation is the Heavenly Book, which chronicles 22 events (six scrolls + the 144,000 sealed + the Resurrection + the court in Heaven + 6 trumpets + 7 bowls). bib271
  525. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. log246
  526. The Bible contains a Psalm where they tune each letter of 22. Because there are eight notes, or an octave (harps of eight strings were used in times of David - 1 Chronicles 15:21), each stanza of eight verses begins with the succeeding letter of the Hebrew alphabet and all eight verses start with the same letter. Therefore, this Psalm is the longest one, having (22 x 8) = 176 verses. Therefore, Psalm 119 brings wisdom in poetic form and celebrates the number 22..
    They or we have used the octave to expres our good will (singing). God's good Will for Creation bring four horses (for the world of Christianity) and four chariots (for the State Israel) as said above. bib272
  527. Many times number verse 22 refer to end Times. For Instance:
    o God placed all things under Christ Jesus's feets (Ephesians 1:22).
    o the Apostle John's caling for the end times (John 21:22).
    o Bread represents the body at the last supper (Mark 14:22).
    o The last days should be shortened (Matthew 24:22).
    Luke - the same, the Last Supper. bib273
  528. The Heavenly Book is the higher book than the Bible. Its writer and readers are only Gods; Got the Father the author and God the Son (and God the Holy Spirit) reads the Heavenly Book. The Bible is on the earth which wrote men led by God and is read by people. Hence, the Bible should bear some derivations from the Heavenly Book.
    The Law of basic knowledge needed for people to be in good relation with God bring Moses books. All Moses books have together 153 chapters. I did not count Deuteronomy because repeats many instructions. So, God's Book on the Throne is for 153 years and the books of God's Law on the earth have 153 chapters. bib274
  529. The Bible is like the God's book added to the Throne. The Heavenly Book has the main Scroll and to it are as added next three scrolls because God's people. If the average period for scroll is 22 years then three schould last 66 years. So, added writings last 66 years and the Bible has 66 books. bib275
  530. The Heavenly Book shows the end of creation also. The book in the Old Testament which shows the end of the Creation, Isaiah, has 66 chapters. bib276
  531. The Gospels are four as are four horses. If Numbers speaks: the first should last 28.6 yars, the second 23.2 years, the third 16.6 years and the fourth 24.1 years, then the Matthew has 28 chapters, Luke 24, Mark 16 and John 21 chapters + three books (1. John, 2. John and 3. John), thus John also has the number 24. bib277


  532. The End of the Heavenly Book brings the end of Seventy for Israel. I discover Seventy ran from 587 B.C. till 30 A.D.
    The Church began when men received the same spirituality that Jesus had from conception. In this sense they were newborn, as Jesus said to Nicodemus (John 3:5-7). This is the practical result of the Gospel. The timeline of the Church must be in the Bible because the Bible is the book of the history of creation. If it would not be there then the Church did not exist after Acts and either today churches are not on the earth. Therefore, after the Chronology of the Heavenly Book, the Lord shows the church from the beginning. It is the chapter twelve of Revelation.
    Acts ends the glorious advance of the Church and the world power persecute the Church. Therefore the chapter 12 starts with the suffering Church. The starting point could lay in the A.D. 64, the Emperor Nero blamed Christians for destroying Rome by fire. The Dragon, as embodied in some Roman emperors, killed about 1.9 millions believers who belonged to Heaven.
    · The slavery of the heavenly inhabitants on the earth ended after 49 x 7 = 343 years. Marking from A.D. 64-65, this puts us in the year A.D. 407-408. The fall of the Roman empire forced the dragon to move in that Roman "church". The Church did not exist anymore. Her absence meant no light in that world and therefore the Dark Ages comes. The Suffering Church runs in years 65 - 408
    · "The woman fled from the earth to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days." Because the "woman" is clothed with the sun (Revelation 12:1) then she could return into the universe of the Earth. Then Earth's movement in the universe (around the sun), should be count. In Earthly terminology it is a year. Then 1,260 days for the "woman" means 1,260 Earth years. Then, the world without newborn churches was in times 408 - 1668.
    After the reformation, newborn Christians were not percetuded only in the new world, like America. There had to emigrate newborn Christians in order to escape the persecution. There, oversea, the "woman" lived. The new free churches dominated in America. The Lord said she should be there for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach. As I identify.
    o a time is period of the initiating Scroll belonging just to God and therefore 28.
    o times are the sum of seven periods of the Heavenly Book. The number is 153.
    o Half of the time does not exist in the original, but there is a "semi-time" or "hemi-time". (Today we use "semi" instead "hemi.") It is not full time of full God's doing because the evil interferes. Semi-times depend on the world responses, but their average is 21.
    When I put these numbers together in the formula, they are: 28 + 153 + 21 = 202 years. bib278
  533. John describes the Climax in 202 verses. (Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 12 verses of the last chapter.) bib279
  534. Also, if you were to count all verses relating to the chronology of the Heavenly Book, you would find there are 153 verses (the last verse of Chapter 1, and chapters 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11). bib280
  535. Chapter 4 shows the situation in Heaven before the Heavenly Book; Chapter 10 shows the finished Seventy, and together they number 22 verses. bib281
  536. The second dwelling just outside Europe was for 202 years and therefore the period "a time, times and semi-time" was in years 1668 - 1870. Then the First Seal was broken in the year 1870. bib282
    1. The First Scroll was in effect approximately 28 years, but exactly according to the biblical numbers of 28 years, 6 months, and 29 days. If we start from August, 1870, then the First Scroll ended on March 1899.
    2. The Second Scroll had to last 23.22 years according to the biblical numbers, which are 23 years, 2 months, and 20 days. The end could be in June 1922.
    3. The Third Scroll had to be opened for 16 years, 6 months, and 27 days. It ran to January 1939.
    4. The Fourth Scroll had to last 24.163 years, so 24 years, one month, and 29 days. Therefore, it had to end on March 1963.
      Already the initial scroll for Israel was rannig at that time.

    10. Crusade for Israel

    The Old Testament predicts activities for Joshua in last times:
  537. Tell him this is the man whose name is the Branch, under whom there will be fertile growth." (Zechariah 6:12) Our modern age has very fertile growth. bib283
  538. The central Branch holding the Scroll of the Menorah belongs to him whom God the Father has given the leadership for the last times, has given him the Heavenly Book. bib284
    However, three Scrolls go out from it in one direction toward Christianity (the three anti-reactions in the Christian world) and three Scrolls in another direction toward Israel. The Messiah is for both nations. Look at the menorah. You may notice the Messiah (Branch) holds all branches (Scrolls) because all other branches come out from the central one. Thus the Lord Jesus Christ has everything under His control.
  539. Zechariah speaks that "he will build the temple of the Lord, and he will be clothed with majesty and will sit and rule on his throne. And he will be a priest on his throne. And there will be harmony between the two." (verse 13) This is the goal of the central Scroll but should also be for the three more Scrolls. They should build the Temple for Him, who will be not only the High Priest but also sit on the Davidic throne. bib285
  540. As stated, "the menorah," in the relation to Israel, has to prepare the (Second) Coming of the Messiah on the Earth to the Temple. Heavenly armies will achieve this. "God came from Teman, the Holy One from Mount Paran. His glory covered the Heavens and his praise filled the Earth. His splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from his hand, where his power was hidden. Plague went before him; pestilence followed his steps. He stood, and shook the Earth; he looked, and made the nations tremble. The ancient mountains crumbled and the age-old hills collapsed. His ways are eternal. Were you angry with the rivers, O LORD? Was your wrath against the streams? Did you rage against the sea when you rode with your HORSES and your victorious CHARIOTS?" bib286
  541. "You uncovered your bow, you called for many arrows . . . Sun and moon stood still in the Heavens at the glint of your flying arrows, at the lightning of your flashing spear. In wrath you strode through the Earth and in anger you threshed the nations. You came out to deliver your people, to save your anointed one. You crushed the leader of the land of wickedness, you stripped him from head to foot. Selah." (Habakkuk 3:3-13) bib287
  542. The First Crusade for Israel

  543. The Fourth Scroll is for both nations as said in previous chapters. Therefore, the crusade for Israel has already started during riding horses. They started by the industrial revolution according to Revelation 5:13: "Then I heard every created being in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, singing." People are creatures that sign when they are blessed by nature. bib288
  544. The world's reality was the industrial age (Industrial Revolution) and Social Revolution started by 1870. Some disagree and place the start of our modern age in 1848. That was the year of revolutions across Europe when monarchies fell. I consider that as the preparation period for realization of the Heavenly Book on Earth (if the Church has to be in Heaven during the Seventh Scroll then why not to start a period early). Our age is the age of industrialization and democracy, though not in nationalism and monarchies. Therefore, we need the democracy. For instance, this could be the establishment of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1870, which prohibited federal or state governments from infringing on a citizen's right to vote "on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." log247
  545. Everything is in the Lord's hands because He holds the Heavenly Book and breaks the Seven Seals. Everything is under control. No one may overcome because the Holy Spirit gives the commands to the angels, come. Clearly, the initiation must be from God the Creator. His relation to Israel like to the nation seem to be invisible as Israel was in Egypt. Still the formation of Israel started but not in Palestine. Ghettos abolished in Italy: 1870; Reform Judaism in U.S. establishes Union of American Hebrew Congregations: 1873; First Conference of Hovevei Zion Movement: 1884; First Jewish Zionist congress: 1897; The first Hebrew high school, opens in Tel Aviv: 1905; American Jewish Committee is founded to safeguard Jewish rights internationally: 1906. ...log248
  546. The beginning of Israel was when Joseph's family came to Egypt. Some eighteenth-century liberals advocated an improvement of the Jewish status and equal rights were achieved in western countries. They lived there like Jacob's family in Egypt. Nevertheless, lords of that world oppressed them where democracy did not exist. 500,000 Jews flee Russia, 90% go to the United States: 1903-1907. Anyway, Jews were grieving about destruction of their homeland like Jeremiah in his Lamentation. The first chapter goes for period of the first Scroll, and the second for the period of the Second Scroll. bib289
  547. The first settlement in Palestine was at the second half of the nineteenth century. They were considering to inhabit Palestine from the first Zionist Congress. Four-hundred years of Ottoman rule ended by British conquest and by the Balfour Declaration Palestine is the homeland for Jews - 1917. Jews could live under Christian Great Britain. log249
  548. In the relation of this alliance, Moses spoke about Judah, "Give ear, O Lord, to the voice of Judah and make him one with his people: let your hands take up his cause, and be his help against his attackers." (Deuteronomy 33:7) bib290
  549. Israel issued its declaration of independence on May 14, 1948. The surrounding Arab countries attacked them. This history related to the period when the Lord works for Christianity, the fourth march for them, but also to help the Israelites to survive in the world. log250
    Zechariah spoke the first chariot had red horses (6:2). It means: what the red power first had proclaimed to the Christians, it was pulled to Israel and tried to attack the Jewish state Meanwhile, in the Fourth Scroll the pale horse attacked Christianity. Therefore, the white horse fought the pale horse with the riders, Death and Hades, and the red horse with the rider, Communism. The fascist Hitler led the first ones, and the second red dragon was Stalin. They cooperated in the beginning of the World War II (the war against Poland).
  550. New red horses had been aroused in the Middle East to destroy Israel. Egyptian Nasser led the Arabs, the potential enemies of Israel. He came to power through a revolutionary military group that forced King Farouk from the throne in 1952. Nasser proposed an economic system known as Arabic socialism. He took  this from the communists. That is why the biblical picture of the first chariot pulled by the red horses fits well to this movement. bib291
  551. Nasser continued in communist manners in the Suez Canal Company, His action provoked an Israeli invasion of the Sinai Peninsula and an Anglo-French invasion of the Canal Zone (the Suez Crisis, 1956), but the invaders were forced to withdraw because of the United Nations' pressure. log251
    Backed by Soviets, Nasser became the acknowledged leader of the Arab world and was admired in the emerging Third World nations. His ideas are detailed in his book, The Philosophy of the Revolution.
  552. We could see the red power's influence also in the governments of the Jewish state. The first prime ministers, born in the land under Russia, led political the Labor party and liked establishing "communists' cooperatives" called a kibbutz (an Israeli settlement whose members collectively owned farmland and shared equally in work, housing, food, and whatever profits accrued). log252
  553. Brigade Judah had two more tribes: Issachar and Zebulon. Moses said about them: " Be glad, Zebulon, in your going out; and, Issachar, in your tents. They will send out the word for the people to come to the mountain, taking there the offerings of righteousness: for the store of the seas will be theirs, and the secret wealth of the sand." (Deut. 33:18-19) Israel sent word for the people to come to the land of Israel. They prepared conditions for immigration in the Law of Return. Any Jew could enter Israel, after which he or she was entitled to automatic citizenship. An influx of European refugees doubled the population by 1952. They come mostly people of Issachar (Ukraine and neighbors as Slovakia) and out from colonies (Zebulun) bib292
  554. Their economy went in the direction of Moses' "store of the seas and secret wealth of the sand." A variety of new industries were established because sea trade and agricultural productivity from sand (the desert) increased greatly. bib293
  555. Jeremiah describes feeling Jews in these periods in Lamentations 3:1-44. Jews suffering from fascists ends with words "I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. My soul has them still in remembrance, and is humbled in me. This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness."
    Jews were forced to look for their heritage. Many tried to flee to Palestine because the fascist's persecution them. They had to put the Lord first as their heritage and hope in Him. bib294
    Christians think Jews suffered from fascists because they rejected Jesus Christ. This is the sin against their Law, (was killed without sin). Therefore, laws could not help them. Fascists murdered their children without any court. Then it was the sin against the Creator because everything had risen through Him. (Colossians 1:16) They could taste as the Creation had; any land did not want to accept their refuges. Then it was the sin against their forefathers because they derived their participation on God through Him who touched Jacob's flesh. (Genesis 32) He led them from Egypt through Moses. Therefore, their homeland, according to Balfour Declaration, was not receiving them in war times.
    Still they had to think that their God exists because He punishes them for their sins. Every father who chastises his children soon will have compassion and love for them. God does the same. Therefore, Israel was established as a Jewish state. Israel had fought several wars with its Arab neighbors, who refused to recognize the State of Israel for several decades. At the end of the first war (1949), Israel occupied one-third more territory than had been allocated in the 1947.

    The Fifth Seal

  556. Israel entered the world scene because of the Holocaust. The new battlefield has opened at the State of Israel. Wars find their place there. Soldiers are led to fight. In order to have more soldiers on the side of the evil than has rival, he seduces women to kill even not born humans, "had been slain because of the word of God". And so abortion shows on which side of the battlefield is God and on which is Satan. log253
  557. Satan thought not born children could not be Christians and even their parents must be punished by God for this sin. But what does the Lord say? "When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They called out in a loud voice, "How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?" Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed.." (Revelation 6:9-11)
    Spiritually inherited abilities to destroy human lives were found in pregnant women and women who refused to become mothers. Spiritual freedom called for spiritual decisions about a human being having physical form. This is the fourth Habakkuk "woe": "Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbors, pouring it from the wineskin till they are drunk, so that he can gaze on their naked bodies." (2:15-18) The free choice could be considered that wine caused the shedding of human blood, taking the human life. In this were the described techniques of abortion by the Old Testament vocabulary. They called the poison an amniotic fluid that killed the child. Then they used drugs to cause the womb to contract and expel its contents, thus receiving a killed baby from a womb ("can gaze on their naked bodies"). Sometimes they used a drug after intercourse to stop new life just in its beginning. bib295
  558. "You will be filled with shame instead of glory. Now it is your turn! Drink and be exposed! The cup from the Lord's right hand is coming around to you, and disgrace will cover your glory." They used a procedure called vacuum aspiration or vacuum curettage. The embryo or fetus and placenta were drawn into the tube through vacuum pressure.
    According to Habakkuk, abortion would cause the punishment of the Christian world soon: "the cup from the Lord's right hand . . ." bib296
    "The violence you have done to Lebanon will overwhelm you, and your destruction of animals will terrify you. For you have shed man's blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them." Lebanon is the narrow, fertile coastal plain, a picture for a hollow plastic tube with a hole near its end to insert into the uterus. As many swift small rivers flow from the Lebanon Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea, so were the souls of death, the unborn babies in the world of dead ones.
  559. In this Scroll, between 1975 and 1990, civil strife drove hundreds of thousands of Lebanese from their homes. Many foreigners and wealthy Lebanese left the country during this period. By 1995, it was estimated that three times as many Lebanese lived abroad as in Lebanon.
    The same was with the children. Perhaps as many as three-fourths of the conceptions were spontaneously aborted. Such a percentage of children may live outside our world. log254
  560. "Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? Or an image that teaches lies? For he who makes it trusts in his own creation; he makes idols that cannot speak." Compare Psalms 106:38. "And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood." Created theories about women's right to choose and images of the fetus not being human will help no one.
    Teachers do not speak about abortion using this text. They speak of killing brothers and servants in the Church in the Great Tribulation because they read these words: "their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they." However, the Lord's Words for His servants and brothers are used in letters to the seven churches (Revelation 2-3). The Apostle John delivers now the Words of God the Father for the created world. He is the Creator. If they "had been slain because of the word of God" then the Gospel still is the rider in the world. bib297
  561. For Christians, the words used, "servants and brothers," refers to servants of the Gospel, and brothers of everyone in this service. Our modern world uses a similar term, "fellow servants," for anyone does their share in the service. The word "brothers" refers to persons who grow up in a family, with the same father and the same mother. In any case, unborn babies suffer the same fate. The reason that they are unborn is because of laws allowing abortion; symbolically those laws are their fathers. The idea is that abortion stems from the right of women to decide the fate of a life in their wombs. This fact, that they exist, are alive in spiritual world, should serve to reveal the sin of our world (genetic research proves also that one is a living being from conception onward). A revealed sin leads to repentance or God's punishment. Thus, testimony proving that unborn human beings are living beings reveals a sin to our world, and leads many to repentance. Their unborn children are revealed them in their dreams. log255
  562. They are under the altar. If these souls are under the altar, then can never be saints. The altar is a place where people can come to God and ask for mercy; if the souls are under the altar, then no decision about them has been made. This means that THEY ARE NOT SAINTS, and could not know about Jesus Christ. bib298
  563. God decided their fates in the Fifth Scroll. He accepted them, and they became not merely souls but spirits (as had those who died in Christ) because God gave them white robes. Now they could belong with those saints in Heaven (Revelation 4:6). bib299
  564. They called out for avenging. The New Testament describes saints as those who did not call for revenge. Dying people in the Lord Jesus Christ asked forgiveness for their killers (Acts 7:60). But these souls cried for revenge. Those people, being with God in Heaven, do not care about Earthly judgments. People in Heaven are saved thank to God's Mercy. Those who bask in His mercy do not have any right to call for revenge. bib300
  565. Saints are people who died, yet received the eternal spirit in their life. The eternal spirit is represented by the white, saintly robe each wears before the Resurrection. Since they did not have white robes during their life then, they cannot be preachers. bib301
  566. If "they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed," then the Resurrection of the Righteous could not have occurred at this point. "A little longer" could mean, then, that just a short period remains until their resurrection; so one more Scroll should run, and then the people in the white robes would be resurrected. bib302
  567. Nothing living in humans can be lost before God. (Matthew 10:28-30) Afterwards, every soul (not earthly flesh) should come before Him at the Last Judgment. Always sentencing follows rules. Rules should be known to everyone, and therefore, they are published in the Bible. Laws for unborn souls are in the Bible. They are in the last book (Revelation) because the abortion rides in the end times. log256
  568. The Lord Jesus Christ introduces Himself now (the Fifth Lamp) as He "who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars." He refers here to the reality God the Son. Like Seven Spirits and either the Man, Jesus Christ, is not God the Son but: the Lord Jesus Christ + Seven Spirits = God the Son. Although the reality of God (God the Son) was not met during his ministry, even in his corpse, (Jesus Christ called himself the Man, or the Son of the Man) still we consider him to be God. And therefore we should remember this and do not call undelivered baby or fetus any being. Thus shows it is period of solving spirits without flesh. log257
  569. According to His last words for the previous church, "Only hold on to what you have until I come" and now His words "Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it," Christians have already received all of God's Gifts, and should be the perfect evangelists until the end of time. However, they are not using the gifts very well, because Jesus says, "I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God." So, churches opened to these gifts have become traditional churches, and the Lord calls upon them to repent. On the contrary, the Lord has blessed the denominations that have been traditional since the days of the Early Church. As reformation occurs in the Catholic Church, Catholics can again read the Bible. The Bible is not reserved just for their priests anymore, but is available to every Catholic. Charismatic renewal has given God's gifts to the Catholic Church. This first began at Duquesne University in the USA, in 1967. bib303
  570. The Lord dislikes dirtiness (soil) in Christianity. The Law considers spiritualism as soiled sin. Spiritualists communicate with the dead. We put our dead into the ground, into the soil (2 Samuel 28:13). The Lord dislikes the practice of praying to dead people (Mary, Peter, and the saints) in the reawakened Catholic Churches. New Age believers go further, and call upon the spirits of dead people and beings from other worlds. The assumption of their messages is that a "new age" has come for our Earth. log258
  571. The adherents of the Unification Church, the "Moonies," soil Christianity in practicing their so-called Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Reverend Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, later known as the Unification Church, in 1954. After an unsuccessful attempt to establish God's Kingdom by fathering the first children of God's new generation (he was accused of having sex with converted female students), Moon started to practice a ritual he called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, or simply the Blessing. Moonies have taken the marriage supper from Heaven (Revelation 19:9) and now hold it on soil, on the Earth. They enter the marriage supper in Earthly flesh (with soil on their clothes), so they are without Heavenly wedding garments (Heavenly flesh in Resurrection). According to the Lord's words (Matthew 23:11-14), God shall cast them into outer darkness for this. After the Reverend Moon married his most recent wife, he married three other couples among his closest followers. One year later, thirty-three more couples were married; these were called the 36 couples with patriarchal status. From this point, the numbers expanded dramatically (5,800 couples were married in a single ceremony in 1982), and the Unification Church now claims that the Reverend Moon has Blessed millions. log259
  572. The Lord promises to persons who have not soiled their clothes: "They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy. He who overcomes will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out his name from the Book of Life, but will acknowledge his name before my Father and his angels." This is the same like for these under the altar in the Fifth Scroll and therefore letters to te Churches are connected to Scrolls. bib304
  573. This is also the Lord's testimony that soon the Resurrection and the Rapture will occur. Resurrected and raptured people should be introduced to the God the Father. He is in Heaven, on God's Throne, and therefore they shall stand at God's Throne. They will be introduced as the new Heavenly beings added to the host of angels (angels are Heavenly beings having Heavenly flesh). Their names will never be blotted from the Book of Life, because they are already eternal beings in the Lord Jesus Christ. They will be dressed completely in white; not only will their spirits be all in white, but so will their bodies. Only after this occurs can the true Wedding Supper of the Lamb begin. bib305
  574. William Branham, claiming to be a Pentecostal teacher and a prophet, prophesized falsely that "by 1977 all denominations would be consumed by the World Council of Churches under the control of the Roman Catholics, that the Rapture would take place, and that the world would be destroyed" (Burgess and McGee, Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, p. 96). Branham was an occultist: he claimed to be the tool of a being from the spiritual world, whom he called the angel from Revelation 10. In the spirit of occultism, leaders of Branhamism hastened to recast his teachings in a new mold. According to them, believers in this prophecy had misunderstood his words, and the Rapture of the Church had indeed occurred on the date given by Branham. From that date the Church was raptured and did not exist anymore, having changed into the Bride of the Lamb. Therefore followers of Branham's prophecy are already, collectively, the Bride of the Lamb, although in soiled clothes. bib306
  575. If the Church still continues then Holy Spirit should be seen among Christians. The apostle John did not show Him. I understand this is because the Fifth Scroll is the first One from the other Side of the Menorah as being appointed for Israel. Then, why not to derive His activities from the history of Israel. The Bible shows God's Spirit in the supreme power of two prophets of those times, Elijah and Elisha. Elijah is considered to be the prophet who stands before the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5). bib307
  576. His name means "God the Lord, the strong Lord." The prophet Elijah represents the activity of the Holy Spirit among Christians during the time of the first Scroll on another side, the Fifth Scroll. Therefore, if the Holy Spirit spoke of horses and commanded the Heavenly Army to fight the movements against Christianity, then Elijah should also speak of horses. In fact, he does. He demonstrated that the Heavenly Army destroyed two horses in 2 Kings 1:9-13. This means that there were already two anti-powers present -- anti-horses in the colors of Red and Black who rose against Israel -- but the Heavenly Army won this battle. bib308
  577. Elijah shows, in regard to the third horses, that they will be peaceful (2 Kings 1:14-15) and thus lack significant opposition. This agrees with Zechariah (White Horses) and reality. bib309
    Like are not any faces of the Holy Spirit and any horses, neither the Catholic Church pictures events. Yet, how they can when reformation entered Catholic Church and even the revive for this period started among Catholics (Charismatic renewal at Duquesne University). In USA were also dramatic changes. The first Roman Catholic elected President in history, John Kennedy entered the White House in 1961. He was assassinated in November, 1963.
  578. The First Vatican Council occurred because the Lord opened the First Scroll of the Heavenly Book. Thus, the Second Vatican Council should show a similar change, the end of the battles for the sake of Christianity. On October 11, 1962, the Second Vatican Council began. Four sessions convened; the last three (1963-65) were presided over by Pope Paul VI, who succeeded John XXIII as pontiff in June 1963. log260
  579. Another page of modern history also shows that Scrolls of the other side of the menorah are open. The new face was seen in connection to space. The Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, was the first man in space on April 12, 1961. The first Soviet manned spacecraft, Vostok, participated in six manned spaceflights from 1961 to 1963.
    Our age was not marked only by cosmology but also by computers. The computer industry entered each field by small, efficient, and relatively inexpensive mini-computers, first produced in 1963 (Digital Equipment Corporation). log261
  580. The world, or at least the Christian world, was at an outbreak of a nuclear war in October, 1962 (Cuban Missile Crisis). But a war or wars were not and therefore it is called the period of cold war. Berlin Wall was build and stood till the end of the Fifth Scroll. If some wars were, Vietnam, they did not have any sense because battlefield was the Middle East. log262
  581. Alexander Dubcek had become a leader in the Slovak Communist party (1963), which later was also the Czechoslovak Communist party that led the military forces of the Warsaw Pact to invade Czechoslovakia in 1968. log263

    Zechariah's Account

  582. Zechariah said the second chariot for Israel had black horses. Black horses pulled the wagon bearing the black power proclaimed in the Christian world in the Third Scroll. They replaced it to the Middle East on the battlefield of the Fifth Scroll.
    Qaddafi spent months on a training course in England, where a recession blossomed. The crisis came during the Third Scroll. He returned as on the wagon pulled by black horses. He became the head of the State of Libya in 1969. Since coming to power, he has led his country on a course of a radical revolution at home and abroad.
    The black horse has brought unrighteous values of products. (Revelation 6:5-6) We had the big depression first. Something similar is now in Middle East to hurt Israel.
    Qaddafi's commitment to unify the Arab world and his opposition to Israel and the United States came across by increasing the price of oil. Some people call this the black war. Arabs increased the price of oil four times without any changes to its production expenses. Their balance was that poor. bib310
  583. Economic activities declined sharply after 1973. Inflation, currency devaluations, and the world petroleum crisis adversely affected the economy. After the mid-1980s, Israel faced a 400% inflation rate that exceeded country's huge foreign debt, and a severe balance-of-payments deficit. Only the conservative government could maintain it. The Labor party had losses in 1974 and was defeated the first time by Likud in 1977. New governments introduced a series of economic austerity measures. By 1988, the inflation rate had been reduced to less than 25%. They signed the Free Trade Agreement with the United States in 1985. Black powers (horses) were also defeated by force. The United States bombed the Libyan army in 1986. log264
  584. The Labor party dominated the Israeli politics until 1968. Then they merged with Rafi and Achdut and remained dominant until 1977. Afterwards Likud, and the coalition of the right-wing parties, led by the Herut (Freedom) party, came to power. I suggest the right wing is closed to black horses rather than the left wing (inflicted by red horses). Zechariah spoke that these horses satisfied the Lord. (verse 8) This could be because the right-wing political parties were more inclined toward Moses' Law.  log265

    Moses' Account

  585. Moses said, "Dan is a young lion, springing out from Bashan." This could be applied to the Six Day War. (Deuteronomy 33:22-25)
    And of Naphtali, he said, "O Naphtali, made glad with grace and full of the blessing of the Lord: the sea and its fishes will be his." The victory in Six Day War resulted in the occupation of the Sinai Peninsula on the south, and the Gaza Strip on the west. log266
  586. And of Asher, Moses said, "Let Asher have the blessing of children; may he be pleasing to his brothers, and let his foot be wet with oil. Your shoes will be iron and brass; and as your days, so may your work be." Population increases with immigrants from different national backgrounds. They usually know what hard life is because many come from the USSR. They are able to settle on occupied territories and be prosperous to Israel. bib311

    Jeremiah's Account

  587. Jeremiah laments as David did when his enemies and relative Saul wanted to kill him. (Lamentations 3:45-58) Such was the interest of neighboring countries and the USSR. Nevertheless, they defeated them in the Six Day War.
    From Lamentations 3:45-66:
    45. "You have made us like waste and that for which there is no use among the peoples.
    46. The mouths of all our haters are open wide against us.
    47. Fear and deep waters have come on us, wasting and destroying.
    48. Rivers of water are running down from my eyes, for the destruction of the daughter of my people.
    49. My eyes are streaming without stopping, they have no rest,
    50. Till the Lord's eye is turned on me, till he sees my trouble from Heaven.
    51. The Lord is unkind to my soul, more than all the daughters of my town.
    52. They who are against me without cause have gone hard after me as if I was a bird;
    53. They have put an end to my life in the prison, stoning me with stones.
    54. Waters were flowing over my head; I said, I am cut off.
    55. I was making prayer to your name, O Lord, out of the lowest prison.
    56. My voice came to you; let not your ear be shut to my breathing, to my cry.
    57. You came near in the day when I made my prayer to you: you said, Have no fear.
    58. O Lord, you have taken up the cause of my soul, you have made my life safe.
    59. O Lord, you have seen my wrong; be judge in my cause."
    Muslims have still looked for ways to destroy Israel. They awoke and went to sleep with words that Israel should be deleted from the world's map. PLO took the first line to destroy Israel. Their manifest of 1974 says they will first take Gaza and Jericho and from there the West bank of Jordan, and then it is only a step to take Jerusalem. Their wish was not God's because Israel exists and prospers today.
    60. You have seen all the evil rewards they have sent on me, and all their designs against me.
    61. Their bitter words have come to your ears, O Lord, and all their designs against me;
    62. The lips of those who came up against me, and their thoughts against me all the day.
    63. Take note of them when they are seated, and when they get up; I am their song.
    64. You will give them their reward, O Lord, answering to the work of their hands.
    65. You will let their hearts be covered over with your curse on them.
    66. You will go after them in wrath, and put an end to them from under the Heaven of the Lord." bib312
    The Arabs wanted Jews to live in their countries, not in Palestine. The whole world was against them, See resolutions of the UN. All will be punished because they touched those most dear to God. (Zechariah 2:8)  

    Sixth Scroll and the third crusading for Israel

  588. The Old Testament showed God's Spirit in His Almighty power on two prophets, Elijah and Elisha what means the periods on the side of Israel still will bear the work of Holy Spirit. So charismatic movement should be also in this Scroll and therefore, the Church still must be on the earth. bib313
  589. Elijah was considered the prophet before the Day of the Lord. (Malachi 4:5) That is why many Christians left the Lord and follow new elijahs or at least look for him. Since Elijah was in the previous period, it spoke the Day of the Lord will come in this period.
    Because prophets used to show what spoke, so Elijah as the prophet was raptured. (II Kings 2) God showed through Elijah that the Rapture should come in the next period. Who disagrees should explain why God raptured Elijah (a reason) and showed it in details. bib314
  590. Because Elisha and many other prophets knew, the rapture was coming (II Kings 2:3,6). Knowing the time for the rapture pictures that the breaking of the Sixth Seal will give knowledge about the time of the Rapture for the Church. Yet the Lord told this (wait a little while) to the killed by abortion in the Fifth Seal. I conclude that the time about the Rapture should be known by God the Son, by God the Holy Spirit, by the archangels and angels and should be known also by His children (killed by abortion). Today every Christian, who is newborn, feels the Rapture is coming. bib315
  591. Elisha means salvation of God and he indicated in the direction of Rapture, when salvation will come before the Tribulation. Elisha showed the power of the Holy Spirit for the Sixth Seal.
    This power is stronger than before, it is logical that should be the strongest at the end. (II Kings 2:9)We may see it in many churches. Persons not having arisen their spirit to eternal life are put on the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. We also know it as the Toronto blessing. bib316
  592. The Lord Jesus Christ introduces Himself to the Church of the Sixth Lamp as He "who is holy and true, who holds the key of David." The words "holy and true" show that his words about holiness will be realized and proved as true. The main meaning of holiness is the realization of the Resurrection in Heaven. The Lord's words mean to bring Christians into Heaven through the Rapture and the Resurrection, as may be derived from next words: "What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open." The words about His coming for His holy people will be realized and proven as true when He opens the door for His people. bib317
    The Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the first key which has opened the door for people to be newborn in spirit.
  593. The Pentecost in Jerusalem, Acts 2 (the second key) opened the door for people to be baptized by Holy Spirit.
    Because only one more reality (God's blessing) is awaited, then here is the key for it in order to be open. We need to become once the eternal beings and therefore, the door for it should be opened now. We call the key for it the Rapture and the First Resurrection. Thus, the Rapture and the subsequent Resurrection will occur in the Sixth Scroll.
    In the time of the Sixth Lamp, God will open the door for the Rapture. Once this has begun, no one can shut the door, and the people who die after the door is opened will be resurrected without delay. The Lord knows of the Church's deeds, and comforts them with the words, "See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut."bib318
  594. If the Church is raptured, they will know that the time for the Sixth Lamp is now, for the door is open. God has decided this, and no one in Heaven or on Earth can change it. This is the Lord's Word, proving the Rapture should occur in the time of the Sixth Scroll. God foresaw that the Church would not believe this was the case, and therefore said again, "You have kept my word. I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world." Are these not words about the Rapture prior to the Great Tribulation? These words serve not only as evidence for the Coming of the Rapture, but also as proof that the Church will not suffer the Tribulation. bib319
  595. Jesus goes on to say, "I am coming soon." Does this not refer to the Second Coming of the Messiah to the Earth? He also says, "Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown." The crown was given to the first evangelists, so that no one would take it from the Church. Christians should ride as a master in their triumph. The triumph is that the Gospel will be preached to every nation, and so the Church will consist of members from all nations. Only a victorious Church could be raptured. bib320
  596. "I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God." This is how people are described after the Resurrection and the Rapture (Revelation 7:15-17). "Never again will he leave it." Are not these words about the life in the Lord's presence during the third Millennium (Hosea 6:2)? In order for our world never to be sinful again, God must resurrect each of the faithful and make him or her a Heavenly being. If we use these words for the Church, this means the end of the Church in our world. Certainly, many churches will continue to exist, but the newborns in spirit are taken to be new in body. bib321
  597. When Jesus states, "I will write on him the name of my God," this shows that a faithful person is not an Earthly being, but belongs among God's servants, as the angels do. bib322
  598. "I will write on him the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of Heaven from my God." The faithful person has a new home, a new address in the New Jerusalem, which (following Revelation 21) is to be the dwelling place of the Lord's Bride -- that is, the dwelling place for all raptured and resurrected people. The Lord Jesus Christ also says, "I will also write on him my new name." The new name for the Lord should be "the Heavenly Man." He will act as the Name -- the King of Kings -- for the entire world (see Zephaniah 3:8-9). Those wearing eternal flesh will serve Him differently than they did in their Earthly flesh. As Earthly beings, they love their enemies; but once in eternal flesh, they will punish their enemies. This is the mark of the change that awaits the Church. bib323
  599. When the Lord opens Heaven for His Church, some procedures in existing world will close. This could refer to the words: "shuts and no one opens." I believe this symbolizes the gifts of the Holy Spirit: at this time, the door to receive His Gifts will shut. The words also mention closing something that was, until this point, open: this may refer to the newborn in spirit. In any case, the Church truly ends by the end of the era of the Sixth Lamp. bib324
  600. The apostle John wrote: "I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to Earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place." By now most readers will realize what will happen at the Rapture and the Resurrection. Put briefly, it will manifest as a natural catastrophe. My revelation is that Earth will shift its axis, and this will cause the earthquake mentioned above.ins9
  601. I wondered how strong the earthquake could be; then the Lord revealed to me that it should be "five and a quarter." I thought about this number, and found no rest in believing the earthquake would register 5.25 on the Richter Scale. Then I noticed that the Revelation emphasized counting. A year, then, is 360 days and not our 365.25 days. I concluded that I had received the number for the result of an earthquake, and that the years after this earthquake would be shorter by about 5.25 days than it is now. A revolution of the Earth on its axis will not be 24 hours, but 21 minutes longer. Then the months will have 30 days each, and 42 months shall be 1260 days. ins10
  602. Then the Lord practically showed (the birth of it) to the world what it would be like during Christmas 2004: moving the axis of the Earth, the moving continents, changing the length of the day, generating the earthquake and an accompanying tsunami. From the results of that catastrophe, we may derive that opening the Sixth Scroll for the world means great natural catastrophes. NASA scientists studying the Indonesian Earthquake of December 26, 2004, have calculated that it slightly changed our planet's shape, shaved almost 3 microseconds from the length of the day, and shifted the North Pole by centimeters. ins11
  603. The Biblical Psalmist says: "The Earth trembled and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains shook; they trembled because he was angry. Smoke rose from his nostrils; consuming fire came from his mouth, burning coals blazed out of it. He parted the Heavens and came down; dark clouds were under his feet. . . He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters" (Psalms 18:7-16). In this context, "took hold of me" and "drew me out of deep waters" clearly means to rapture one from the world, where the waters are human lives, or souls. bib325
  604. For supporting evidence, we can look at the signs seen during the crucifixion of Jesus. "It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour, for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two."(Luke 23:44-45) Or "The Earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life." (Matthew 27:52): He departed from our life by such signs, and will come by the same signs (the same door) (Act 1:11).  log267
  605. If people cry out to the stones, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him Who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!", then the Lamb is approaching the Earth for the first time since the opening the Heavenly Book. So the Rapture must be happening at this point. When Joshua was destroying his enemies, "the LORD hurled large hailstones down on them from the sky, and more of them died from the hailstones than were killed by the swords of the Israelites" (Joshua 10:12). Is quite possible that his enemies preferred to be killed by the stones rather than by God's fighters, the Israelites. bib326
  606. John saw one moment as the epitome of all movements for that historical period. Yet we are expecting natural catastrophes for whole periods, disasters that must increase as surely as a woman's pain does before she delivers a child. It is as if the powers of Earth can feel the coming of God, and so they are rising; they shake, they move. Massive earthquakes and volcanoes arising from the depth of our Earth are the fruits of our times. Storms and heavy snowfalls, drowning rains and killing hailstones come at us from our atmosphere. On the surface, floods, fires and droughts kill many each year. We are in our End Times, and therefore everyone must acknowledge such natural disorders in these years. log268
  607. We could derive the sin of our modern world from the last Habakkuk's "woe." This prophet said: "Woe to him who says to wood, 'Come to life!' Or to lifeless stone, 'Wake up!' Can it give guidance? It is covered with gold and silver; there is no breath in it. But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the Earth be silent before him" (Habakkuk 2:19-20). The Lord dislikes today's trends toward manipulating life, our attempts to clone living beings. Scientists take live cells to make living animals. Habakkuk's representation of this is to give life to wood, to make it become living. He pointed out that this was impossible, because such a being has "no breath." bib327
  608. We get spirit when God breathes life into our created flesh. In this way, Adam became a living being (Genesis 2:7). Some may think that since "the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground," that man and woman are living beings just as the animals are; after all, the Bible said: "God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air" (Genesis 2:19). However, nowhere does it say anything about Him breathing the breath of life into their nostrils. (Envisaging God breathing into the nostrils of rats or bugs is impossible.) God's Creation meant that he was working with living dust: organic and biologic matter. Imagining the Creator forming each individual cell of Adam is difficult, for if He could, he would use the abilities of cells to grow on their own. Therefore, in forming a man from dust, God gave directions to organic matter, telling it to go in the right direction. (See also the formation of the first woman from Adam's rib.) The conclusion is that even if scientists could clone living creatures, a cloned man would still not have any spirit or God's breath within him. Therefore, Habakkuk wrote that such a being could not "give guidance" because "there is no breath in it." From the last verse of Habakkuk's last "woe," I deduce that people have gone too far in creating other living creatures. They should cease these practices at once. Habakkuk said, "Let all the Earth be silent before him" because when the wrath comes, who can stand it? Here the Lord's wrath is conected to the Lord's wrath in the Sixth Scroll. bib328

    Zechariah's Account

  609. Zechariah spoke about the third chariot had white horses (6:2).
    The apostle John describes the white horse and its rider as a conqueror bent on conquest. He also has a crown, the symbol to rule. The United States went with the intention of being victorious. Victorious means to win. Therefore, the white horse must be only one power at the end of the Crusade for Christians. log269
  610. Teachers of the end times say a rider on a white horse in the First Scroll is an Antichrist who went to win. If someone says he intends to win, then he must show victory for his words to be confirmed as the true or a lie. They must show the place at the end of the Heavenly Book where their white horse won. Otherwise, their theories are lies. log270
    If only the white horse is dominant on the battlefield, it means the crusade of the white horse ends. All adversaries are defeated. A crown is his.
  611. We can see that white power is really fighting evil powers in order to keep peace in the world. Therefore, the years for this Scroll are for Israel's peace. Iraq declared "holy war" against Israel and then bombarded Israeli civilian targets with Scud missiles in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The United States (a white power of Christianity) convinced Israeli Shamir to stay out of the fighting. Miraculously, these missiles killed none in the Jewish state. log271
    Coalition forces, led by the United States, defeated Afghanistan, where terrorists' bases were and the country that supported Iraq. (Iraq supported families of terrorists operating in Israel.)

    Moses' Account

  612. Moses said about the tribes located west, "Benjamin is the loved one of the Lord, he will be kept safe at all times; he will be covered by the Most High, resting between his arms." (Deuteronomy 33:12-17) In the same way the white horse shields Israel from enemies outside Israel. bib329
  613. Older brother Joseph loved Benjamin and looked more after him (Genesis 43:29-34).
    "And of Joseph he said, Let the blessing of the Lord be on his land; for the good things of Heaven on high, and the deep waters flowing under the Earth. And the good things of the fruits of the sun, and the good things of the growth of the moons. And the chief things of the oldest mountains, and the good things of the eternal hills. The good things of the Earth and all its wealth, the good pleasure of him who was seen in the burning tree: may they come on the head of Joseph, on the head of him who was prince among his brothers? He is a young ox, glory is his; his horns are the horns of the mountain ox, with which all peoples will be wounded, even to the ends of the Earth: they are the ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh."
    White horses should later bring the Millennium. (Isaiah 65:17-25) Moses' words point in this direction. We can see a portion of it now in Israel. The white horses prevail in this Scroll. Israel is prosperous, especially in agriculture and industry. The number of inhabitants increased from Jews from Russia, Ukraine, and Ethiopia. They added 100,000 in a year. bib330

    Jeremiah's Account
    From Lamentations 4:1-22:

  614. 1. "How dark has the gold become! how changed the best gold! the stones of the holy place are dropping out at the top of every street." This includes the destruction of portions of Judaism's most holy site in 2000. Sacred stones were taken from the land and thrown anywhere when new streets were made on the Temple Mount. Joseph's tomb and others were devastated by the Islamic people.bib331
  615. 2. "The valued sons of Zion, whose price was the best gold, are looked on as vessels of Earth, the work of the hands of the potter!
    3. Even the beasts of the waste land have full breasts, they give milk to their young ones: the daughter of my people has become cruel like the ostriches in the waste land.
    4. The tongue of the child at the breast is fixed to the roof of his mouth for need of drink: the young children are crying out for bread, and no man gives it to them.
    5. Those who were used to feasting on delicate food are wasted in the streets: those who as children were dressed in purple are stretched out on the dust."
    The same fate has come on the people. Terrorists attack people of all ages and positions at home, in the streets, and anywhere else like beasts from the hell that never could not be satisfied in killing. This all serves to humble the people before God for the sins of their forefathers. The punishment of their evil deeds is to be completed. (verse 22)
    21. " Have joy and be glad, O daughter of Edom, living in the land of Uz: the cup will be given to you in your turn, and you will be overcome with wine and your shame will be seen.
    22. The punishment of your evil-doing is complete, O daughter of Zion; never again will he take you away as a prisoner: he will give you the reward of your evil-doing, O daughter of Edom; he will let your sin be uncovered." bib332
    Uz and the daughter of Edom could be punished, Afganistan and Iraq.

    Seventh Scroll, Fourth March for Israel

    The last Scroll tells about the last march. The Heavenly Book closes at the establishment of the Millennium. The Lord will seal many people for establishing a government. (Revelation 7: 1-8)

    Moses' Account

  616. Moses spoke about Reuben. "Let life not death be Reuben's, let not the number of his men be small." (Deuteronomy 33:6) This is when Moses prays the ruling death would not afflict Israel.
    Gad also belonged to this brigade. Moses says about him, "A blessing be on him who makes wide the limits of Gad: he takes his rest like a she-lion, taking for himself the arm and the crown of the head. He kept for himself the first part, for his was the ruler's right: he put in force the righteousness of the Lord, and his decisions for Israel." (20-21)
    Simeon is the next tribe that belonged to this brigade. Moses said nothing about him. If a week in years is for a tribe, then for the last Crusade would be only 14 years. We know that the last Scroll should last only 16 years instead of 21. These 16 years are more acceptable when Simeon is not mentioned.
    Jacob put Simeon and Levi in one characteristic. (Genesis 49:5) So, let us look at Moses' words for the tribe Levi .
    "And of Levi he said, 'Give your Thummim to Levi and let the Urim be with your loved one, whom you put to the test at Massah, with whom you were angry at the waters of Meribah; Who said of his father, Who is he? and of his mother, I have not seen her; he kept himself separate from his brothers and had no knowledge of his children: for they have given ear to your word and kept your agreement. They will be the teachers of your decisions to Jacob and of your Law to Israel: the burning of perfumes before you will be their right, and the ordering of burned offerings on your altar. Let your blessing, O Lord, be on his substance, may the work of his hands be pleasing to you: may those who take up arms against him and all who have hate for him, be wounded through the heart, never to be lifted up again.'" (Deuteronomy 33:8-11) bib333
    These words fit for people appointed to be priests in the Millennium.

    11. Tribulation

  617. People got "the right and power to become God's children - children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God." (John 1:12-13) So, people got the right to escape from old lords to the new Lord.
    This right started from the Crucifixion and ends at the end of creation, when the Man Jesus becomes God. Here is like a way of this right - the growth of this right to full realization. Then the same with humans, they start with pain and end in the glorious esteeming into God' children. They end like heavenly beings of God. In relation to the Church, the Early Church was suffering because the Earth was not Heaven but by the help of Heaven will be esteemed and raptured. log272
    The issuing point for the Rapture are sealed words of God the Father (only He knew its date). And so, the issuing point for the Rapture is the breaking the first Seal. Is here also heavenly support for the Church?

    It is logical for every Christian that the Lord Jesus Christ has received (more, all) power by coming on the Heavenly Throne (Revelation 5), and this must first go to Christians. It has always been that if someone sat on a throne, he preferred his family in his kingdom. (the principle of grace) Hence, Jesus's Coming on the Throne ought to prefer more Christians. They have received, got more right and power in the world. More right and power is realized by coming more angels on Earth. (Daniel 10:13)
    Angels come to support Christ Jesus, to show Him they are ready to serve Him during the Heavenly Book. So at least a part of them has gone to reinforce for His Church on Earth. You could see their crusading help for the Church in previous chapters.
    Like the start of crusading for the Church is in Heaven and pictured by the Lord Jesus Christ stepping on the Throne, the end must be in Heaven. How should the end of the Church be pictured in Heaven?
    1. to show a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language standing at the Throne,
    2. to show the Lord Jesus Christ with them because people could not be in Heaven without Him
    3. and therefore someone else (archangels) are taking responsibility over events and
    4. to show what will be the response of God the Father on their presence.

    Raptured and Resurrected in Heaven

  618. John saw the next Heavenly session where
    1. people from every nation stood before the Heavenly Throne. Clearly, it is the Church, if we can call her that after the Rapture. (Revelation 7:9-12)
    2. Christ Jesus stays in front of them. The Lamb, Christ Jesus, is not on God's Throne when He introduces His fiancée. You can see this from the passage "All the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures." The Bible pictures this as the Gospel teaches: Christ Jesus is the people's Mediator. We come nigh to God by Christ Jesus in acts of religious worship.
      First, God the Father called Jesus Christ onto the Throne to manage the Heavenly Book. Now, it this session, God the Father takes the active role. His Son shows Him His fiancée (the Church) so that God the Father may accept her. Christ Jesus redeemed her from slavery, which the fiancée understands well. Therefore, she speaks these words: "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb." Since the Lamb already has redeemed her, now she awaits acceptance (salvation) by His Father. The fiancée's salutation should be answered; God the Father's reaction should follow. log273
      The first reaction of God the Father should be to His Son. If He likes his Son's actions, then Jesus Christ should return to God's Throne. If God the Father accepts Jesus in this situation, then He accepts also His fiancée. And so, the fiancée (the Church) becomes the Bride of the Lamb. I see God the Father's agreement in the breaking of the last Seal of the last Scroll by God the Son.
    3. Although managing there written words goes in hands of seven angels, God's (God the Father's) Seal must break God (God the Son).
    4. The Bride of the Lamb is here, and the Father of the bridegroom should show any move toward her. Because God is the Highest Ruler and Judge, we may anticipate His actions as a judge -- see the victims of the world's crimes.
  619. Therefore, there must be also a Heavenly court during the second session. log274
  620. It operates because Christ's resurrected ones are present. "When he opened the Seventh Seal, there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour." Evidently, the Heavenly Host awaits a decision in the Throne room. Hence, there is silence in Heaven, because all await his Heavenly Judgment. bib334
    Let us look at this court's session in Heaven through the Apostle John's eyes.
  621. "And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets." They get power to rule during the Seventh Scroll."Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all the saints, on the golden altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel's hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the Earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake. Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them." (Revelation 8:2-6) The parties of a dispute must be present in court, if possible. The first party is the prosecutor. This party can consist of the victims themselves, or the lawyers representing them. Although saved people stand before God the Father still the lawyer represents them. Only archangels, who have seats there, could reach it. Therefore, one from those standing before God becomes their lawyer. Perhaps he is the same one who was the lawyer in Jesus Christ's case (Zechariah 3:1). log275
  622. A case is usually presented to the court in written form, on papers. They presented a case in scrolls in the old days. A scroll may look like a cup, if held in one's hand. In this way, the golden censer held by the angel in Revelation 8:3 could be these papers. log276
  623. The censer contains the prayers of the saints. Saints praised God, provided incense for God's Lamb, and were beaten for it by the slave drivers of the world. Such slave drivers, serving Satan, killed many people. Society did not punish these murderers; nevertheless, those killed prayed that they would be saved. Because only their souls were saved, not their flesh, their prayers wait to be answered completely. Therefore, God should explain why they have received Heavenly flesh and why others have dishonored their Earthly flesh. log277
  624. Revenge is the right of victims. Yet in our everyday life, when we see a victim of any crime, words of judgment are handed down for the criminal who hurt them. There were many, of course, who were neither able to know God nor to pray. They asked the Creator for revenge because they were not allowed to begin life. These are the unborn babies (Revelation 6:9-11). log278
    If God received them (victims), then He should (according to His identity) judge those who hurt them. But defendants are not present before the Judge.
    Defendants are guilty people are unclean, and the unclean cannot stand before God the Father. They neither are full beings, did not receive eternal flesh, and that is the way they will be judged on the Last Judgment after the Second Resurrection (Revelation 20:11-15). Other defendants include fallen angels who can no longer enter. Then there are the societies themselves. Crime is a threat to the whole society, and so the government should prosecute any defendant in a criminal case. Because of this, the Bible tells governments to uphold God's Law (Romans 13:1). Yet many parliaments did the reverse, and allowed abortion and other sins to become law.
  625. To resolve a dispute, a court must "find the facts." A court can decide, even if the defendant is not present, if the facts testify against him. Anyone can see that the clearest of these facts are the unborn babies. People never knew of their existence. Often neither parents nor the killer (the person who performed the abortion) thought about the baby's existence. Nevertheless, the baby was alive, and remains before the Creator. Their existence testifies against those who conceived them and then ordered the abortion. log279
  626. The case is presented, and the decision is made in court. The Bible symbolizes this through the golden altar. God received the case, because the smoke from the incense with the prayers from the saints rose up to Him. He decided, and put His decision on the altar. bib335
  627. The Bible says the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it to the Earth. The world was found guilty and sentenced. The sequence speaks of catastrophes on the Earth (peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake). Angels sound the sentence; therefore, they have trumpets. They are seven, so there will be seven statements from the Judge. "And the seven angels who had the seven horns made ready for sounding them. And at the sounding of the first" THE GREAT TRIBULATION COMES. bib336
    The executors of God's sentences are the angels. The next events on Earth are sounded and carried out by them. Jesus Christ is not sounding them because, as I have said, He must be present at His wedding banquet. Therefore the Archangels are fully responsible for executing God's decision, for the subsequent events of the Seventh Scroll.

    The Wrath of the Lamb, the first "Woe"

  628. Three "Woes" are present in the Seventh Scroll, just as there were three small scrolls on the last arm of the Menorah. I believe that the Wrath of the Lamb represents the Lord's answer to the five "woes" in the Christian world as identified by Habakkuk. Then first trumpets sound the Lord's judgment for the world of Christianity because of was first "woe" and so on. log280
  629. I consider all sounds (words) of five trumpets describing the one catastrophe happened or inflicting the third of the earth. Fourth trumpets describe the local catastrophe on the third of the earth happened in one moment then the fifth trumpet describes its influence over whole globe. Therefore the time called woe is practically the time of the fifth trumpet. Anyway, the five trumpets of the first woe in the Seventh Scroll also prove the Rapture occurred after five movements (2-6) against the Gospel and therefore after the Sixth Scroll or at the end of the Sixth Scroll. bib337

    12. Two Books for the End Times

    The Earth delivered people into Heaven. Christ Jesus as the resurrected Man is with His brothers and sisters - the Church and so the Wedding of the Lamb runs. Nevertheless, the earth has two nations like it was already revealed to Rebeca and therefore, when first is already delivered into Heaven, the second's hand is puling also there. (Exodus 25:21-26) 
  630. This hand could be God's words which were left on the earth and said to Daniel. No one has written them in the Bible because Daniel had to seal them (Daniel 12:4). If they are not written in the Bible and were pronounced long time ago, then they must be stored somewhere. We know words are stored by putting them on "paper". Hence some writing should exist in addition to the Heavenly Book or the Bible. log281
    This begs the questions: "Are two sealed books for the end times?" To be clear in this is very important because teachers of the end time consider Daniel's writing for last seven years identical with the Heavenly Book. Let us compare their identity, whether are the same or could even be the same. I am going to call the writing from (Daniel 12:4) Daniel scroll.
  631. Heavenly Book is the Book of Heavenly Throne because is always seen on the Throne.
    Daniel scroll was seen on the earth and never in Heaven, is earthly. log282
  632. Only God could be on the Heavenly Throne and holds Throne's items.
    Daniel could touch things of the earth. He is not God who would come on the Heavenly Throne (to sit there). The biblical understanding according to the Old Testament is, no human being can see God the Father and live. (Exodus 33:20) According to the New Testament, people can see God the Father and so the Heavenly Throne only if the Lord Jesus Christ is covering their presence, He stays in front of them (we just saw it).
    Jesus Christ became God when come on the Heavenly Throne. Seven Spirits became His Spirit and He had seven horns and seven eyes.
    Could any man be God besides Christ Jesus?  log283
  633. Heavenly Book is for Christians, described by the apostle John in Revelation.
    Daniel scroll is for Israel. Christianity did not exist in the world during Daniel's life. log284
  634. The Bible says clearly "Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city" (Daniel 9:24). Daniel's city must be Jerusalem and Daniel's people are Jews. Can someone take words addressed to someone else and say, but they address it to me? log285
  635. Heavenly Book is God's book and it must be fullness.
    Daniel small scroll is 1/70 from Seventy (Daniel 9:24-26), 69/70 already ran, are background. Christianity even did not exist when 69/70 ran. log286
  636. God's Seal must shine because He is also the Light.
    Does the seal of Daniel or someone else shine, give light? log287
  637. Seven Seals seal God's Writing.
    Does Daniel scroll have seven seals? log288
  638. Heavenly Book is in Heaven where are not any animals, beasts. (There are Gods - the Trinity and angels - archangels and angels). They are over all things on the earth.
    Daniel's books describe the world powers like beasts and their relation to Jerusalem and Israel. log289
  639. As would Daniel copy words from the book called the Book of Truth. From this book Gabriel revealed (read) some words to Daniel. (Daniel 10:21) log290

    Two books in Daniel

  640. Gabriel showed nations and kingdoms in details following the Book of Truth. He did not seal or conceal it. Then God with Daniel comes suddenly to the end times. Logically, the conclusion of the Seventy must be also the conclusion of the Heavenly Book (the resurrection in verse 2). God commanded him not to publish it. "But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end." (Daniel 12:4) At once the question was on the table: when will Daniel'sealed scroll start to run? Afterward Daniel received the answer from him, who lifting up his right hand and his left hand to heaven. He took an oath by him who is living for ever that it would be a time, times, and a half; and when the power of the crusher of the holy people comes to an end. (12:5-10) So, in order that the last seven for Israel may start, first Crusading for Christianity must run. This will start partly for period (times, a time and half a time) as I have already identified them for Christianity in America before the year 1870. Then Crusade should continue according the Heavenly managing, because he lifted both hands to Heaven. So, after the Heavenly Book will end with crusading for the Church the last seven may start. bib338
  641. Daniel heard words but did not understand them and therefore said "O my lord, what shall be the issue of these things?" The answer is:
    "Go your way, Daniel; for the words are shut up and sealed"
    The True is, events of the last seven years depend on the Heavenly Writing which is sealed by God. Not otherwise. Daniel scroll does not rule over the Heavenly Book but the last seven depend from the Heavenly Book. Not only from Its start but from Its advance (when the power of the holy people has been finally broken). bib339
    The Conclusion.
    There are two books. The one is Daniel scroll and the other is the Heavenly Book. And so, THE LAST SEVEN WILL START TO RUN WHEN THE HEAVENLY BOOK WILL ALREADY BE RUNNING, WILL BE READ. If Daniel shows two kinds of books (scrolls) then the apostle John should also. Nevertheless, according to Daniel, the apostle John must show when the last seven from "Seventy" will start and also unseal it.

    Two books in Revelation

  642. The apostle John saw another kind of the scroll when the last Seal of the Heavenly Book was broken. (Revelation 10) The angel said, "There should be time no longer," or "there will be no more delay" what could be considered as finished answer to Daniel's question "what will be outcome ." Therefore understanding is, "Yet a time for a small scroll is going to run in order to end visions and prophecies and to anoint the most holy." (Daniel 9:24). bib340
  643. If only the Heavenly Book shows events for the end times, then there exists only one way of their describing. They must follow in the sentence of the time. They are:
    First Scroll -->Second Scroll-->Third Scroll-->Fourth Scroll-->Fifth Scroll-->Sixth Scroll--> First Trumpet of the Seventh Scroll --> Second Trumpet --> Third Trumpet --> Fourth Trumpet -->Fifth Trumpet.
    The Apostle John during the sixth trumpet, called also the second woe also shows us something new: another scroll. Two kinds of evens run simultaneously from the Sixth trumpet called also the second woe. The proof is clear. There are two books or scrolls. bib341
  644. In the world, there is world war where they kill a third of the mankind. (Revelation 9:15-19) This war looks like not relating to Christians or Israel, as would solve old conflicts once run among great nations. Powers which were bound (four angels who were bound at the great river Euphrates, 9:14) cause this war. They could have been bound because Christianity or Israel had to be on world scene. Here can come on the scene Chine, and her old rivals, other big ancient cultures. If this war would be against Israel then the Bible would say so and also show who won. log291
  645. In Jerusalem is built the Temple and two prophets are prophesying during the second woe. Events in the world and events in Jerusalem need to be put properly in the timeline and therefore the Lord used the term woe. log292
  646. The understanding is, in the time of the second woe, the (sixth) trumpet shows events of the Heavenly Book in the world but events in Jerusalem are from the new scroll just introduced in this woe. General understanding is, the trumpets show events from the Heavenly Book. The other events running during their sounding are from Daniel scroll. bib342
  647. The apostle John introduces Daniel scroll in the chapter 10. " "Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from Heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars."
    This angel comes from Heaven and therefore brings something different than those seven angels who are in Heaven (at the Throne) sounding trumpets. Those seven angels give commands instead the Lord Jesus Christ because He is busy, He is with resurrected and raptured people. bib343
  648. Traditionally, angels bring God's messages for Israel (e.g., Acts 7:53 and Hebrew 2:2-4), but men spread the Gospel (that is, Christ Jesus as the Man, then His Apostles and other Christians led by Holy Spirit). See also the angel and Cornelius (Acts 10). Therefore, the angel with an opened small scroll relates to the Old Testament, to Daniel rather than to John. bib344
  649. Here I would bring the vision of Daniel 10 and 12 at the great river. Daniel saw "the other two,
    the one on this side of the bank of the river, and
    the other on that side of the bank of the river"and
    "the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river." (12:5)
    This picture two peoples, ones stay at the river and the other crossed the river. The Old Testament pictures people in flesh those who did not cross the Jordan. But people who cross the Jordan are people baptized and thus are Christians. (Joshua 3,4)
    The angel coming to the apostle "planted his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land." Logical understanding is the one kind of people do not exist more. Thus, he came after the end of the Church. bib345
  650. Angel "was holding a little scroll, which lay open in his hand."
    A small scroll is OPENED, no one needs to break a seal, even to open it. Therefore it is another kind of the scroll than the Scrolls of the Heavenly Book, which are sealed; they need to be open before they happen. The scroll is open because (as we already know) 69/70 of it already passed. bib346
  651. Then the apostle John took this opened scroll from the angel and ate it. So, the Apostle John broke definitevely Daniel's seal if we believe Daniel put a seal on it. (Revelation 10:9) Namely, when a man put a seal on something then once a man should come to break the seal. Otherwise it is still closed. log293
  652. Two voices are sounded at the same time: "He planted his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, and he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion. When he shouted, the voices of the seven thunders spoke." The angel gives voice to his own shout, and to seven thunders also. Hence, the last seven for Israel (Daniel's city and Daniel's people) are identical with seven thunders. bib347
  653. Thunders are not original. Even little children know that thunder is just the sound made by lightning during rainstorm. If there is no lightning, then these seven thunders come from a neighboring territory, from the neighboring world impacted by the Heavenly Book. Anyway, no one can proof the source of voices is in the second woe, during this visit. log294
  654. Still the coming angels looked like being in the Lord's authority. "He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars." If he is the one from those mighty angels having trumpet then it is the seventh angel. Anyway, whether he or his coleque has the seventh trumpet still it shows when the seventh trumpet will be sounded also seven angels will act. Then they will act and now, they are revealing to John their future actions. bib348
  655. When the Apostle John heard these news, he wanted to write them down. Yet the Lord did not allow him to write. This does not mean that he meant to hide the meaning, just that he had to wait for the original, or for the right time. Then, he is not the prophet for Israel but for Christians, thus he must first finish his calling. His calling is now the Heavenly Book. "You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings." bib349
  656. If the Lord ordered the Apostle John to return to the work of the Heavenly Book, then the small scroll described in Revelation 10 could not be from the Heavenly Book. It must be a scroll from Daniel seventy. bib350
  657. Still, the words of the opened scroll would be written deeply in his flesh because he ate a scroll, and also because he is from Israel. They are as if stored, existing in the Apostle John for the next prophesy. Ezekiel also ate a scroll (Ezekiel 3), and then prophesied. Then God built his prophecy on symbolism from his life (see Chapter 4). So, if the Apostle John ate a small scroll, then his next prophecy is as a food from this small scroll -- sweet as honey in his mouth. (Prophesying is also called soothsaying.) Thus, the next words of the Heavenly Book occur at the same time as the words of the scroll introduced in Revelation 10, and in the same direction. This direction is God's wrath; and therefore the Apostle John's stomach turned sour - (10:9-10). (The wrath is sour for God, because the wrath is against His will. His dominant likeness is LOVE.) bib351
  658. The chapter 10 of Revelation shows alternate sounds -- representations -- of events that are happening elsewhere. The deduction is that seven angels will cause (pour) destruction (God's wrath - lightning) down on the Earth, and that destruction should produce new sounds: thunder.  log295
  659. These seven pourings belong to the last seven of the "Seventy". The "Seventy" will finish everything declared to prophets of Israel.
    "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." bib352
  660. The second woe in the Seventh Scroll consists of the realization of two books. As it is clear, for instance, that when someone cuts the grass in his yard by following his lawnmower manual, and his neighbor trims trees in his garden using a guidebook for trimming trees, this does not mean that they are one person doing the same thing. Although their actions are similar and they are neighbors, still there are two persons, two actions, and two books. As no one sane can consider the two persons to be one, so it is in the Bible also; and therefore, no one should consider the small scroll in the angel's hand in Revelation 10 to be identical with the Heavenly Book in God's hand. log296

    Two Books in Action

  661. If another scroll enters the end times managed by God's Throne then God's Throne must accept it and show it. From it the next session or vision of the Heaven must exist in John's visions. Till now, they were:
    1. The Heaven before Christ Jesus stepping on the Throne, to understand Heaven hierarchy (chapter 4)
    2. The Heavenly session at opening the Heavenly Book, to show who are partakers in its crusading (chapter 5)
    3. The Heavenly session because the First Resurrection and the Rapture, to show the change of crusading (chapter 7-8)
    From sessions above is clear the one more should be, to show the concluding of the Heavenly Book. After the last command or words from the Heavenly Book must come a report to the Throne that realizers realized everything what was commanded. The apostle John confirms this logical conclusion, because after the last command "there were loud voices in heaven, which said: "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever."" The Throne should accept this referring and enjoy to it. Therefore "the twenty-four elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying: "We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign." Here are not shown other Heavenly beings besides the Throne and elders. I understand, only God the Father is on the Throne because He is the author of the Heavenly Book. God the Son is not present because He is with the Bride and on the way to take the ruling over the Earth. John does not show God the Holy Spirit because the Being of four faces is not mentioned. He should be with 144,000 because they sing the new song on Mount Zion (Revelation14: 1-3). The Holy Spirit causes that their voice is heard at the Throne. bib353
  662. Such a way He is still the partner of twenty-four elders. Remember, they sang together at the breaking the First Seal (5:8) and therefore are awaited to sing together at the conclusion also. log297
  663. Angels are not present because are on the battlefield and the new angels are on the way to the Earth (19:11-14).
    Afterward the dwelling of the Lord Christ Jesus is the Temple. This period will end by the end of the Creation "Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm.". The last verses of the chapter 11 close the Heavenly book (but not close Revelation). Thus is closed the period of the last woe. I think, the apostle John's vision of the Throne did not satisfy our awaiting about the enter of the last seven into the Heavenly Book. Namely, logical understanding neither allows it, because "Seventy" entered like the sentence for sins of the nation on the earth. The apostle John did not end his book by the chapter 11 but adds words to it in next chapters. Because John must start with Christianity then they are not in the chapter 12 nor 13 but the next chapters are inclining to Israel.
    The last seven should begin with the Seventh Trumpet of the Heavenly Book like was foretold in the chapter 10. The apostle John sees "seven angels with the seven last plagues -- last, because with them God's wrath is completed." (Revelation 15:1) Then he sees the souls of dead people. "I saw what looked like a sea of glass mixed with fire." This sea of souls is different from the transparent and clean sea viewed at the opening the Heavenly Book (Revelation 4:6). The fire in this sea represents the souls' zeal for God in their fight against the evil. Some believed they would be saved without any zeal (fire) for confrontation. They are many, because many people died -- at least two-thirds during the first woes. log298
  664. They are going to be resurrected because the door for Resurrection is open. John sees the resurrected ones "standing beside the sea." (Some translations say on the sea or by the sea.) Thus, the climate for the start of Daniel's last seven is the harvesting of the world, the separation of the just from the wicked, and the resurrected of the chosen ones. The saved and resurrected are present because they "had been victorious over the beast and his image and over the number of his name."
    "They held harps given them by God and sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb." They are believers in Moses, so they must be Jews. They are also believers in Jesus Christ. That is, Christians (lukewarm and new ones) and Jews harvested in the first and second harvest during the first and the second woe will be resurrected and praising God at this time. bib354
  665. "After this I looked and in Heaven the temple, that is, the tabernacle of the Testimony, was opened. Out of the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues.". Their song gets a response from God. Because Jews believe God's Throne was in the Temple or the Tabernacle, the Temple is opened. When the Temple starts to open again, this means God acts for Israel to be returned to Jerusalem and to its Temple. He has just started on the way there. The "Seventy" are going to be finished. bib355
  666. "Then one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls filled with the wrath of God, who lives for ever and ever." If you compare God's decision for the Lord's wrath (Chapter 8) with these words, you see that God now makes a second decision for the world to be punished. Now the punishment comes not through the Lamb (the Lord's wrath) but through Him who lives forever and ever (God's wrath). Now God the Father sees the murdered Jews and the believers in Jesus, and the zeal for the Coming of the Messiah. So God's wrath is triggered because they tried to block the building of the Temple, and to abolish the Temple's services. bib356
    Ezekiel saw the Holy Spirit in connection to the Temple, and John spoke that the Tabernacle or the Temple was open and as a decision was made, the Holy Spirit "gave to the seven angels seven gold vessels full of the wrath of God . . . and the house of God was full of smoke from the glory of God, and from his power, and no one was able to go into the house of God, till the seven punishments of the seven angels were ended."


Tribulation, dictated by teachers of the end times, is not based on the right theory. The biblical theory about the Tribulation could only consider God's decision. If God will punish the Creation, then He should show this in Revelation. The apostle John showed God's sitting for that decision after the Heavenly Book was opened.
Because the apostle John described the decision for the Tribulation in the world of Christianity at the opening the Seventh Scroll, the first six Scrolls are not about the Tribulation, but about God's blessing.
Afterward come the next decision for God's Wrath. This decision or (court) session for it is not described in the Heavenly Book because it is for the last seven from the "Seventy". Anyway, two different decisions exist in Revelation. One is called the Lord's wrath and the second God's wrath. For the first one is appointed the time called the first woe and for God's wrath the period of the third woe. Only this last period, the third woe will last seven years. And therefore, allowing seven years for the Heavenly Book is nonsense.
Seven years for the Heavenly Book Sealed by Seven Seals is
· not Biblical  - 356 facts
· is unlogical for every human - 298 and
· not inspired by God.
The Truth has 11 insprations, revelations.

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